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AMD’s Radeon 7900 Series Coming In January.

  • November 10, 2011 11:43 am

Originally scheduled for a late-2011 release, AMD’s next-gen Radeon 7900 series of graphics cards will reportedly (finally) debut in early 2012 (specifically January), according to a report by Fudzilla.

Codenamed “Tahiti”, the 7900 series will be based off of AMD’s 28-nm architecture and be a rather important upgrade as it will be the first product line to support the company’s new raphics Core Next (GCN) architecture — this will allow AMD 7900 cards to excel “at both graphical and computing tasks”. (Read: The 7900 series won’t be just for gaming anymore.)

Nvidia has long held an advantage in some circles due to the CUDA technology which allows the graphics card to be turned into a “super CPU” of sorts, cranking out crazy high amounts of calculations for relatively cheap.

The first two cards, the single-GPU 7970 and 7950 (if previous naming schemes are followed) will hit the market in or sometime around January 2012 while the flagship dual-GPU 7990 (codename: New Zealand) won’t arrive until later in the year — yet more rumors say March. As is usual, AMD will release the higher-end 79xx cards first, and then follow with the 78xx and lesser lines throughout the year.

While last year’s 6xxx was more of a re-branding/minor upgrade, the upcoming move to 28-nm should provide the power gamers have been waiting for.

“World’s Fastest” Processor Coming To “World’s First” Retailer: iBuyPower

  • September 13, 2011 10:27 pm

Jaw scraping the floor over AMD’s 8.429 GHz overclock we showed you earlier? Good — buy your own! Starting later tonight iBuyPower will the first official retailer of AMD’s Bulldozer platform and the now infamous FX-8150 used to achieve the record breaking overclock.

Other perks of the uber AMD system launching tonight include a top of the line 990FX mobo, AMD 6970 GPU, and brisk SSD.

More info should come within the next few hours. In the meantime, keep hitting that F5 button while parked over

Anyone got their bank accounts ready?

AMD Breaks World Record With 8.429 GHz Octo-Core FX Processor.

  • September 13, 2011 9:35 am

The ongoing Intel vs. AMD battle is about to get a little more interesting. Soon AMD’s next-gen Bulldozer platform which has been a long time in the making, will finally hit retail shelves. And if you’re an enthusiast like us, you’ll likely spend a few extra dollars for one of the higher-end, “unlocked” slabs of silicon that among other things, promises the world thanks to its unlocked multipliers. But the thing that’s got our interest the most piqued is that the 8-core enthusiast version of Bulldozer that consumers will have in their hands just smashed a world overclocking record with a blistering 8.429 GHz clock speed! Naturally, exotic cooling was used — liquid Helium.

The official “world’s fastest” award is scheduled to be handed out tomorrow in San Francisco.

It goes without saying, Bulldozer fanatics who have been impatiently waiting for a legitimate response to Intel’s hardware will soon get their wish fulfilled.

AMD Goes For The Kill With The Radeon 6990M Mobile GPU.

  • July 12, 2011 7:18 am

PC enthusiasts who happen to favor the mobile life and carry a portable gaming rig to prove it will no doubt be interested in AMD’s latest offering — the newly announced 6990M mobile GPU. Said silicon is up 25% faster than competing cards according to AMD. For the real nerds, specs include:

  • Core Clock: 715 MHz
  • Stream Processors: 1120
  • Memory: 2 GB GDDR5 Memory w/ 256-bit bus @ 900 MHz
  • Transistors: 1.7 billion
  • Power:1.6 TFLOPs of computing power @ 115.2 GB/s

The titles used to make such claims include: Batman Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age 2, Shogun 2, BattleForge, Left 4 Dead, Metro2033, Wolfenstein MP, The Chronicles of Riddick, and E.T.: Quake Wars. Yeah, not the most demanding list of games on the market. Still, it goes without saying there’s a lot of power to be had here.

As we don’t have either a GTX 580M or 6990M on hand to put head-to-head, we’ll have to wait for the various PC enthusiast sites to crunch the numbers and tell us who the real king is.

Look for the AMD 6990M to join the option boxes alongside Nvidia’s GTX 580M in laptops such as the Alienware M18X and Clevo’s P170HM and P150HM laptops very soon.

Leaked: AMD Roadmap Details Next-Gen “Hondo” SoC For Tablets.

  • July 5, 2011 7:22 am

AMD’s initial push into the tablet/ultra-mobile space with Densa might not have been too terribly impressive, but their fortunes will soon change. A leaked AMD roadmap shows us a glimpse into the future and giving us a few details concerning Densa’s successor dubbed “Hondo”. The biggest draw — or literally lack thereof — of Hondo will be power consumption compared to Densa cut by up to 1/3 (2W) even with dual Bobcat cores as well as nixing unnecessary circuitry including the likes of VGA output, PCIe, and a couple USB pathways. DirectX 11 and buttery smooth 720p video playback are also on tap.

Hondo is scheduled to start shipping to partners in December 2012 and hit the public sector within new hardware sometime in Q2 2012. A new Hondo brain would help make a mighty fine Windows 8 tablet wouldn’t you say?

Wide Scale Bulldozer Release Pushed Back To September?

  • May 30, 2011 9:27 pm

Things are beginning to go from bad to worse — really worse — for AMD. According to several reputable hardware sites such as XbitLabs, BrightsideofNews, and Anandtech, AMD’s is having to delay high-end Bulldozer hardware until the July-September time frame.

Yet despite this new information casting a negative light on current Bulldozer hardware, the last few weeks have seen several claimed Bulldozer benchmarks leak with performance ranging just under and just above Sandy Bridge equivalents. This means many of those benchmarks were at worst, fake.

With that said, it appears that production problems with both B0 and B1 stepping are causing monumental headaches for AMD, so much so that a new stepping is needed — this doesn’t just happen in the course of a week either. It now looks likely that a wide scale public release for Bulldozer has been pushed back from June to September…

AMD Bulldozer News: New Roadmap And More Benchmarks Leaked!

  • May 25, 2011 7:14 am

With Intel nailing each new processor platform release as of late, the pressure is certainly on AMD to deliver something that isn’t only cheaper, but better. Many AMD enthusiasts are tired of the at times budget-minded company taking a backseat to power and performance while Intel dominates the headlines. The previous generations of Phenom were supposed to be AMD’s return to the high performance ring, though ultimately fell short of Intel’s own offerings. But AMD’s latest upcoming high-end platform, Zbamezi-FX, has many a enthusiasts salivating uncontrollably.

For those dedicated to the AMD camp, a new roadmap and updated performance benchmarks have leaked showing some rather impressive products and results! Hop inside for the goods…

AMD 7990 Specs Leaked? Features >50% Performance Increase Over 6990!

  • May 6, 2011 8:28 am

Image Credit: hw-lab

The above image depicting a so-called “7990″ GPU is rather interesting considering the dual-GPU 6990 was just released a few weeks back. Though if the specs above are anywhere close to what we’ll see in the final retail version of AMD’s next-gen top-tier card, we’re more than willing to wait.

TFLOP potential comes in 12.16 and 3.04 for single/dual-point precision respectively. The card reportedly features 6400 Stream Processors, 3200 SPs per GPU, a 384-bit memory bus, and 6 GB of GDDR5 memory. With all that power on tap, the 7990′s memory bandwidth can theoretically hit 576 GB/s over PCIe 3.0! Connection options come in the form of DVI, mini-HDMI and DisplayPort, and support AMD Eyefinity and AMD HD3D capabilities.

Of course, the really impressive stat is that all the power above results in a power output of ~300W under full load and 37W-40W idle. Who’s looking at their 6990 in disgust now…?

AMD To Reveal FX And A-Series APUs In June. Performance Estimates Leak Now!

  • May 4, 2011 2:09 pm

Thanks to leaked slides via Donanimhaber we’ve got an early look on what are surely to be a busy June and July for AMD.

Beginning on June 1st at Computex, AMD will unveil the A-Series “Sabine” notebook platform, 900 series chipset, and Vision 2011 branding. The fun continues at on June 7rd at E3 with the official revealing of the X-Series (brand and logo) as well as the AM3+ platform. And a week later at the June 14th Client Launch Event held by AMD we’ll be treated to Llano. Respective shipping dates will be June 12th-26th for Sabine and Lynx platforms while the previously leaked Llano platform will see the light of day on July 20th.

For PC enthusiasts, the Zambezi (Bulldozer) platform is perhaps the most exciting as it will feature a rather large spread of options coming in 2, 4, 6, and 8-core designs. However, even with an 8-core chip, early estimates of performance still have a majority of the new AMD processors performing lower than Intel equivalents (raw CPU power) — save for the 8-core processors which are said to be on par with the 2600K hyperthreaded quad-core processor. Flip to the graphics side of things and AMD’s new processors reportedly make up quite a bit of room.

Lots of exciting stuff just around the corner. Debt bonanza in 3..2..1..

Slide featuring performance estimates after the jump…