35 years + unlimited friend requests: Modern “Godfather” continues life of crime behind jail walls thanks to social networking.

by Mike
Posted January 31st, 2010 at 4:00 pm

It used to be when you committed a crime — any crime — you were thrown in the slammer. Those on the inside who had even one meal a day on a consistent basis were considered lucky, gods almost. These days however criminals bitch when they only get 10 TV channels instead of 100, have the same meal twice in one week, or have to suffer with a less than accommodating atmosphere. Prison it seems, is less intimidating and harsh as it used to be. Case in point: in the year 2010, mafia godfather’s can now run their empire from the comfy confines of their jail cells via Facebook.

This particular instance of various officials and prison guards allowing one Mr. Colin Gunn to slip through the cracks of security is brought to us by Nottingham jail in the UK. Once a fearsome and violent mafia godfather on the outside has become…a violent and intimidating force to reckon with on the inside as well. Modern tools such as the internet and Facebook have given Colin Gunn an easy outlet to reach out to his 565 “friends” and to issue warnings to those who have disappointed him as one day, he will be free.

Such freedoms can as one would guess only last so long. Once officials of the prison were tipped off to Mr. Gunn’s activities, his Facebook page (which up until now, has been updated almost daily) was shut down, silencing his voice to the outside. It’s worth pointing out that Mr. Gunn is hardly the first person to be caught “conducting business” in the slammer as various other stories involving the same problem can be found after a quick jaunt through Google’s searching features.

For now anyway, Gunn will have to find a new way to communicate to the outside. Ancient “snail mail” is pretty much all he’s got. The standard visitation via crime members in hiding is also another popular choice. Gunn has roughly 35 years to perfect his voice however so I wouldn’t count him out of the game just yet.

After all is said and done, it’s both scary and humorous that someone viewed as violent and dangerous as Colin Gunn was able to (for a short time anyway) keep his crime empire going from within the walls of prison. Ah, the joys of the 21st century…

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