Is 2010 the year BlackBerry becomes “Consumer Cool”


After pouring over countless articles, slides, and pictures from RIM’s Developer conference the last couple of days, I have to admit I am really impressed by RIM’s consumer minded showing. The simple addition of BlackBerry Themes in App World combined with Widgets and actual 3D games to boot instantly jumped RIM and the BlackBerry platform up a few rungs in my book.

There’s no doubt about it, for consumers focused on multimedia and entertainment, the iPhone is where it’s at. Android still offers considerable amounts of entertainment though not as robust or rich as the iPhone’s. But where Android lacks in one area it more than makes up in another giving users almost unlimited options for customization and scalability.

So far, RIM has been wallowing in the gallows with WinMo on the consumer front with outdated GUI’s, luke warm apps, and an overall cold business cloud hanging over head. After this conference, I’m much more confident RIM can continue their move into the consumer market. Will they dethrone the iPhone over night if ever? No. But it will definitely bring the BlackBerry into or back into the minds of many whom and written it off as their dad’s business device.

Now I understand that even with some fancy widgets and themes you can’t slap lipstick on a pig and instantly have a creature of beauty (comparing OS 5.0 to OS 4.1/2’s core features and updated UI). But when strictly looking at consumer/multimedia/entertainment value, do you feel RIM has finally — if a bit late — gotten their ducks in somewhat of a row? Will 2010 be the year that BlackBerry becomes “consumer cool”?


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BlackBerry “Task Manager” a must have app for multi-tasking Berry users.

Simple operation is the goal of many smartphone manufacturers and mobile OS developers. The easier and more straightforward you can make your device the better. But sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty or tweak your device a bit. For BlackBerry users longing for such control, they have a new solution in “Task Manager”.

Even in the free model, users have access to Applications, Performance, and System Info. The first three tabs give you some insightful insider knowledge on the inner workings of your Berry. But there’s more to be had. Ponying up $1.99 for the premium version nets you the Process tab in addition to the other three which goes even further allowing you to see each individual processes resources as well as process ID — perfect for the multi-tasking Crackberry users who truly flog their device day in and day out.

The new Berries come with plenty of power underneath the hood but with the demands we place on them, they too can become bogged down at times. Having a powerful task manager is ideal for making the most of your mobile experience. I just downloaded Advanced Task Killer for my DROID and already love it. Having a Task Manager that allows you to fully control your device is a godsend. For only $1.99, Task Manager for BlackBerry should be on every Berry. Yes, even yours.


iblipped brings carrier coverage mapping to end users, for free

Do you really want to know how good/bad a particular carriers’ coverage is in your neck of the woods? You could always rely on those overly general carrier maps or if you’re really gullible, the individual carrier reps who over promise the networks they work for. Moving on, what if we end users could relay real coverage info back to some “mother ship” ala Google Maps with their real time traffic info? Well guess what? There is just an app for just that occasion.

Dubbed “iBlipped”, this real-time coverage collector works on both GSM and CDMA BlackBerries and collects background information using the cellular radio and GPS. Once finished, you can send the mapped coverage info back to some group of guys that live in a data center where they’ll take your submitted info and transform it into a living, breathing map. The concept is really cool and highly useful. To quell privacy concerns, all the information collected by iBlipped is 100% user controlled meaning there isn’t anything shifty getting transferred. That is unless you consider coverage strength and geographic location “personal” To each his own.

iBlipped is a free download that I highly recommend to any and all BlackBerry users. Carriers can lie all the want on their in house coverage maps. But now we earthlings and consumers have a saving grace. Are all of those coverage maps really that accurate? We’ll just have to continue following iBlippeds daily updated maps to find out…


Wordpress BlackBerry app updated. Features abound.

Mobile bloggers and CrackBerry aficionados take note, the Wordpress BlackBerry app has been updated to version *correction* Besides a new set of numbers, users can now enjoy:

  • Custom field support
  • Ability to write and post excerpts
  • Support for comment replies
  • Gravatar support
  • Open comment list for a specific post
  • Open URL of author in BB browser
  • Added support for French and Italian languages

Overall a welcome update for sure. I know the ability to reply to comments on the go is a big plus in my book. If you’re currently rockin’ an older version of Wordpress for BlackBerry, you should be prompted to upgrade. If the upgrade prompt is eluding you or you simply haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can pick up the new beta version at Enjoy!

BlackBerry App World now viewable on desktop computers

One of the most requested features for BlackBerry App World, a desktop version to more easily and quickly view BlackBerry apps is finally here. A thoughtful feature no less is the fact that you can enter your email address into the web version of apps you have your eye on in order to send an app to your phone that will open app world on your device and take you straight to said app. Not a major feature but certainly one that cuts down on clicking, thumb twiddling, and more clicking. Other user friendly features include the ability to sort by paid, free, and new apps each with their own respective categories broken down by app type. Finally, when writing articles or reviews on apps that are only available in App World, one can now link to the app in question as to give readers/users a certain and direct route.

While a desktop version should have been available at the original launch of App World, I won’t fault RIM too much since they at least got it done. Heck, the desktop version actually looks pretty slick to boot. Did App World just become a little more relevant to you oh loyal CrackBerry user?

Check out BlackBerry App World Web Store

Source: BerryReview

Blackberry App World upgraded to

Number lovers and upgrade hounds it’s time to whip out your Berrys and upgrade App World. RIM’s little App Store that is trying has received a nice new set of numbers: Anyone notice anything different/new?

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Shazam music tagging app in hot water over patent infringement claims.

If you have an iPhone, G1, or Blackberry and have even the slightest interest in music, chances are you are carrying around a great little program called “Shazam”. Shazam is a music identification app that listens to a song and then by way of a data connection compares it to a database of songs at home base. If a match is made, you then get the links to download said app if possible. It all seems peachy right? Wrong! Seems as if Shazam could very well be infringing on a patent granted way back in 2005. What does this mean for one of the most popular currently available music tagging apps?

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NIN and Blackberry fans soon to rock out to sweet sweet music…together!

If you just so happen to have a thing for Nine Inch Nails and also love carrying around a certain fruity device (no I don’t mean an apple), then this morning/afternoon/evening you have something exciting to look forward to. The screenshot above clearly shows that Trent Reznor and his band NIN are in the process and apparently final stages of bringing a Blackberry version of the “controversial” (by Apple’s utter retarded App Approval process) app to the Blackberry crowd. With more and more developers and apps hoping on board with RIM and App World, the iPhone can is longer the only device winning over developers and the popular media/celebrities hearts. Granted, RIM still has quite a ways to go to fully compete with the App Stores ease of use and selection. But I’ve got time, don’t you? I’m sure many a NIN and Blackberry fan are pretty excited. Am I right? Mr. Blackberry, ’tis your turn.

Source: Crackberry

Blackberry App World now live!

After spending a couple ours with Blackberry App world, I can truly say that as soon as I get wind of RIM’s Bold replacement I will be switching back.  App World while still greatly trailing Apple’s 25,000+ and counting app store has one BIG feature that the iPhone will never have…background processes.  Fire up Pandora and write that email.  Do this or that.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, a few honorable mentions already include Shazam (the great song tagging app available on iPhone and Android), as well as e-Mobile GPS Companion with turn-by-turn directions.  The category breakdown of App World is as follows:

  • Entertainment (9)
  • Games (126)
  • Maps & Navigation (8)
  • Music & Video (10) 
  • News & Weather (17)
  • Personal Finance & Banking (9)
  • Personal Health & Wellness (9)
  • Productivity & Utilities (85)
  • Professional & Business (14)
  • Reference & eBooks (22)
  • Social Networking & Sharing (17)
  • Sports & Recreation (36)
  • Travel (17)

Whew!  Quite the list.  I can see “Productivity & Utilities” getting some really amazing mobile software as it is the Blackberries forte.  On CDMA and 3G GSM Blackberries downloading most apps takes less than 2 minutes so you don’t have spend 20 minutes waiting for that must have app to download.  Another plus App World has over Apple’s offering is free trials are supported…NOT the stupid light versions that Apple uses which require a dev to effectively keep two copies of every app.  You can download App World here.


There is however a small downside.  PayPal is currently the only payment method so you must set up PayPal account to purchase from App World.  Hopefully soon they will implement other options such as Credit/Debit cards etc.  For those word lovers in the group check out the official press release here.  For a whole slew of screenshots check out Laptop Mag’s App World early on intital reviews.


Source: Laptop Mag, Berry Review

Blackberry App World apps starting at $2.99


Free loaders and people who just enjoy free stuff will be sorely disappointed with RIM’s “App World” as an updated FAQ on the App World Developer site clearly lists the pricing tiers for apps. You’ll notice that $2.99 is as loooow as it goes. Good news for developers but bad news for the more frugal. Granted, it’s a good move to keep stupid and senseless “fart apps” out of App World.  However, is it RIM’s place to decide want people want. Apple gets enough unhappy comments about almost non-existent options/choice. Is RIM going the same way?  What are your thoughts?

Source: Crackberry

Blackberry App World coming soon!


Blackberry Application Market/Store Front/Store are no longer names to be considered for RIM’s quick and deep venture into the consumer side of things as today they have announced that their app store will be called the Blackberry App World.  Developers should be able to get back to the live site by 10pm (Est) tonight.  The actual store front for users is slated to be open by the end of March for all of us normal folk.  Until then, the normals can go to the App World page and sign up to receive an alert when App World finally goes live.  The long wait is almost over Crackberry addicts.  Yours is coming.

Source: Crackberry

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