Google to put the stop sticks on Android fragmentation, to begin releasing system apps and components via Android Market.

by Mike
Posted March 29th, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Engadget got a nice little tip whilst visiting the CITA events this past week. For Android users, dealing with fragmentation across different carriers and manufacturers can be infuriating. It’s a legitimate concern really. ‘Till this day, you can still find Android 1.5 or 1.6 being rolled out on “new” phones. It’s a slap in the consumers’ face though, and quite honestly, disgusting that carriers and manufacturers alike can’t get their ducks in a row. But Google apparently has a fix.

In the upcoming versions of Android — “Froyo” and “Gingerbread” — Google will be slowing down on the go-go-go release schedule they’ve been following and instead focus more heavily on apps and features. This means things like the Gmail app or even the newer multi-touch browser will now be unshackled from big ROM updates and instead be made available through the Android Market. Obviously, this is of huge benefit to end users. Gone are the countless days (and for DROID users on Verizon — weeks) of waiting for OTA updates. Now end users can pick and choose what “core” services and components to install.

This will effectively make “obsolete” Android OS’s a thing of the past. Fragmentation, see ya later. I can only hope that this rumor that was slipped “off the record” does in fact pan out as downloading core Android OS features a-la-carte and on demand is pretty awesome to think about.

Any Android users feeling a bit more relieved on the state of Android fragmentation in the world today? Now let’s just hope Google get’s this little gem in motion, like pronto!


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