Verizon Finally Getting It’s Nexus? DROID Prime To Launch In October With Android 4.0, Compete With iPhone 5.

  • August 29, 2011 11:33 am

Previous rumors suggesting Verizon Wireless was passing on the Galaxy S II slugfest come early fall appear to be true. “A close source” of BGRs has tipped off the tech outfit that VZW is in fact looking beyond the Galaxy S II for their fall lineup. Most importantly, VZW doesn’t see the Galaxy S II has a legitimate contender to the upcoming iPhone 5 — we agree. As awesome as the Galaxy S II is, it’s many months old and certainly not going to hold the crown much longer, especially with rumored quad-core hardware scheduled to drop later this year.

But even more exciting than mere talk of a potential Galaxy S II follow-up is actual word that VZW will be getting an exclusive run with their first Nexus-branded device, the “Nexus Prime”. (It’s worth noting BGR uses “DROID Prime” signalling this upcoming Android 4.0 device may/may not in fact be a Nexus device.) The cherry on top of course is that this next-gen Samsung device will be the first Android device to ship with the phone/tablet-unifying Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS.

The only thing known at this point is the model number — SCH-i515. Price, release and any other potential features/services are still up in the air. For now, VZW and Samsung are keeping their lips sealed. But keep checking back, we have a feeling that because the cat’s now out of the bag, details will begin flowing shortly…

Via: BGR

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