(Yesterday) Apple kills ExpressCard slot in laptops…ExpressCard 2.0 to breathe new life into format - Mac rendezvous impending?

by Mike
Posted June 9th, 2009 at 2:04 pm

The recent removal of the ExpressCard slot and replacement of said slot with an SD card slot from Macbook Pro laptops was seen as a bitter sweet moment. While the public outcry will undoubtedly be far less than that over the removal of Firewire from the 13″ Macbook (now Pro), there are still several different types of applications and instances where missing that ExpressCard slot is going to cost dearly. What’s odd is why Apple didn’t incorporate one or two other card formats into the Macbook Pro refresh as there is certainly room for one to two more. Also, the slaughter of Firewire a few short months ago only to bring it back to life is odd, though not surprising given the extreme public disapproval and outcry. With the new announcement of ExpressCard 2.0, which features transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, one now has to wonder if Apple will re-add the ExpressCard format back into their laptops when version 2.0 appears.

It’s worth noting that while ExpressCard 2.0 was “announced”, it was merely the announcement of the spec’s finalization, not production ready shipping dates. However, one big pro of the ExpressCard format is that you can plugin in all types of different readers and peripherals. Now that there is just an SD reader you’re kind of limited. What do you think? Does Apple even know what they’re doing? Should they continue this on again/off again, love affair, flavor of the week attitude towards various card formats. Or, should they just suck it up and add a multi-card reader like everyone else?

[Press Release]

Source: Gadget Lab, Slash Gear

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