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Alienware M17x R3 to Feature ATI 6970/Nvidia 460 and 93Wh Battery.

Those looking for the next latest and greatest gaming laptop can call off the search and bring in the dogs. Alienware has just what you need with the M17x R3 (Revision 3). This 17″ monster packs the latest AMD 6870/6970 mobile GPUs as well as the option for an Nvidia GTX 460 if the mood strikes. Look for massive heatsinks (relative) to accompany the pixel pushing hardware. Powering it all is a 9-cell 93Wh battery that should in theory give it more than 47 minutes of battery life. Other perks such as a 3D-capable display (optional) and 3.2-megapixel web cam are but two of lesser important features that ultimately come together in this gigantor mobile gaming rig.

Expect to pay dearly for the privilege of M17x R3 ownership.
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Mission Control looks nice and all, but this is how it should really look…

I’m sure Apple has spent countless man-hours determining a suitable Mission Control UI. Such staple features of a new OS update aren’t taken without immense consideration for a number of varying factors. In Apple’s case, the Mission Control we saw shown off was certainly graphically pleasing to the eye. But it could be so much more.

While I’m generally not a huge fan of the 3D fanaticism that’s currently enveloping the tech market, this 3D-ified Mission Control designed by Zach Forrester is actually pretty unique. As website Beautiful Pixels points out, it may look good now, but how well will it scale to Apple’s assortment of devices and screens?

Given the needed resources and delay in actually switching (due to waiting for transitions and such), I wonder how useful a 3D Mission Control would actually be. Although, if there’s anyone who could pull off a risky UI decision, Apple would be one of my first picks.

What do you guys think: To 3D or not to 3D?
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UK’s Sky launches 3D channel. Virgin follows with 3D VOD service.

It’s a great day to be a UK resident and 3D aficionado. Today, UK broadcaster, Sky, has launched the countries first all 3D channel. For 14 hours everyday, those across the pond will be able to tune in to TV complete with the third dimension. For now, that 14-hour broadcasting window starts at 9am. But as time progresses and uptake of 3D notches upwards, expect programming to expand and also grow in programming choices.

If you want to experience the 3D goodness “a-la-carte”, prepare to dish out £61/month. However, if you subscribe to Sky’s Top World HD Package you can have the 3D channel “on the house”.

Also worth noting — Virgin UK has officially launched their first 3D Movies On Demand service today. All you need is a 3D-capable TV, 3D glasses, and a Virgin HD Plus set top box.

It’s pretty cool to see 3D options finally appearing, even if I can’t test them out myself (living in the US and all). What do the guys and gals of GS-land think? Any UK readers care to weigh in?
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Nintendo 3DS features dual ARM 11 processors, separate 133MHz GPU.

Just in case you thought the new Nintendo 3DS wouldn’t have the gusto to power all of that new fangled 3D wizardry, a source “close to the matter” leaked to IGN UK the claimed spec list. It’s quite a trip: dual 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU with 4MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage. I know what you’re thinking. 266MHz, even in a dual configuration, isn’t much to be impressed or excited about. To some extent you’re right. But you have to look at the company behind it. Nintendo hasn’t been on the bleeding edge of graphics or realism since the N64.

With that said, 3D is the new fad that everyone is obsessed with. And as far as mobile goes, Nintendo is way out in front. Gamers definitely have something to look forward to with the upcoming 3DS. While the eye candy won’t be as crisp as other options, it will be in multiple dimensions. For some, that’s the only thing that matters. Check back in the near future as the rumored November launch date approaches. We should be hearing more concrete evidence proving or disproving the claimed info above before long.

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Duke Nuke Forever lives! Coming in 2011…for real!

Back in my younger years, I remember playing the old, side-scrolling Duke Nukem. It was awesome at the time. Even compared to some better looking competitors, Duke Nukem held a somewhat special place in my young heart. And then disaster happened. The sequel to the so-so Duke Nukem 3D, which was supposed to be amazing beyond words, went through year after year of broken promises and failed deadlines. Then in 2009, after nearly 11 years of development, the developer behind the title (3D Realms) went belly up — and with it, the dreams of countless DN fans.

But alas, Gearbox Software has come through to save the day and apparently scored the needed rights to pick up where the previous developer failed (actually getting a DN sequel to market). The date is 2011. It’s coming. It will be awesome. If you were fortunate enough to be at PAX games convention, you got an early sneak peak at magic in the making.

Now all loyal DN fans have to do is keep those fingers crossed a little bit longer. While we have a healthy team of developers behind DN 4Ever, broken promises are all too familiar. Here’s to 2011 and a new, exciting DN!
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Android news Thursday Edition…

We’ve got a couple of important Android stories to update you on this fine Thursday afternoon. Without any fibble fabble, let’s get right to it. First up, Droid Incredible users: a leaked build of Android 2.2 (Froyo) is available from shipped-roms. I don’t have an Incredible myself to test it on, so you’re on your own. While shipped-roms has seen some legal trouble in the past, it wasn’t for any nefarious means. A few manufacturers were a bit peeved that shipped-roms was distributing…well…ROMS. Looks like they got that little quarrel are squared away. Anywho, those of you with a Droid Incredible should give the new update a shot if you really like living on the edge.

**For a step-by-step process of updating your DI to Froyo, hit up this post over at Droid-Life.

Moving on, many weeks back we talked a little about an Android device called the “Glacier”. It popped up on a benchmark spreadsheet online with blazing fast speeds that literally decimated the competition. Unfortunately, we knew nothing else. Guess what? The underlying hardware is back and bringing a known friend with it — the G2…
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This artist sculpts…on the tip of pencil lead!

Every once in a while, you come across something that literally makes you gasp. Pencil artists Dalton Ghetti from Connecticut (originally Brazil) is one such example. The thing is, he doesn’t use pencils to create his art. They are the art. Spending at many times, months on these sculptures, Dalton certainly understands a thing or two about patience. Countless times he’s gotten a bit nervous or simply impatient and broken a piece of work weeks in the making.

Still, the seemingly dead sculptures don’t go to waste. Dalton has a Styrofoam board with over 100 failed pieces stuck into the base, creating a sort of morbid sculpture in and of itself. Dalton has titled it “The Cemetery Collection”.

There’s some truly amazing work here. Hop inside to see a couple for yourself…
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Power DVD updated to support 2D-to-3D real-time conversion.

I haven’t really bitten on the whole 3D wave yet. Mainly it’s because I find even the best solutions currently available gimmicky in nature and not really all that great. Another issue I have is having to re-buy a ton of already purchased content in a new 3D format. If you happen to fall into the same boat, Power DVD would like to have a word with you.

The latest Power DVD update brings something very interesting — real-time 2D-to-3D conversion. Not only that, users can select the amount of depth created in their converted movies, whether it be a sublte effect or gargantuan those people are 10 miles apart effect, Power DVD’s latest update has you covered. But of course, all this new fangled 3D geekery will cost you. End users can look to spend between $70-100 USD for the Deluxe or Ultra 3D products. And don’t forget, you’ll still need a 3D capable TV and glasses, so there’s still some strings attached.

Is Power DVD’s latest update enough to inch you closer to the 3D mania now that scores of older 2D movies can get an extra dimension added in real-time?

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Sony: “Buy our 3D products”…(unless you have kids).

I know that at least for myself, the internal battle I’ve constantly fought when looking at the latest 3D tech flooding consumer electronics stores is that it simple isn’t that good. Honestly, it sucks. Pure gimmick. But each passing day brings umpteen million more products from various manufacturers jumping on board the 3D bandwagon. As you can imagine, Sony being the household rich entertainment company that they are, have a few tricks up their sleeves for 3D.

Their biggest one I’d wager is the 3D update for the PS3. Millions of people already have a PS3. Now, instead of buying a separate player, their trusty little PS3 can pull double duty — unless you have kids that is. The sad part is that the disclaimer for the upcoming PS3 3D rollout has been jam packed full of provisions for the utterly retarded and those lacking common sense. Warnings of “discomfort” and “nausea” run rampant as do suggestions to parents dissuading them from letting little snowflakes play 3D games or watch 3D movies without taking them to a doctor first. You know, since their eyes and brains are still a mailable clay, we wouldn’t want to harm them with all of this fancy 3D stuff.

I get protecting your ass in today’s lawsuit ridden world. But adding so many strings, warnings, and disclaimers about a flagship product/service doesn’t seem very positive for growth. I mean, if everywhere we turn we’re staring at warning signs telling tales of puke fests, headaches, and imminent death, I’m pretty sure a few people will turn and walk the other way or flip the channel to a non-3D version.


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Ripoff alert: Monster’s “Universal” 3DMax glasses require proprietary hardware, not so universal.

I’ve already come to expect overpriced and under-performing audio products from Monster. But 3D is a totally different beast to conquer. As such, Monster has taken the wraps off of their new, “Universal” 3D Max glasses…and accompanying Monster base station.

The idea is that you can plug in any 3D TV to Monster’s little box and free yourselves from shifty 3D TV’s and glasses that all suffer from the lack of a unified spec, with glasses from one manufacturer failing to work (or poorly working) with TV’s from another manufacturer. It all seems nice in theory.

That is, until you realize you’re no better off than you were before. For each TV you’ll need to buy Monster’s proprietary box in order to make their glasses work. And don’t kid yourself, you’re not going to lug that box to each TV in your house — or in more extreme cases, a friends — to make Monster’s glasses work with whatever TV you/they have.

Of course, what’s a fair argument without some prices to munch on — $250 gets you one of those universal base stations and a pair of 3D shades while replacement glasses will set you back an additional $170 per. A mighty high price to pay for something that costs 1/10th to make.

‘Course, there’s still plenty of people who see this whole 3D stuff (early 3D tech anyway) as nothing more than a gimmick to charge outrageous prices. Anyone fooled?
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