One of the most requested features for BlackBerry App World, a desktop version to more easily and quickly view BlackBerry apps is finally here. A thoughtful feature no less is the fact that you can enter your email address into the web version of apps you have your eye on in order to send an app to your phone that will open app world on your device and take you straight to said app. Not a major feature but certainly one that cuts down on clicking, thumb twiddling, and more clicking. Other user friendly features include the ability to sort by paid, free, and new apps each with their own respective categories broken down by app type. Finally, when writing articles or reviews on apps that are only available in App World, one can now link to the app in question as to give readers/users a certain and direct route.

While a desktop version should have been available at the original launch of App World, I won’t fault RIM too much since they at least got it done. Heck, the desktop version actually looks pretty slick to boot. Did App World just become a little more relevant to you oh loyal CrackBerry user?

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Source: BerryReview