Verizon not happy enough screwing over only wireless customers, moves on to FiOS. Ups FiOS cancellation fee to $350.

by Mike
Posted January 14th, 2010 at 2:40 pm

If you’ve got a crazy eye on Verizon’s FiOS service, you best be setting it up and getting the ball rolling before the 17th. After that magical date, canceling your FiOS service for any reason means paying a new, higher $350 cancellation fee instead of the old $179. Now before you bash me for being a member of this whole “free revolution” society and what not, let me remind you that the technology FiOS is built off of is dramatically dropping in price with each quarter that passes. That price drop should be passed along to the customer as it takes less to maintain and build out the fiber networks that make up FiOS. So why raise the price?

Plain and simple Greed

Is there any other real explanation? Verizon, like many other companies found in the position of defending anti-consumer tactics, defends their idea by claiming the raises price is needed to recoup the set up and roll out of FiOS services as well as to maintain the network. Pardon me if I sound stupid to assume that the monthly bill which easily climbs into triple digit numbers covered such things. I mean, you pay a monthly bill to support such a network do you not?

While we’re at it, why don’t we also point out that even though the ETF is pro-rated — that is, it drops in price in month you continue in your contract — it never fully reaches $0. Bullshit. If stand by my contract until the last month and move out of state for business, pleasure, whatever, my cancellation fee should be almost non-existent if existent at all.

That brings us to our next point: Anyone who signs up for a two-year FiOS deal and moves to a new area without service is F’d — Verizon will make you pay regardless. When I left AT&T, I was happy to leave a bitch of a company with god awful policies and equally poor performance. While Verizon caught some flack in the past for poor customer policies, the last couple of years was looking like a big 180 for Big Red. That big 180 and grand rebuilding of their image however is being sent to hell in a charred hand basket.

For me, their changes to the data plans and plans overall don’t affect me. I have a smartphone and since 2005 vowed to always have one. The real losers of this deal aren’t the gadget aficionado, but instead the rest of the general public. Anyone from 10 to 100 who wants a phone with a qwerty keyboard and nice interface will almost certainly fall into the new “3G Multimedia” category, requiring a new minimum $9.99 data plan add on.

It’s quite sad really. I actually thought Verizon was on their way to being the CDMA T-Mobile with as nice as they were getting. Guess that got old real quick…


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