Since 2007: AT&T Wireless network upgrade expenditures decreased each quarter yet wireless data revenue up 80%. WTF?!

by Mike
Posted December 17th, 2009 at 12:47 pm


You know, every day that I’m not on AT&T I pat myself on the back. How many times have we heard AT&T PR fluff (most recently from CEO Ralph de la Vega himself) stating that AT&T simply can’t keep up with the massive data usage increases since the iPhone’s launch? Charts circulated several weeks back showing the 5,000% increase in AT&T data traffic clearly. A small shred of mercy may have been doled out but a select few. However, a new report published today by the AP in conjunction with a blog post by Fake Steve calls attention to two glaring facts proving AT&T is (1) lying about network problems and (2) out to nickel and dime every single customer they can.

  • AT&T has spent less on wireless network upgrades and new construction each quarter since the the 1st gen iPhone’s launch.

      How many times per day do we here AT&T — and more recently CEO Ralph de la Vega — bitching about being cash strapped, unable to keep up with data demand, and ultimately burning their candle at both ends?
  • Wireless data revenue is up 80% since the 1st gen iPhone’s ‘07 launch.

      AT&T is complaining they can’t keep up with demand and that the network is in such dire shape, unlimited plans will have to be dropped in order to make way for tiered (read: overpriced) pricing and data plans yet data revenue is up 80%. So what are they doing with all of the profit?!

Doesn’t anyone see what’s going on? They’re riding this iPhone wave into an entirely different dimension. Their network sucks. This is a known scientific fact proven by countless reports, tests, and studies. But the network doesn’t suck because they can’t keep up with network upgrades and expansions. It sucks because they are falsely limiting network upgrades and expansions.

Each year since the iPhone has launched they’ve spent less on building the network up and out since ‘07. It’s a crowbar to the face of every AT&T customer as well as every American. Seriously. I know there will always be greedy corporate entities taking advantage of the american public at large. But the way AT&T is going about it is disgusting, deceiving, and downright bullshit. If I woke up tomorrow to hear AT&T’s network imploded or every tower was vandalized to the point of no return — words would not begin to explain my joy and excitement.

At this point in the game, any positive public image AT&T had is now gone, burnt to the ground, and ashes pissed on. It’s not a molehill that I’m making a mountain out of. It is a despicable, dishonest, and unethical attempt to stick it to the public. FCC: Where the hell are you at?

Remember that “Operation Chokehold” that’s been going around the web the last couple of days? It’s in your best interest to join in. Those bogus attempt to play off the whole Chokehold operation as juvenile and a threat to emergency services were the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. There network in it’s normal state is an abomination to emergency services and life itself.

Fuck You AT&T!


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