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ASUS To Begin Shipping Updated B3 Sandy Bridge Motherboards Next Week!

PC enthusiasts and custom PC builders will be pleased to know the Intel/Sandy Bridge nightmare will soon be over. ASUS announced via their company site that the new B3 P67 motherboards with properly working Intel SATA II controllers will begin shipping this week.

Owners of pre-built computers from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and so on have had the option of Sandy Bridge powered hardware due to various business dealings between said companies and Intel in which disabling the affected ports was noted as a viable option. The announcement by ASUS however, marks the first P67 hardware available for sale since the “non-recall” several weeks back.

So how will consumers know for sure the board they’re getting isn’t a gimped B2 version? Easy — the retail packaging and motherboard itself will feature very clear, easy to read branding as seen above.

For those looking to build a new SB computer, the announcement couldn’t come sooner. Check out ASUS’ press announcement after the break…
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Eee Pad MeMO, Slate, Slider, and Transformer Wrap-up. #ces2011

CES 2011 is said to be the year of the tablet. And at the ASUS press keynote, that phrase rang true as the company unveiled four tablet devices: Eee MeMO, Transformer, Slider, and Slate. The tablets are definitely slick looking and show ASUS’ attention to detail — much the same as Apple. However, as ASUS noted in their keynote, they like to provide choices to consumers. With that said, hop inside for the full rundown — pictures, words, and press releases galore!
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Live: ASUS Press Keynote #ces2011

Hey folks. We’re live in beautiful Las Vegas at ASUS’ pre-CES keynote. There’s plenty of good stuff coming your way. Hop on past for the show…
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A Trio of ASUS Eee Pads “Leak” Before CES. #asus

ASUS is set to unleash quite a trifecta of new Eee-branded devices at 2011′s Consumer Electronics Show. And yet here we are in late 2010 looking at several of their new devices already. The “leak” as it’s being called gives us a glimpse at several different 10″ models that will reportedly vary in internal hardware. Android and Windows 7 are rumored to be on board as are Nvidia Tegra 2 and Intel Oak Trail processors. The combination certainly sounds promising. And from the few pictures we currently have, the new devices look rather stylish. Look for more information and hands-on pictures to follow next week.

More pictures after the jump…

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Android-Powered ASUS Smartphone Packs 4.8″ 1024 x 480 Display. #android #asus

ASUS is currently unveiling a bunch of new digital goodies in New York City at their official press event. But this particular gem stole the show — an unnamed smartphone that features 4.8″ 1024 x 480 display. For movie buffs, it falls nicely into that 21:9 aspect ratio meaning no black bars! On top of the gorgeous screen, a 1GHs Snapdragon, 802.11n WiFi, HSPA+ support, HDMI output, 8-megapixel rear camera/2-megapixel front-facing camera, and a flurry of accelerometers and gyroscopes all point to a monster of a phone.

Unfortunately, ASUS wasn’t as forthcoming about price. For that, we’ll have to wait until we get a little closer to the April 2011 release date. With that time frame in mind, Android 3.0 could be a possibility. Excited?
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New P67 Motherboards from ASUS is Hot! #asus

As we inch closer to Intel’s Sandy Bridge release, hardware manufacturers reward us with early previews of what’s to come. Though we’ve already heard some of the features of ASUS’s line of upcoming motherboards in particular, we have yet to actually see them — until now.

First up, the P67-compatible “Sabertooth” motherboard. The most obvious feature right off the bat is the “Tactile Jacket”. Besides looking really freakin’ cool, it serves a purpose we’re told. Most importantly, that nifty shroud is designed to channel air to the appropriate areas on the motherboard more efficiently than an “open” design.

Another eye-catcher comes by way of the Maximus IV Extreme (aka: Republic of Gamers line). On top of the slick red and black color palette, this Maximus IV Extreme features a processor pin temperature sensor. For hardcore overclockers, this will be a very welcome tool to add to their bag. Keeping temperatures in check is one of the most important aspects of overclocking. Now that we’ve got the details out of the way, hop inside for a few pictures…
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No Surprise: Garmin Officially Quitting Smartphone Business.

After several dismal years of failed attempts to gain smartphone acceptance, Garmin is officially throwing in the towel. The news came during Garmin’s summer fiscal discussions. While the GPS giant is down and out of the smartphone hardware business, the company reiterated their plans to continue developing smartphone apps and stand alone GPS units — two areas they are still enjoying expansion.

It’s been a quick, bumpy ride for Garmin since unveiling the Nuvifone back in January of 2008. Initial reception was far south of what Garmin was hoping for. Sales were also nothing to write home about — ever. The nail in the coffin, however, was the actual number amount of revenue, or more specifically, the lack thereof. In the entire two years that Garmin and Asus teamed up, $27 million is all they have to their name. In contrast, Apple has sold over $8 billion this past summer alone.

There’s really nothing more to say.
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Woah! Dual-5870 GPU ASUS ARES brings the heat.

If money is no object and all you care about is the fastest frame rates, your search stops now! Well kind of. The ASUS ARES is the decimator of decimators, with two (yes, two) ATI 5870 GPU’s crammed onto a single PCB. With that kind of power on tap, you can guarantee that power draw is going to be an issue. On that note, if you can afford the $1200 asking price, be prepared to plunker down another $150-$200 for a *depndable* 750+ watt power supply, as this beast needs two 8-pin and one 6-pin connectors. The Nvidia GTX 480 is the top power sucking card no more. Toss in the fact that this card will take up three PCI slots and tips the scales at 5lbs. signals that this card really means business.

Getting back to that search comment — only 1,000 of these cards are being made. So if you’ve got the monetary means to do so, click “buy” now! Those who do are easily set for at least another year and a half of gaming without having to worry about upgrading. Of course, if you buy two of these and slap ‘em together in CrossfireX, you’ve damn near cleared a path for the next three years. And so we dream…
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The future of motherboards? ASUS crams ATI 5770 onto motherboard for their version of “integrated graphics”.

Talk to any self respecting PC builder/Gamer and mention the word “integrated graphics”. What you’ll unanimously get is a barking laugh back in your face. As computer junkies will tell you, integrated graphics are useless on desktop PC’s as they can barely power Windows’ visual effects, let alone games.

But what if “integrated graphics” were made to use traditional “discrete” GPU’s? ASUS asked that very same question and came up with this…
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