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3rd Party Resellers Dropping AT&T Services And Hardware.

Fancy a good deal from (and perhaps in the future Amazon’s wireless storefront)? Better get on that train while it’s still in town. According to a recent letter sent out by Wirefly CEO, Andy Zeinfeld, giving customers choices and cheap prices will no longer be possible with AT&T. Further adding to the pot is online retailer LetsTalk’s email to affiliates:

Effective March 8th, 2011, LetsTalk as well as other web indirect agents [...], will no longer be able to offer AT&T Wireless as a carrier option to our customers. The primary reasons given for this change in AT&T’s business strategy were centered around AT&T cost savings and retrenchment.

For now, Amazon hasn’t announced any discontinuation of AT&T services and hardware, though things could certainly change. On that note, it would certainly be sad to see all of the 3rd party resellers dry up. There have been some awesome deals over the last few years, netting AT&T two-years worth of montly payments. Apparently greedy company is greedy and needs and endless supply of more. We’ll see how that goes…
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Apple doesn’t like teaching kids how to program or furthering the general progress of technology. [App Store Reject]

Time and time again we have seen Apple employ utter incompetence, double standards, and plain stupidity when it comes to accept/reject decisions within their approval process. They’ve received their fair share of criticism and at times, warranted a few pats on the back along the way. Sadly, incompetence still runs wild as the recent rejection (and eventually approved) of Pulitzer prize winner Mark Fiore’s comic satire app showed us. But more disturbing than simple incompetence and stupidity is the effect that Apple’s problems have on the technological market as a whole.
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The iPhone 3G and 2nd gen iPod Touch can multi-task natively after all.

Some of you in iPhone still rockin’ an older iPhone 3G or 2nd gen iPod Touch may have been a bit put off after the iPhone OS 4.0 preview. Multitasking was definitely the big thing there and unfortunately for the owners of the devices listed above, they won’t ever see a single part of it. Apple will try to rationalize that it is because of lower spec’d internal hardware. But a solid 1 year+ of jailbroken iPhones running Backgrounder just fine calls Apple’s bluff and exposes it for what it is — a sham to get people to upgrade when they don’t have to.

So it’s with a bit of surprise yet utmost glee that I share with you this bit of information: The iPhone 3G and 2nd gen iPod Touch can in fact multitask and do so natively in OS 4.0. This little treat was discovered by a developer who goes by “cdevwill” on Twitter, posted the following:

wow looks like multitasking can be enabled on the 3G if you just set multitasking=TRUE on the capabilities plist in SB (N82AP.plist)

That’s great news for owners of those legacy devices who are ok with jailbreaking. For now, editing that particular .plist isn’t for your general noob. But give it a time. I’m sure a simple app will pop up in Cydia that will take care of all the under the hood tasks for you. Though an even better solution would be a simple app that could do this even on an un-jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

It’s definitely an interesting development in the early stages of OS 4.0. Stay tuned…


iPhone OS 4.0 gets the jailbreak treatment. [Video]

The Dev-Team doesn’t really waste much time these days. The iPhone OS 4.0 developer beta/preview was just released yesterday — not even 24 hours ago — and already it’s succumbed to the talented jailbreak community. The video below captures the whole shebang in all it’s glory.

If you were thinking of singing up as a dev just to get an early crack at the 4.0 goodness, the brains behind this latest hack, “MuscleNerd” says that the 4.0 beta is extremely buggy. Makes sense, being a beta and all with a scheduled release still several months away. But I digress, some just have to have it…now!

Are you one of them? If you take the road to milk and jailbroken honey, be sure to share your experiences with us.



The dev community fixing what AT&T destroyed: Moto Backflip rooted!

Leave it to AT&T to take a decent to awesome device on paper and completely gut the thing, rendering it useless and a piece of garbage. Yes, I’m ranting about the Motorola Backflip once again. But for good reason. The hardware is pretty unique in the design department. And for AT&T users, it’s their first taste of Android and Moto BLUR. They only deserve the best. Instead they got a plastic paperweight that isn’t worth the plastic it’s made out of. But the developer community has come through yet again.

Attention all: The Motorola Backflip has been rooted! Installable 3rd party apps outside of Android Market — check. Fully tweakable UI — check. Removing those god awful crap apps AT&T relentlessly crams down our throats — check, check. Well, almost. This current state of affairs for Moto Backflip rooting is an early one at that. Essentially, it’s not quite ready for mass adoption yet. At this point it’s pretty basic and is more intended as a “foot in the door”. So, devs interested in really making the Backflip useful, Larry Wheeler of “MyJanky” has kindly provided the means to do so.

The only downside so far is that because of the crippled nature of the device from the get-go, the actual “community” following that makes other Android models so alive and well in the dev scene hasn’t quite organized for the Backflip yet. But it’s a start. Hey, the tough part has been accomplished. Now it’s up to the vibrant Android community to put together some sweet actual bootable ROMs.

I’m sure once the news reaches AT&T, they’ll be super excited on the open development. Haha, just kidding.

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Major Nelson says Stevie was wrong/confused/doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about — Blu-ray still not coming to Xbox 360

Remember that bit of Steve Ballmer loose lip that went down many hours prior to this very second? During an interview, Steve was quoted as saying not specifically saying that Xbox 360 hardware was to see Blu-ray add-on accessories, but that if the Xbox were to get Blu-ray, it would be via external forms. Many including myself took this as a sort of admission by omission if you know what I mean. Side stepping hot topics often leaves the Balms in a stuttering incoherent state, this wasn’t anything new.

Well, I’ve got a spoiler for ya. According to Major Nelson, during the now infamous interview, Steve Ballmer was apparently referring to Blue-ray accessories for PC’s. Case closed. No Xbox/Blu-ray love. Though Major Nelson does go on to highlight the importance of the Xbox platforms upcoming support for 1080p HD streaming — a first I believe.

So are you broken hearted? Or did you give up physical media years ago?

Major Nelson

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