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T-Mobile Begins 42Mbps HSPA+ Network Rollout.

  • March 22, 2011 6:31 am

AT&T merger be damned, T-Mobile is pressing on with their HSPA+ network. The latest upgrade the Magenta giant is pushing out will peg Speedtest at up to 42Mbps in Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando. Later this year, Chicago and a further expansion of New York’s HSPA+ network will drive the speed forward. According to T-Mobile, by mid-year 2011 up to 140 million Americans in 25 different markets will have access to the faster HSPA+ speeds by way of 25 new HSPA+ capable devices the company hopes to release throughout 2011. But the question sitting in the back of everyone’s mind: How will the ongoing AT&T takeover play into T-Mobile’s deals/plans? We shall see…

AT&T: “T-Mobile 3G Users Will Need To Replace Their Own Phones”

  • March 21, 2011 12:48 pm

More bad news for T-Mobile fans a mere day after learning of AT&T’s plans to purchase T-Mobile U.S.A. According to a new article posted by Yahoo and quoting AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega, current T-Mobile 3G customers will have to replace their 3G phones after the merger and at their own cost. It was made known today the official reasoning for AT&T’s plans — they (AT&T) want to re-purpose T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS spectrum for LTE expansion. For T-Mobile customers, that means the wireless waves they get their speed fix on now will be incompatible later on down the road.

But according to de la Vega, this isn’t really a big deal.

There’s nothing for them to worry about … it will be done over time, in a way that’s good for customers and good for AT&T

Whether consumers will have to foot the bill or AT&T, it’s more negative press attached to an already publicly unfavorable announcement. Keep following GS for the latest on the AT&T/T-Mobile merger…

Blindsided: AT&T Agrees To Purchase T-Mobile USA For $39 Billion.

  • March 20, 2011 6:28 pm

Wow! Talk about a surprise (and depending on where you live, a not so happy one). Today via press release, AT&T announced that they have reached a deal with Deutsche Telekom to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion — $25 billion in cash and $14 billion in stock giving Deutsche Telekom an 8% stake in AT&T. According to AT&T’s press release, they look to expand their LTE footprint with T-Mobile’s AWS 1700MHz band along with their own 700MHz band.

Now don’t go crying just yet T-Mobile fans. Just because AT&T gobbled up Centennial and regurgitated their own sub-par offerings doesn’t mean come Monday morning your own network and customer service is going to go from A+ to bouncing off Hell’s gates. The buyout that AT&T is pursuing will effectively create a GSM monopoly in the U.S. (far from the “competition” AT&T boasts in their lengthy press release). As such, expect heavy government scrutiny over the next 12 months (the estimated time it will take to cut through all of the red tape) along with plenty of questions from concerned consumers and politicians alike.

It’s kind of ironic. Several years back, AT&T was forcefully broken up by the government because they were too big and stifling competition. Over the last few years, AT&T has been picking up a ton of small companies here and there, slowly but surely growing back into the giant they once were. Could we be approaching another instance in which government intervention is needed?

T-Mobile fans: What do you think? Is a mass exodus now on the calendar?

Gadgetsteria’s opinion: If the government approves the merger, consumer choice will be severely affected, leaving AT&T to continue their recurring practice of charging more for less while also ensuring the U.S. cellular industry falls further behind international markets.

Press release after the jump…

T-Mobile Launching Jet 2.0 4G March 23rd.

  • March 16, 2011 6:56 am

TmoNews has scored some news regarding the next generation of laptop 3G/4G sticks to drop on the Magenta carrier’s network. Specifically, the latest 4G-capable Jet 2.0 4G will be hitting retail shelves March 23rd. Picking up the new hardware will net users up to 21Mbps speeds on the downlink side of things and an integrated memory card slot. If the only thing holding you back thus far from picking up a 3G/4G wireless modem has been price, T-Mobile prides themselves in being one of the best values in town. Though, now that the recent price increase on *usable* data plans has brought things up to $49.99, they aren’t quite as lust-worthy as before. Nevertheless, options are options…

AT&T Getting Slammed As False Advertising Claims And Capped Phones Come To Light.

  • March 14, 2011 1:44 pm

It never really was a good thing to be part of AT&T’s PR team. For years they’ve been labeled “anti-consumer”, unfair, overpriced, and a provider of terrible service. And as the “4G” wave sweeps across the country, we can add false advertising (again) and neutered phones to the list of all-time AT&T greats. The biggest issue in the here and now revolves around AT&T’s re-branded “4G” (that’s really their same old HSPA network) and new information highlighting the false limitations put in place (by AT&T) on their new “4G” phones, namely the Atrix 4G. PC Mag does a good job picking apart AT&T’s PR focus over the last few weeks and relentlessly slams the U.S. carrier for repeated lies and appalling tactics such as gimping their new Atrix 4G smartphone with speeds that are actually slower than their 3G devices.

If it sounds obscenely ridiculous, it is. But don’t go feeling bad for poor ‘ol AT&T. They could help themselves (and their public image) tremendously if their PR department actually, you know, relayed vital information to the public instead of either (1) brainwashing the less technologically competent with empty marketing fluff thereby further confusing them and/or (2) sitting by idle, without explaining themselves or answering legitimate claims made against them. Having a more transparent public face would do a world of good for AT&T’s quickly fading reputation.

Verizon is a solid year ahead of AT&T with their LTE roll out plans. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ has the potential to be faster (it’s currently rated faster, anyway) while Sprint’s WiMAX also has the potential. Sprint meanwhile is also looking at the possibility of transitioning to LTE in the next few years after a 6-month study set to conclude sometime this summer which is looking at various aspects of said network such as operating costs, profit margins, advertised vs. real world speeds, etc.

For now, we’ll have to deal with a so-called “4G” network that is the same 3G network with a slightly higher number prefix and “4G” smartphones that aren’t any faster than their 3G counterparts despite any possible 4G price premiums. Perhaps instead of relying on their current 3G network (which is admittingly faster than the other 3 carriers’ 3G networks) to push them onward, they should actually put their money where their mouth is and invest in real next-gen technologies such as LTE.

If there’s one thing AT&T does well, it’s steal peoples’ money.

*A special thank you goes out to the ITU for rolling over to carriers’ requests for watered down “4G”. Without your inability to stand your ground, none of this marketing mania would have been possible…

T-Mobile Debuting 5+GB “Unlimited” Data Plan Later This Year.

  • February 22, 2011 10:59 am

While the three bigger carriers — AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon — overshadow many of T-Mobile’s announcements, you can’t help but love an underdog. It’s often said underdog who offers the most intriguing services, prices, and devices. Take for example, Android’s early start on T-Mobile was but one of many “firsts” to hit the nations 4th largest carrier. And thanks to a leaked internal screenshot from a TmoNews source, it appears T-Mobile has another bombshell in the making — truly unlimited data…

A gander at the circled text above clearly shows verbiage foretelling of an upcoming data plan that is greater than 5GB — T-Mobile cites “unlimited”. Could this be the same $79.99 unlimited Even More data plan that we saw earlier? Stay tuned…

[Update] T-Mobile Offers All Smartphones For $0 On Valentines Day.

  • February 7, 2011 5:07 pm

Sorry for the error — it is T-Mobile who is offering Valentines Day sales consisting of free phones. NOT Verizon.

If you’re looking for either a new cellular provider or are already a T-Mobile customer in need of a new phone, this Valentines Day is going to be very rewarding. On two days — February 11th and February 12th — this month and this month alone, T-Mobile will make all smartphones available for free when a new 2-year contract is signed. Yeah, you have to give up two more years of your life to one carrier, but the pay off is pretty worthwhile if you ask us.

The only knock we have against T-Mo’s little love deal is the mere fact that “all” smartphones aren’t really included in this sale — just the ones in the image above. But hey, we can’t get too upset. Their Valentines Day deal is far better than any other carriers’. Is a new T-Mobile phone in your future?

T-Mobile Brings HSPA+ Service To 8 New Markets.

  • February 2, 2011 8:15 am

Residents of Albany, Augusta, Columbus and Macon, Georgia; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Champaign, Illinois; Lansing, Michigan; and Rochester, Minnesota can now relish in all of the 21Mbps HSPA+ glory. The 8 new markets tally up to a stout 200 million+ customers. T-Mobile isn’t going into coasting mode, however. This summer, the carrier plans to upgrade its 21Mbps HSPA+ to 42Mbps, though the number of covered individuals under that network will “only” be ~140 million. Progress is progress though. And I’m pretty sure none of you would find fault with double the (theoretical) bandwidth.

Dell Streak Android 2.2 Update Delayed “A Couple More Weeks”.

  • January 14, 2011 8:29 am

Owners of AT&T-locked Dell Streak tablets will have to wait “a couple more weeks” before getting their hands on the official Android 2.2 update, according to a leaked email sent to Streak Smart. The unnamed employee who quoted the delay cited AT&T’s thorough testing and QA practices as the reason for the missed deadline. What exactly is causing so much trouble in testing wasn’t revealed, however. If you’ve waited this long, surely a few more weeks won’t hurt, right?