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  • The new poster child for stupid: The entertainment industry and the CMX file format.
    by Mike
    Posted August 11th, 2009 at 5:56 am
    As if the entertainment industry, more recently the video and music industry, couldn't be more behind the times, completely lost of their true demographic, and utterly clueless and incompetent when it comes to anything digital, they all come out swinging to surprise us over and over. The latest and most ridiculous attempt at world dominance comes in the form of CMX, a new file format that various sectors of the entertainment industry are putting their weight behind. Apparently this decision ...
  • Kids of today: “mp3’s sound great!”
    by Mike
    Posted March 3rd, 2009 at 11:57 am
    I would consider myself an audiophile.  I love music, all kinds spanning across many genres and many languages.  Whenever I hear someone blare a song that is of horrible quality, it makes me wince and I find myself noting every flaw that I can hear.  When possible I try to get at least 256kbps mp3 or even better...AAC for my music downloads that go on my portable devices.  For desktop use I use flac as I have several terabytes of storage so I have more than enough room for the large fi...
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