Scientists now able to decipher hidden tattoos via Infrared. Dolphin/Unicorn love fest tattoo to haunt you for the rest of enternity

by Mike
Posted December 14th, 2009 at 8:01 am

Tattoos. Gadget blog. What’s the point? Science. Read on. Criminals often use tattoos as branding for their chosen gang. Tattoos and criminals can also be used as a “slate” or fleshy paper to send messages to other individual and gangs via tatooed on messages. Previously, criminals who were being targeted by law enforcement because evidence linked to a tattoo simply got a new tattoo covering up or modifying the old one so that the police had no way of regaining said evidence. Luckily science has come through again.

A new method that ironically uses old technology — infrared — is being adapted to to the world of tattoos by allowing law enforcement and the guy running the machine to see a criminals tattoo and any alterations. Alterations such as cover up with a new tattoo, laser removal, or even surgery are no match for the new uncovering method being developed. Supposedly, it’s so good that no matter how much alterations the criminal has tried to attempt, the technology will reach back in time and show the original tattoo and message as it was. Cool stuff in deed.

The focus so far has been marketed as a law enforcement tool to help catch crafty criminals. But criminal or not, I’m sure many have tried to in some way or another alter a stupid tattoo they got when they were young, stupid, and/or drunk. Now you can feel assured (or not) that it is never truly “gone”. Tattoos such as the Dolphin/Unicorn love fest above will eat away at your soul for the rest of eternity. Awesome.

The tactic sounds pretty similar to technologies used in the art world. Often when trying to determine if a painting is fake or not, various frequencies and waves will get beamed at a painting to determine if it is real, if there’s another crap painting underneath, or for whatever other reasons you’d want to know a paintings true past. It’s nice to see technology recycled and expanded upon isn’t it.

Soon, living the life of a criminal will be a bit harder…*Que “Another One Bites the Dust…*

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