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Breaking News: Apple confirms - People like Angry Birds! #angrybirds

Well, not really breaking news unless you were trapped in a mine for the past ____ months. Apple has revealed this year’s (2010 people) most popular iOS apps. Of course Game downloads topped all categories for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But surprisingly for the iPad, game downloads only represented only a fraction of the top selling categories. Less surprising, however, is the fact that the birdies that abhor swine game topped almost every category.

Even with higher price points on the iPad for games and apps, the top selling games are mostly at the $.99 mark. The top grossing category obviously went to games priced at the $9.99 mark. But basic addition would get you to come to that conclusion.

Either way, that isn’t what this post is about, after the break you’ll be able to see the different categories based on free and paid, as well as grossing for the iPhone, iPod and the iPad(as magical as it is). The lists aren’t based on downloads, they are listed in alphabetical order instead. But I’m sure Angry Birds should be at the top of every list either way…

The actual lists after the break…
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Angry Birds Developer, Rovio, Launching “Bad Piggy Bank” (In-app Purchases) In Early 2011. #angrybirds

Say what you want about Rovio and their smash hit Angry Birds. There’s no denying it is *the* game to beat in the mobile arena at this moment. And starting very soon, it’s going to get even better. Speaking in a live-streamed press announcement, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka stated that in-app purchases would soon be launching in Finland, with the rest of the world coming on line shortly thereafter. Though the coolest aspect of the new in-app purchases is the name — “Bad Piggy Bank”. On that note, Bad Piggy Bank purchases won’t need to rely on credit cards, instead deferring digital goods purchases to your cellphone bill.

I’ve never been a fan of carrier billing myself. I know, I’m weird. What about you guys and gals?

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Angry Birds Seasons Now Live in App Store! #angrybirds #rovio

The release of Angry Birds Seasons earlier today has finally transgressed platforms and found its way into Apple’ App Store tonight. The update is free to previous buyers of Angry Birds Halloween. If you skipped out on the last one however, it’ll cost you $0.99 for the iPhone version and $1.99 for the iPad version.

25 new levels of Angry Birds means that much less sleep for me tonight. Get your Angry Bird on…

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Angry Birds Pig Plush Toys Revealed. Coming January 2011. #angrybirds

Earlier reports that Rovio Moible would expand upon their Angry Birds plushies materialized today as revealed four new pig-themed toys. Like their bird counterparts, the pigs will set you back $14.99. But don’t go whippin’ out that credit card just yet. You have to wait until January 2011 before you can actually purchase any of the new pig plush toys. Looks like avid Angry Birds aficionados will finally be able to round out their collections…

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Angry Birds Reaches 7 Million Android Downloads. #angrybirds #android

Angry Birds has been extremely successful after nearly one year of public availability. Fueling that fact is the multi-platform strategy as well as several worthwhile updates including a special Halloween edition. And within the next week, we should see the latest Angry Birds Christmas land on both iOS and Android as well. On top of the actual game play, the development company behind Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, has mentioned many times now they plan on expanding into many different areas including movies, TV, clothing, and toys.

Obviously, the team at Rovio has been hitting it big over the last year. And today, we have more impressive sales figures to share with you. Specifically, the Android version of Angry Birds has now eclipsed 7 million downloads. Add that to the 10 million+ that has already been accomplished by iOS and you have the makings of “best mobile app ever”. With Angry Birds Christmas’ impending release and Angry Birds 2 not too far off either, it looks like Angry Birds is going to be a dominant force for quite some time.

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Angry Birds Christmas Edition Submitted to App Store. Release Expected Within Days. #angrybirds #ios

Another Angry Birds announcement: The holiday edition is almost here. That is all.

…Alright, a bit more. Earlier today, Rovio Mobile tweeted that the latest update to the widely popular mobile game, Angry Birds, is one step closer. Rovio Mobile has officially submitted the Christmas update of Angry Birds to Apple. We don’t think it’ll be too long until we see the update go live simply because we’ve witnessed a few other high profile apps sneek through the approval process faster than normal. Just sayin’…

Time to celebrate.

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Angry Birds Day: December 11th. #angrybirds #rovio

Angry Birds fanatics will most certainly want to mark December 11th on their calendars, for it is the greatest day of the year — Angry Birds Day. On this day, Angry Birds fans around the world are asked to plan meet-ups to talk, laugh, and play their favorite game in hordes. However, the real party will be going down in London’s Trafalgar Square.

It is there that Rovio’s executive team is rumored to be announcing among other things, console versions of Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2, and/or an Angry Birds Movie. Though fellow tech blog TechCrunch thinks something even bigger and better will be dropped on us.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait. Anyone out there doing something special for Angry Birds Day?

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[Update] Angry Birds: Christmas “Confirmed” With Screenshot. Coming “Before December”? #angrybirds

Well lookie there — Angry Birds all decked out for Christmas. With a seat atop Apple’s App Store going on months, it’s easy to see people love Angry Birds, and for iOS users, Angry Birds Halloween. Looks like we’ll have another flavor of everyone’s favorite flinging birds very soon. As for release date and pricing, we don’t have any. Though so far, I’ve seen dates claiming both before December as well as into early December. Pricing should be $0.99-$1.99 as it has been before.

For now, feast your eyes on this screenshot from Japanese site, Stay tuned. We’ll go down into the trenches to try and dig up some more info.


There’s also word that a 15-level mini-update is supposed to go live within the next few days bringing new, desert-based levels as well as “The Mighty Eagle”. This bird of epic proportions will allow you to skip levels that you deem too hard. However, you can only call the eagle once an hour. So plan wisely. Also, a new destruction meter will appear on previously completed levels giving you new reasons to play everything many times over…again.
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Angry Birds T-Shirts. #angrybirds

Between Angry Birds LEGO figures, Angry Birds plush toys, and Angry Birds iPhone cases, I’d have to say that we’re in the midst of a massive overtaking consisting of some very colorful, very…um…angry birds. We already know that Rovio wants AB to become bigger than Tetris. And so far, they’re well on their way. If anything, it won’t be too long before we can’t go an hour without seeing some fluffy, legless bird’s image plastered on anything and everything imaginable.

Personally, I’m still holding out for the Angry Birds contacts lenses. Some screenshots after the jump…
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Angry Birds Android Compatibility List Updated. “Lite” Version in the Works.

Android’s choice in hardware is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have free reign to find a hardware form factor and style that suits you best. On the other, that means software developers have to take into account all of that different hardware. In the case of Angry Birds in particular, that translates into a rather long list of “incompatible” hardware and an impending “lite” version.

And don’t think just because your device is new that you’re automatically in. Some of the devices on the list may surprise you…
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The Takeover Continues: Angry Birds LEGO Figure. #angrybirds

I’m sorry if you were slightly misled by the title. I can see how it may sound like little LEGO Angry Birds figures were coming to market. And seeing as how Rovio is aiming to beat Tetris by “Angry Birding” every aspect of our lives in the near future, LEGO figurines certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Though the nifty Bomber Bird you see above was hand crafted by Flickr user “Beuk, and isn’t coming to market. Sorry folks. You’ll have to build your own.

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Angry Birds for Android Modded. Improved Performance and Ads Removed. #angrybirds #android

The previous update to the Android version of Angry Birds earlier this month was bittersweet. On one hand, Android users were given 45 all new levels. On the other, ads were given more screen space and performance was reported to have taken a hit. Taking matters into his own hands, XDA developer “theimpaler747″ laid down his own coding skills to completely remove the lag and performance issues as well as remove every single last ad cluttering the screen.

Seeing as how this is an unofficial mod, it’s doubtful we’ll see it last much longer without some official statement from Rovio, which will probably end in the app and post over at XDA being removed altogether.

I’ll go on and say that while they are modding the free version of Angry Birds, they’re removing the reason it’s free — ads. No one likes ads. That’s a given. But don’t go about stiffing the developers out of a payment. With that said, the free version of the app isn’t free. The ads help offset the price. Show some support (and respect) and chip the developers a few bucks by paying for the full version. It’s only $2.99.

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