Primo Power Core Promises Lengthy Smartphone Runtimes, “Charge Anything Attitude” Thanks to 8,200mAh Battery.

  • December 6, 2010 5:56 pm

In the world of smartphone users, there are users. And then there are power users. If you’re like us here at Gadgetsteria, you fall into the latter category. When your battery meter starts waving for help at 7:30 in the morning, you throw up your nose in disgust that it couldn’t keep up with your 3-hour stint of Angry Birds. For people like us, there are numerous battery cases and external battery packs that we can make use of. But none are perhaps as capacious as the PhoneSuit Primo Power Core…

At 8,200mAh, it’s certainly a treasure trove of electrons waiting to be gulped up by your high-maintenance gadgets. On that note, just about any gadget you can charge via USB can be charged by the Primo Power Core — that includes higher drain gadgets such as netbooks and tablets thanks to the 12v power adapter.

Considering everything you can re-charge with the Power Core, the $99.95 asking price seems rather reasonable. A true stocking stuffer if we’ve ever seen one…

Source: PhoneSuit
Via: PhoneArena, Engadget

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