Nerds everywhere may now rejoice, we finally have a weapon! Get ready to defrag a drive while defusing a bomb…

  • February 22, 2010 9:31 am

Now, if you are like me, you worship the ground MacGyver walks on, you, well, sometimes dream of what it would be like to sport the World’s prettiest mullet, get all the ladies, and have a partially mentally handicapped friend like Jack. But then you wake up and realize you are a nerd that will never see the inside of a locked control room gazing at a bomb set to explode.

What would you say if I told you there now was a way you can still load Portable Apps as well as fight crime by slowly cutting your foes? What if I said you could actually protect yourself while backing up very important personal data? *still waiting for your answer*


Okay, this little guy might be on the pricey side, but, it is still probably the greatest invention, besides the chewing gum wrapper fishing lure. This little fella packs a mean punch, equipped with 1 to 4 gigs of storage, led light, ballpoint pen, and of course all of the MacGyver classics.

I know you’ve probably already sold your first born to purchase one of these, but the site I am linking to is sold out at the moment, but if you use your superb Googling skills you can dig up other sites, that even have bigger sizes. All I ask of you, please, while backing up your pr0n, don’t cut yourself.

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