Telus and Bell to offer iPhone, 21 Mbps HSPA+

It  looks like the days of the iPhone monopoly are about to end in Canada as the Jesus Phone is coming to both Telus and Bell.  Until recently, Rogers was the only game in town for iPhone action. But word on the street is that the change will be announced Tuesday or Wednesday.  Conincidentally this potential release will conincide very well with the launch of Telus and Bell’s launch of their new 21 Mbps HSDPA+ network.

For those of you who keep track of network types and speeds, you might remember that both Telus and Bell are new to GSM/EDGE/HSPA networks but they have been burning the midnight oil to roll out their new high speed network in time for, most likely, the Vancouver Olympics (can you say roaming charges?) and certainly the holiday season.  Now to spice things up Bell is contending that their network version is more advanced because it is utilizing the latest network standard, HSPA + ,while Rogers is still slowly rolling HSPA+ out beyond the intial 5 cities they have already blanketed: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

So what do you think?  The idea of having 21 Mbps a tempting morsel for a move to the land up north? Or how about having more then one carrier offering the same phone?  Sound off below.

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T-Mobile’s 4G plans getting a littler Clearer…


The back and forth movement of T-Mobile USA’s statements in regards to their 4G plans is enough to give most people whiplash. First they’re holding off, instead employing HSPA+ as a nice speed bump along the way. Next minute they’re (their parent company, Deutsche Telekom more precisely) making deals to light 4G services with Clearwire and Metro PCS. Clearwire whom has been cited saying that they needed more money to continue the rollout of 4G services, would have most of their current monetary problems solved with a $2 billion donation from their new friend, Deutsche Telekom. That is if they can manage to keep negotiations and agreements straight.

Worries of available spectrum can be put to rest however as Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow when interviewed by Giga OM’s Om Malik stated that they (Clearwire) “have plenty of spectrum and are flexible enough for new partners and adaptations”. Does T-Mobile’s recent Philliy dwelling, 21Mbps HSPA+ service enough to satisfy your mobile needs for now or are you ready for 4G? Leave your impressions inside.

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HTC dual wielding smartphones/platforms on Verizon this fall.

htc-whitestoneCDMA users often feel left out when it comes to cool phones and such as their GSM brethren are often first to get all the coolest geeky stuff. This fall Verizon is looking to spruce up their offerings a tad with two promising contestants both coming from HTC land. The first up, the HTC Imagio will bring Big Red their first tasting of WinMo 6.5 come early October packing a 3.6-inch WVGA touchscree, 528MHz Qualcom core, 512MB/256 ROM/RAM, 5 megapixel shooter w/ auto-focus and anti-shake features, and GSM/GPS/CDMA/EVDO radios. Certainly something to look forward to no? That is until we get a more revealing spec sheet of the HTC Predator which will supposedly come to Verizon in late October packin’ Android under the hood. The fall season looks like it’s heating up quite well. Heck, I’m even excited to see how the Imagio turns out. Thoughts?

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RIM adding full flash and silverlight to BB Browser. BB 9700 coming to AT&T in time for Black Friday!

Without any filler or hesitation, there are two big pieces of information that all of the CrackBerry addicts out in internet land need to know:

  • First: RIM is planning on adding FULL Flash and SilverLight support into the BlackBerry browser. Now, re-read that…planned is the keyword. According to various BGR insiders with seeds planted inside of RIM, next summer appears to be the rough guestemation date of a possible release on said support. As has been mentioned before in regards to full mobile flash support, RIM is working on beefier BlackBerries with higher spec’d internals in order to pull off the mobile eye candy tango. A second crucial piece in the trek to full Flash/SilverLight is the need for not only beefier hardware but also the need for higher speed data services…(ahem) LTE/HSPA/4G…you may step forward now. The same insiders say RIM has already achieved successful tests with data speeds ranging in the 10Mbps range in RIM labs with lab equipment and test networks. Again, all they’re waiting on now is those same speedy networks to make their way outside. Whew! 10Mbps wireless data speeds…sweet!
  • Second: The BlackBerry 9700/Bold/Onyx will debut just in time for Black Friday if internal AT&T testing goes as planned *fingers crossed*. For those of you looking to upgrade your less than new BlackBerry to the trackball-less, touch pad rockin’ new hotness don’t have too much longer to wait.

Hey, at least you know a time frame now right? Who can’t wait for the mercury to drop and the Berries to start flyin’?

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iPhone 3G”S” not so quick on the up and up

The iPhone 3GS is marketed by Apple as a worthwhile speed improvement over the iPhone 3G. While the bumped up processor and better still graphics chip have easily noticable speed increases over the older 3G model, the actual data speed side leaves much to be desired. In actuatlity, clever marketing jargon and coy business tactics helped Apple push the 3GS as much faster than it really is. What exactly are the dirty secrets? It all has to do with upload speeds…or the lack thereof…

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Nokia announces E72, E71 now old and busted

While Nokia may have the majority of the world’s cellphone users buying their phones, I would much rather consider the quality of said units instead of quantity as the majority of Nokia phones sold are laughable at their absolute best.  Those who have a taste for the finer things in life and gadgets will take pleasure in Nokia’s latest high end gem, the E72.  In order to one up the now not so new E71, Nokia upped the megapixel count to 5, threw in a 3.5mm headset jack instead of the still-too-often-seen 2.5mm variant as well as managing to cram a compass and hardware goods to support super fast 10.2 Mbps HSDPA inside the business like yet slick looking device.  $389 USD and the patience to wait until Q3 are all that is needed to claim your Nokia fame.


Source: Engadget, Nokia Conversations