Rupert Murdoch still thinks NewsCorp is the only one reporting the news. Continues to miss the point of the internet…

by Mike
Posted February 2nd, 2010 at 7:54 pm

We’ve talked about good ‘ol (way over the hill) Rupert Murdoch. In a more general light, I’ll commend Mr. Murdoch as he has built up a media giant. At the same time, it is an extremely backwards looking and technologically retarded giant. It’s no secret to anyone in the tech world, this man hates the very mention of the word “free”. To him, everything should come with a price, paywalls erected everywhere, and the free flowing internet turned into a locked down shell of what it once was. Thankfully the many powers and sources that make up the internet aren’t this stupid.

By now you’re probably fishing for a reason for even mentioning this right? Continue on…

Also common knowledge now, Apple announced the “Jesus Pad” last week. While it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be, it will no doubt be a pretty big player in the ereader market and further bolster the move to all digital reading. Reading happens to be the very business Rupert Murdoch deals with on a daily basis. Wondering exactly what this old media tycoon thinks of the iPad and other ereaders?

They’re lifeless without good content…

I pretty much agree with this statement. If there’s nothing to read or be entertained by, why purchase a device to entertain? The problem is he is implying that only NewsCorp and paid content will be of any worth and make the various ereaders userful. He’s got it all wrong. While good content can and does play a small part in decision making process of what type of ereader to pick up, the general public cares far more for features of the actual hardware — not the content provider.

There are thousands of news sources in the world. If one high and mighty news provider thinks they have the prettiest smelling shit in the world and locks their content behind a wall so tight Jesus himself would have a tough time breaking through, well, the readers and dollars will go elsewhere.

Best learn this before it’s too late ‘ol chap, ok?

Anyone feel like he’s destroying the newspaper business with false hopes of more money by alienating readers and locking up content?


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