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Lodsys vs. Mobile Developers: Where Are They Now?

  • September 29, 2011 6:52 am

For a little while over the summer patent troll and overall sapper of life, Lodsys, was incredibly busy suing small time mobile developers over several patents pertaining to in-app purchasing. First it was iOS developers, followed soon after by Android. And then in late August Lodsys came back from a few week break to suck BlackBerry developers into the fold.

If you recall, after several weeks of desperate pleas by iOS developers, Apple finally entered the fight, but only partially. Their repeated attempts at asserting their dominance in the ongoing lawsuits was rather mild.

With all that said where do we stand now and how have things progressed?

No where. Right now it’s a “wait and see” approach as to whether or not Lodsys will get pulled into a federal court outside of East Texas, a region known for siding with patent trolls and similar lawsuits.

If you’re the type that enjoys following such things closely, you might want to find a new hobby in the short-term as the furthest along case, Lodsys v. Brother, won’t officially get under way until September 2014. Yeah. Check back in 2012…

The Digital Cancer Continues: Lodsys Moves On To BlackBerry Developers.

  • August 31, 2011 11:47 am

No body’s favorite patent troll, Lodsys, continues to resist mounting pressure from developers and large corporations alike over their lawsuits targeting app developers using in-app purchasing features. Today the company made new strides in filing their first official lawsuit against the BlackBerry platform. The unlucky developer, Yissachar Radcliffe of Rotten Ogre, is being sued over in-app purchasing in his “Lonely Turret” BlackBerry PlayBook game. The real kicker that shows just how desperate Lodsys is, however, comes by the fact that “Lonely Turret” doesn’t even have native in-app purchasing — the lawsuit focus on a simple link to BlackBerry App World where users can purchase the Turret upgrade.

Suing over intellectual property you do nothing with but sit on and sue people who actually innovate/create is bad enough. Interpreting it as broadly as Lodsys now appears to be should be considered illegal.

RIM has yet to officially respond to the claims made against Radcliffe. Though when they do, we hope it’s with plenty of spite directed at Lodsys. With that said, we also hope RIM lends a few of their own lawyers to the cause. Radcliffe has already said that even a few hours worth of consultation with a couple lawyers will wipe out all of his profits from Lonely Turret.

Stay tuned…

Mid-week Update: Apple, Lodsys And Everyone Else Being Sued.

  • July 27, 2011 9:33 pm

Being rather enthusiastic iOS users (most of us anyway) here at GS means we’ve been quiet diligent in following the Lodsys vs. small (and now big) time developers in regards to in-app purchasing. According to patent troll Lodsys, basically Apple’s entire developer ecosystem who uses in-app purchasing and doesn’t contact them for licensing is in need of a good suing. Apple meanwhile states that their generous licensing terms already covers individual developers. Considering that a lawsuit ending with Lodsys in the clear could have very wide ranging and devastating effects on the iOS world as a whole.

So how are things going by the way? Well, not too great…

Useless Patent Troll, Kooltol, Suing Long List Of Tech Companies For Social Networking Based IP.

  • July 17, 2011 10:57 am

If you spend any time ’round these parts you’ll know we absolutely despise patents trolls *cough* Lodsys *cough*. And while Lodsys’ business model of suing small time developers is ridiculous in and of itself, a new India based patent troll by the name of “Kooltol” is even more repulsive. In short: Kooltol is but another cancer attempting to stifle actual inovation by suing a long list of tech companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Foursquare and more over an apparent “invention” revolving around social feeds…

Patent Troll Lodsys Trudges On. Adds Six New Companies To Legal Crusades.

  • July 5, 2011 10:52 pm

Everybody’s least favorite company patent troll, Lodsys, is at it again. The company filed six fresh lawsuits today, aiming their legal cannons at the New York Times Company, DriveTime Automotive Group, ESET (anti-virus software), ForeSee Results, LivePerson (web chat company based in Illinois) and OpinionLab. The main thing the aforementioned companies have in common — they’ve all recently filed declaratory judgements against Lodsys. Unsurprisingly, Lodsys chose East Texas as their battle ground thanks to a reputation for being the most patent troll-friendly court system (despite claims otherwise).

Lodsys claims that these six new companies (in addition to the other 27) all infringe on their patents. Though as those with an ounce of common sense already know, Lodsys doesn’t actually create anything. They just sue.

Stay tuned as GS follows Lodsys’ ongoing legal battles…

Lodsys Lawsuit: Apple Files Motion To Intervene.

  • June 10, 2011 6:42 am

The ongoing saga of Lodsys vs. iOS developers continues this week as Apple has officially stepped forward after several iOS developers were formally sued by patent troll Lodsys late last week. In Apple’s motion, they highlight how developers lack the time, money, and additional resources needed to fight a lawsuit as large and costly as this could become. As such, they’re asking the Eastern District Cout of Texas to allow them to step in.

While Lodsys has the yes/no vote for allowing Apple to play legal ball, we’re feeling optimistic that “yes” will be the final answer — if Lodsys truly is suing all of these developers for money that is.

As far as Apple’s new motion for intervention, no new defenses are lobbied. Instead, Apple maintains that individual iOS developers are covered by all of the licenses Apple has already paid for and that Lodsys is merely trying to get paid twice for the same license.

We look forward to seeing Apple (and iOS developers) prevail — not because we’re blind Apple fanboys, but because we absolutely despise patent trolls.

iOS App Developer Lawsuit Update: ForeSee Results Pushes Courts To Render Lodsys Patents Invalid.

  • June 8, 2011 12:57 pm

iOS and Android app developers currently embroiled in a new lawsuit with Lodsys LLC may soon find themselves free of worry if a new declaratory suite filed by ForeSee Results Inc. against Lodsys’ patents is allowed to progress. Specifically, ForeSee Results is asking the courts to render Lodsys’ patents invalid. The result while not absolute could prove helpful in the app developers’ ongoing lawsuits with the patent troll. If the courts don’t agree and fail to issue a declaratory judgement, business will continue on as usual. But if the courts agree, we could see this battle escalate rather quickly.

Here’s to hoping the courts use some common sense and rationality…

Patent Troll Lodsys Ignores Apple, Files Lawsuit Against iOS And Android Developers.

  • May 31, 2011 8:52 pm

It looks like Apple and patent troll, Lodsys, will be heading to the courtroom in what is sure to be a bitter battle — Initially, Lodsys claimed that individual developers needed to license their various patents concerning in-app purchasing within iOS specifically. Apple responded to Lodsys’ claims and more or less said they were full of crap. At the same time, Lodsys started targeting Android developers as well.

Late this afternoon, Lodsys appeared to ignore Apple’s warnings by filing suit against 7 different developers (7 iOS + 1 iOS developer who also has an Android version of his app). With that said, Lodsys posted many of the details highlighting affected developers, the apps in question, as well as calling out Apple’s apparent “misunderstanding” of licensing terms.

Breakdown of Lodsys’ lawsuit after the break…

Patent Troll Lodsys LLC Turns Focus Towards Android Developers.

  • May 27, 2011 6:56 am

A little under two weeks ago news broke of a patent troll company by the name of Lodsys LLC that had begun sending out letters to iOS devs informing them that they were violating various patents in regards to in-app purchasing and demanding a cut of revenue. Naturually, iOS developers were worried as many of them are small-time outfits whom don’t have the resources to fight larger companies in the courtroom. As such, they turned to Apple for help. Luckily, Apple responded and basically told Lodsys to “beat it”. Will Google do the same for Android developers now that Lodsys has apparently set their sights on them?

An ongoing Google Groups discussion details Lodsys’ attempts to extra money from Android developers as well.

We recently implemented in-app purchases for our Android application and several weeks later we received a letter from Lodsys, claiming that we infringed on their patents.

Have any other Android developers out there been sent a letter? Has Google taken any action on this issue yet? Has Google given direction to any developers that have been hit by this? We are obviously a small shop and are not financially capable of defending ourselves over a litigation.

Google is an equally large company that is unlikely to let its developers be pushed around by some useless patent troll looking to make a living by suing the defenseless. With that said, Google has yet to respond. Check back soon for the latest…