Is there any more needed? Jim Cicconi, one of AT&T’s top lobbyists and cronies of choice spent his fine Sunday afternoon carpet bombing AT&T’s 300,000+ employees with propaganda encouraging them all, their families, friends, and random homeless guy on the street to petition congress to not pass any net neutrality regulations. The key points highlighted in the email include (Per Washington Post):

1.Wireless consumers enjoy a many options for mobile services;
2. Competition in the wireless industry is strong;
3. AT&T and other carriers need flexibility to manage their networks;
4. Net neutrality rules could hamper a goal of the White House to bring broadband to every U.S. household;
5. If the FCC passes the new regulations, the rules should apply to more than just network operators and should also include Web content companies like search engines.

BS. I know. If congress listens to lobbyists and big corporations, consider us consumers screwed yet again. So I invite you to petition against AT&T and any and all who do not support net neutrality. Grab the pitchforks, fire, and mules. We’re going to war folks.

Washington Post