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WWDC: Everything You Need To Know About iCloud.

Apple is bringing together OS X, iOS, and all other device/platforms in new ways with their new iCloud service. While the most seamless experience will be found on Apple’s own platforms, the possibilities to blend in with other devices and platforms are certainly powerful.

Hop inside for everything you need to know about Apple’s new iCloud service…
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WWDC: Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5.

Apple’s mobile OS is being upgraded in a whole new way with iOS 5. Amongst the top list of new features out of over 200 new are a completely revamped notification system (with animated/live widgets, Twitter integration, easier access from the lockscreen and plenty more. Hop inside for the full rundown of iOS 5 ad WWDC…
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WWDC: Everything You Need To Know About OS X Lion

Apple’s 2011 WWDC just wrapped up and wow, it was a packed show. Besides the fact Steve Jobs was back on stage doing what he does best, both of Apple’s top moneymakers — iOS and OS X — saw major revamps demoed today as well as a new service (iCloud) launched. But enough small talk. Find out everything you could possibly want to know about OS X 10.7 Lion after the break…
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