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Rumor: “Near Final” iOS 5 Build Hits Carrier Partners For Testing, Speech-To-Text In Tow.

  • September 6, 2011 8:26 pm

Besides the flurry of screenshots, inside “sources” and constant rumors spewing out daily concerning iOS 5 and the iPhone 5, how else would a curious techie know Apple is this close to releasing their latest and greatest software? Why more rumors of course!

According to 9to5Mac, carrier partners are now receiving near-final builds of iOS 5 for testing. What’s even more exciting, however, is that this near-final build reportedly includes the Nuance dictation speech-to-text feature widely detailed many weeks back, and is said to be highly accurate and fast — a given considering it’s Apple. One other new perk included in the carrier test build that isn’t in the latest beta 7 release is FaceTime 3G support. In regards to FaceTime 3G, Apple is heavily stressing the importance of the feature, though ultimately it will be up to carriers to allow the feature or not. Personally, we don’t see the earth shattering necessity for FaceTime 3G when anti-consumer carriers such as AT&T over-charge and under-deliver when it comes to data plans and pricing.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 5 within the next couple of weeks and launch iOS 5 alongside the new iPhone 5 in early to mid-October.

Google+ iOS App Updated, Adds Re-sharing Ability, Fixes Bugs, Saves Planet.

  • September 6, 2011 4:54 pm

Hey you Google+ loving iOS users: There’s an update! Google+ version is now live in the App Store. The most important addition is the option to re-share other users’ content. To re-share a post, simply tap it like you would normally to +1 it and look down near the comment box for an arrow. Click on that and you’ll see an option to re-share.

Bug fixes and performance improvements to notification refreshes (among other things) as well as circle creation have also been tweaked. All in all a worthy update for Google+ iOS users.

**For those of you running iOS 5 beta 7 (and we’d assume most other iOS 5 beta versions), Google+ appears to be fully functional after our brief hands-on.

  • Download Google+ from the iOS App Store — here

GameStop Begins Acception iDevice Trade-ins. May Start Selling The Entire Line Up.

  • September 6, 2011 11:29 am

GameStop may be jumping on the bandwagon of iOS retailers and offering the entire line up of Apple’s magical devices. At an annual trade show in Las Vegas, it was announced that the gaming retail giant will begin offering the devices for sale and to top it off they have also started accepting your used iOS devices for trade-ins for in store credits.

This along with all of the iPhone 5 release rumors and the wide demand for all iOS devices, having another retailer carry the devices only makes sense. It fits for GameStop to join with the ever growing hand held gaming devices around. There is no word on what devices they’ll carry, and we also aren’t sure if they’ll become a re-seller as well of the used trade-ins(we’d assume so, as they sell re-furbed consoles) but we are interested in seeing what they’ll have!

Apple Stores Allegedly Getting Sprint Signal Boosters In Preparation For iPhone 5 Launch.

  • September 5, 2011 10:40 pm

Following previous rumors over the last several weeks saying Sprint will see its own iPhone launching this fall alongside AT&T and Verizon comes new reports that Apple is taking it to the next level. Apple stores are reportedly being retrofitted with Sprint signal boosters in order for the big iPhone 5 launch day so that customers can fully experience the Sprint iPhone 5 without having to worry about indoor cellular reception. Apple has installed similar hardware for AT&T and Verizon in areas where each respective carrier has less than stellar coverage.

The source of the rumor, an electrical contractor from Austin, Texas doesn’t say Apple is exclusively involved. But given the repeaters in question were put directly inside of the Apple Store at the location of choice when many other areas would have sufficed counts for something does it not?

So lets say the fall iPhone 5 launch includes AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Who would you choose?

Rumor: iPhone 5 Launching October 21st.

  • September 4, 2011 10:16 am


With September now in full swing and not a single Apple press invites going out, we think it’s safe to say a September launch is looking less likely.   But there’s hope.  A screenshot sent to TIMN shows a Best Buy internal memo requesting managers to be in store by 6am on October 21st to install some type of “Apple fixture”  — managers normally stroll in around 7am.

TIMN’s tipster also added that a separate manager meeting on October 10th will go over upcoming “big product launches”.

With all the rumors and evidence we’ve seen published over the last couple of months citing a September/October release are finally coming to a point.  Considering similar “Apple fixtures” have preceded new hardware, we’re apt ro cast our lot on the October 21st release date.  You?

[Update] Lost iPhone 5 Story Takes A Twist: “Police” Were Imposters. (Special Investigators Working For Apple?)

  • September 2, 2011 2:19 pm

Apple LogoThe plot behind the alleged “lost iPhone 5″, which like it’s predecessor was apparently left in a bar, just got a lot weirder.

The San Fransisco Weekly dives deeper into the ongoing story and paints a rather ominous image on Apple. Specifically, the man who is claimed to be the one questioned by San Fran “police”, Sergio Calderón, claims 4 men and 2 women with badges who claimed to police officers came to his house, questioned him over the iPhone and then proceeded to search his home. Anthony Colon is allegedly one of the men who presented themselves to Calderón as a police offier and just so happened to have left his contact information with Calderón.

The kicker: Colon used to be a San Jose police officer but is now a Special Investigator for Apple according to his Linkedin profile — a profile which has since been deleted.

If it turns out that the man/men that questioned Sergio Calderón were in fact normal civilians (whomever they worked for) posing as cops, each could face up to 1 year in prison. If anything this story just got a lot more interesting.


Well, another update about this lost iPhone prototype. It seems that this so called investigation, turned fake investigation - is in fact real. Lt. Troy Dangerfield told the SFWeekly that this door knocking/search at Sergio’s apartment was in fact performed by 4 SFPD Officers as well as Tony Colon(Apple Investigator) as well as 1 other Apple Official. Our take: This entire ordeal seems pretty shady. We shouldn’t have an ‘unrecorded’ event/investigation from a police department. But we also shouldn’t have such a sloppily handled case - which could spell legal trouble for Apple and the SFPD in the future. Sergio did wave his rights and allow the search, but we also have claims that not everyone had identified themselves upon entering. We’ll keep you updated on how all of this shady post Steve Jobs action turns out.

We smell a movie deal…

[Update] About That “Lost” iPhone 5 Prototype…

  • September 2, 2011 9:03 am

By now we’re sure you’ve all heard of another instance of an Apple employee getting a bit too careless in a bar with an unreleased iPhone. And considering the source (Cnet) — a reputable source at that — it seemed pretty legitimate.

Only problem: It probably isn’t. According to the San Fransisco Weekly citing SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza, no police record of any kind of iPhone 5 being lost/stolen exists.

There’s just one problem: SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza says no records exist of any such activity by SFPD inspectors.

“I talked to CNET” reporter Declan McCullagh, Esparza tells SF Weekly. “I don’t know who his source is, but we don’t have any record of any such an investigation going on at this point.”

For Cnet to go out on a limb and make up a story is unlikely given the mountain of negative influence it would cause should the story be revealed fake. More likely is that the original bar where the alleged iPhone 5 was lost, Cava22, made up the story to gain publicity.

Another alternate possibility could be the police department lying about any stolen Apple hardware in order to keep the story from getting as large as it did last year.

Despite the news, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see what the next-gen iPhone has in store for us with the rumored release to happen in late September-October.


Apparently the 4 men and 2 women who came to the house where police supposedly tracked a GPS signal weren’t cops after all. One of the imposters managed to leave contact information (phone number) which when called by SF Weekly led to a Special Investigator by the name of Anthony Colon — an Apple Special Investigator…

Calling Him A Genius Is Somewhat Ironic - Lulz @ Apple

  • September 1, 2011 9:40 pm

I’m pretty sure everyone out there has stepped foot into an Apple Store at some point in time. No matter how you feel about the company and Their products, you’ve probably done it. Even if you haven’t, you’ve walked by a retail spot in a Mall, or on a busy street. Whether walking by or stepping a foot inside, you’ll be bombarded by the employees. If you make it far enough in, you’ll see a spot where you’d think they’d be making drinks at. Nope. This is the home for the “Genius” livestock. This latest story really lets their smarts shine through.

If you remember almost a year ago, or if you read any tech blog lately, Apple once lost an iPhone 4 prototype. Careless, stupid, lollerskates - for sure. If you were anywhere near the internets, minus here as I’ve come to find out, you would have probably read about a possible iPhone 5 prototype leak. Yes, when Apple employees get to drinking, they leave their highly secretive iPhone prototypes lying around at bars. But what about the retail location people, they aren’t drinking - or are they!

Our newest Apple Lawl comes straight from a blue shirt wearing Genius! A CultofMac reader happened to wander in to his local Apple store to get some much needed help. Was told his HDD was crappola, and advised him to head on back later. When showing up to pick up his magical device, the good ol (read: slow) genius handed him a harddrive.

Oh boy, what did he find!!! Hop on in to find out!

New iPhone 5 Renderings Inspired from Photostream Beta “Leak”

  • September 1, 2011 9:04 pm

Remember yesterday, a normal Wednesday, nothing major, then…BAM!!!! Another iPhone 5 rumor/leak!!! I know, we can’t get enough. Here is another rendering for you, this one based off of the possible leak from that Photstream Beta image. 9to5Mac has released renderings of this latest device but is also stating that this could possibly be the icon for the smaller 4s[ish] device that Apple will offer as the ‘lower end‘ model.

We’ve received word that of the two new iPhones coming out from Apple, this device might actually be the smaller, cheaper iPhone that is set for release at the same time. To that end, we’ve got a mock up of what something like that would look like using current iPhone sizes, and the dimensions offered up by the icon (above) if it is a smaller device…

Jump on in if you’d like to see the possible rendering if we were to see the same sort of specs, but as a bigger device - actual iPhone 5.