LineUp for 8900, 9000, and 9630 [BlackBerry Theme]


Those in the market for a fresh premium BlackBerry theme have another option today with LineUp. While the basic layout is radically unique, the colors used throughout show that the designer, Brandy R. over at Artistic-Me have quite the eye for good design. The theme which is available in either a bottom dock or plus style will cater to most users’ needs. LineUp is available for 8900, 9000, and 9630 devices for $6.99 from If I had a Berry I’d definitely give this theme a try. Unfortunately I’ll just have to make due with staring.

Source: Into Mobile, Berry Review

Digital Pro [BlackBerry Theme]


Hedone Design seems to be keeping a break neck pace on the theme front as they are churning out incredibly rich themes fairly often. Hey, I’m not complaining, I like change. The coolest part about their latest theme, “Digital Pro”, is that it takes a more reserved approach as to not embarrass at the office. Even if you don’t work in a stuffy, cold cubicle in some dark corner, this theme is sharp. Interested parties have two options with Digital Pro: V1 or V2. V1 features 6 user-customizable icons on the homescreen while V2 features 10 scrolling user customizable icons. I would personally take the 10 just because the icons don’t clutter the desktop as they scroll out of sight and who doesn’t like more shortcuts/icons? Anywho, hit up Hedone Design and pick up your copy of Digital Pro for $6.99 today.

**Screenshots inside

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BlackBerry Theme: Dark Room


When I made BlackBerry themes just a couple years ago, I always loved making my own battery and signal meters. To me, a custom theme wasn’t that that unique or cool unless cusotm icons were used. Moving forward, BlackBerry themes have moved forward exponentially in complexity and style with the latest themes completely blowing away anything I made. Likewise, the meters that are being created from various theme designers are truly innovative and unique. One such new theme that branches off into a new style is that of “Dark Room”. This new theme designed by Calx is one in a million by incorporating a new twist on the meters — Calx blew them up to epic sizes and centered them around the BlackBerry logo on the homescreen. It is definitely a minimalistic style theme as the meter artwork is the showcase.

Besides the bigger than life meters, the rest of the theme follows the name in that it is darker with sleek lines and crisp, beautiful icons. If I still had a working BlackBerry, this theme would definitely be on it…right now! Like most other premium themes now, Dark Room comes in at $6.99, though I’d hardly complain. The $6.99 goes towards one heck of a BlackBerry theme and encourages Calx to continue on in his work, hopefully wowing us again in the near future. A few pictures of the theme in action are just inside…

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BlackBerry Theme: Focus

Are you the type of BlackBerry user who enjoys custom themes? Custom themes that emphasize the wallpaper, taking a minimalistic approach? If so, a new theme from Elecite called “Focus is sure to catch your eye. Featuring a circular navigation menu, the center hub that houses 8 icons plus the time giving you quick access to a fairly large number of your favorite apps.

Since this theme highlights stunning wallpapers, it only seems fitting that Elecite includes a few — 10 to be exact. 10 gorgeous wallpapers rotate on your Berry’s homescreen at set intervals. While the backgrounds are fixed and not user customizable, there should be at least one background included for everyone.

In order to rock this theme, you’ll need a device with an OS of 4.5 or higher on the following devices:

  • 8350i, 85xx, 8900, 9000, 95xx and 96xx

**No device with OS .151 will work with this theme.

Anyone looking to get in on this wonderfully crafted theme can head on over to Elecite and get ready to enjoy some of the finest BlackBerry themes available.

Click the thumbnails below for previews of the Focus theme in action as well as a snapshot of the 10 backgrounds included!

8900 and BOLD devices get sleek new OSX HD theme

It is true, OS X inspired themes are becoming quite common, almost to the point of too common in that people just might be starting to get tired of them. No matter how tired you may be, or how saturated the market of OS X BlackBerry themes may be, the latest from EThemes is nothing short of beautiful. osXHD is a wonderfully crafted representation of Leopard for your BlackBerry. This theme isn’t all just looks however. It features a user customizable 5 icon hidden dock that features a nifty “Stack” in the 6th icon slot which allows you to store 6 additional user customizable icons. In total, 11 hidden icons at your beckon call!

It eschews the typical “brighter” feel of Leopards silver/grey menus and dialogs for a darker tone that sets this theme apart from the rest. The quality of the theme is top notch as every nook and cranny of the BlackBerry OS has been themed meaning you get what you pay for: quality. Quality themes are thankfully coming out rather regularly. Yes, while it does cost money to have osXHD as your own, it is money well spent. Not to mention the fact that the theme is only $3.99 — quite the steal when typical premium themes of this caliber go for $6-$8. A very classy and well done theme indeed. More screenshots of the theme in action right after the jump.

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Neu Theme for Blackberry 83xx, 89xx and 9xxx devices is smooth, slick, and downright amazing!

Blackberry theme hunters searching for the perfect theme that blends style, sophistication, and functionality all into one package can now call of the search. In what is probably one of the nicer and more put together themes I have seen in a small while, Neu for Blackberry brings a very nice subtle yet expressive look to your Berry that is striking. A co-op piece designed by lilholashaka, MaxThemes, and Ninja Please, Neu brings a sense of quality and fit-n-finish that speaks highly of the involved parties. Words are really pointless, all you can do is just stare at all that it is. The only thing I could think of that the theme lacks and sadly will keep me from using it full time is the fact that there aren’t custom underlays meaning 3rd party icons stick out like a sore thumb. I know I can toss them in a folder which has it’s own matching icon, but I really don’t want to do that and I’m sure their are at least a few other Crackberry users out there who feel the same. Could we get that added please? Doing so would put the Neu theme over the top.

The theme comes in many different styles for various devices. Perhaps the greatest feature of this theme is the price - FREE! Pictures and download links are right inside.

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