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HyperMac rebranding to “HyperJuice”. Last day to get MagSafe-packing batteries!

Last month we reported that Apple was suing popular Mac accessory maker, HyperMac. In their legal filings, Apple cited copyright/IP infringement specifically on their MagSafe adapters as the reason for the gavel toss. At first, anger is the only thing that came to mind. I mean, how could Apple put a truly innovative company out of business? Especially since Apple themselves won’t produce any type of external battery like HyperMac? And then it came to light that HyperMac was in talks with Apple to license their technology a bit more legally this time so that the 3rd party battery love fest could continue.

And continue it has. Sort of. HyperMac announced today that they will be re-branding themselves to “HyperJuice” in accordance with Apple’s lawsuit and licensing regulations. Hopefully a deal can be worked out so we can get these extremely useful batteries back on the market once again. Speaking of which, HyperMac batteries will officially go offline tonight at midnight. So if there was any lingering desire in your soul to get a HyperMac, now is the time.
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Update: If you can’t beat ‘em, sue ‘em. Microsoft vs. Motorola

I’m really getting sick and tired of tech companies (or any company for that matter) hiding behind the false guise of “protecting investors’, shareholders’, and consumers’ interests when suing other competing companies. If you cut through the BS, it comes down to this: the lawsuit-happy company can’t or doesn’t want to innovate (read: spend more money than it needs to) and instead is looking to sue their competition out of existence.

When it comes to Android, we’ve seen plenty of lawsuits already. Because it labels itself as “free” and “open source”, the rest of the world wants to swarm in on it, combing through every aspect of the platform, and ultimately find something — Anything! — that they can use as fodder for a legal battle. In this case, it’s Microsoft suing Motorola for — You guessed it! — patent infringement related to Android. In total, Microsoft is accusing Motorola of violating (9) separate patents that they hold, comprising of various areas: synchronizing email, calendars and contacts, scheduling meetings, and notifying applications of changes in signal strength and battery power.

Seeing as how Microsoft just made this public, we’ll have to keep following the drama as it unfolds. Legal battles between one dominant player who has the world in their hands and a lesser, failing competitor with nothing to lose is always worth a seat and some popcorn. Stay tuned…


Looks like a fair amount of people aren’t too impressed with Microsoft’s lawsuit — pretty much every comment is criticizing Microsoft…on Microsoft’s own blog. So how long until we see the banhammer/delete sweep?
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Apple suing 3rd party accessory maker, HyperMac, for patent infringment.

Uh-oh. If you like long running Macs or iDevices thanks to HyperMac’s excellent 3rd party external batteries, you better order one up while you can. Looks like their claims of “using actual Magsafe and dock connector parts from Apple” are coming back to bite them. As it turns out, Apple is non too pleased with HyperMac repackaging their proprietary parts — so the legal hounds must be unleashed. That’s a problem because HyperMac does make some awesome products that no one else (including Apple) does. It would surely be a shame to see them sued out of existance. Hopefully Cupertino and HyperMac can come to some kind of agreement/settlement and keep all parties happy.

The lawsuit as posted by AppleInsider:

“Defendants manufacture, distribute, and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple’s proprietary MagSafe connectors used to connect power adapters and other products to Apple portable computers, such as the MacBook,” the suit reads. “Defendants also manufacture, distribute and/or sell products that infringe patents related to Apple’s 30-pin connectors and receptacles , used to connect cables to Apple iPod, iPhone and/or iPad products.”

“Defendants’ infringing conduct has damaged Apple and inflicted irreparable harm for which Apple seeks, among other remedies, an award of its actual damages, disgorgement of Defendants’ profits from the sale of infringing devices and injunctive relief.

How many are you going to order…?
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Sony is the only one that can Jailbreak their PS3s - Bollocks

Well, it was done, finally, the only device that has taken years to hack, the PlayStation 3. This beast was finally jailbroken a couple days ago and the company that was developing them couldn’t keep the orders filled. Every man woman and child out there that had $120-$170 extra bucks floating around probably had one on pre-order. Things were going great, until the Australian Federal Court got involved. Retailers through out the world have been ordered to stop the sale of this little Wonder Dongle.

Hold my hand into the dark cave to read more, I have candy in there…
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Producing shady iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories? Watch out, Apple’s a comin’

In a move that shouldn’t surprise many, it has come to light that Apple is finally unleashing the legal hounds on several iPhone/iPod/iPad accessory manufacturers for producing “sub-par” quality accessories. One example given by the lawsuit cites a case where an iPod user bought a third party battery charger from one of the defendants only to have the charger worsen his battery life. So far, there are over 20 different defendants named in the lawsuit.

As many of us have experienced over the years, getting that extra $5-$10 of an accessory doesn’t always lead to “value”. You know how it is — you get what you pay for. In Apple’s case, their accessories tend to be higher priced. But part of that is because Apple requires a 20-25% royalty on any products that are “officially licensed” with Apple’s seal of approval. Naturally, that cost gets passed along to consumers.

Regardless of how many companies are found guilty in this initial lawsuit, Apple’s gadgets are a hot ticket item world wide, with knock-off companies and accessory companies alike churning out new products faster than you can blink an eye.

It just goes to show that Apple’s own motto — “Our way or the high way” — is practiced in everything they do. Though in this case, they at least have some consumer interests at heart. No one wants a shoddy case…

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