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#CES2011 — The Mobile iPhone 4 Headphone Amp and Battery Charger by Go-DAP

If you’re into the high-end portable audio scene, you’ve probably heard of Go-DAP before. They already have one successful battery + amp design on the market for the iPhone 3G/S. This week at CES, the company took the wraps off of their next generation of portable headphone amp and battery for the iPhone 4…
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The Fat Lady Has Sang: AudioVox Buying Klipsch.

Now we don’t want to discount AudioVox — they make the occasional interesting audio-related product for consumers at a bare bottom price. But they are far from quality in regards to audio performance. With that said, it fills us with great sadness to reveal that AudioVox is in the process of dotting i’s and crossing t’s to purchase every last Klipsch share and subsidiary. The faint glimmer of good news to come out of this is of course a scenario in which AudioVox merely acts as an open wallet and lets Klipsch employees continue doing business as they have been. Furthermore, there’s quite a bit of strings attached — “satisfactory completion of due diligence, negotiation and signing of definitive agreements and requisite approvals”. With that said, if we start seeing a flood of ex-Klipsch employees spilling onto the job market within the next 6 months, we’ll know everything is not going to be alright.
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Westone 4 In-ear Phones Coming Q1 2011 for $449 #westone

Those who dabble in the world of high end audio know that with great quality comes a great price — most of the time. There are in fact some pretty good sounding audio products at bargain bin prices. But we’re not here to talk about the cheap seats today. Instead, we’re focusing on the upcoming quad driver equipped Westone 4′s. At $449, they’re far from cheap. But you often get what you pay for in life. And if it were me and I had the money, you better believe it would be going to those beauts above.

Westone is scheduled to unveil about the Westone 4′s at CES as well as the Q1 release date. Tune back during CES as we’ll be stopping by Westone’s booth to get a hands (and ears) on.


Marshall Headphones ooze sexiness, style, (and hopefully audio nirvana).

If you consider yourself a music connoisseur/audiophile, you’re going to want to mark November 15th on your calendars. For that is the day when Marshall jumps feet first into the world of personal audio with a new model of headphones. For those not too keen on the Marshall brand — They’ve been producing high quality audio products for decades.

Building quality headphones isn’t the easiest of tasks. Just look at all the crappy, failed attempts you can find at your local Best Buy, Frys, etc., etc. So seeing one of the greatest audio equipment manufacturers getting into the headphone space is enough to make me smile like a little school girl. (Really!)

Look for a review to come in the days following their release, as I will flog these bad boys like none other. Until then…

Shure debuts new SE315 earphones.

While I may describe myself as borderline audiophile, I sadly must admit that I don’t have anywhere near the monetary background to sustain such a lifestyle. For that reason, $500+ earphones like the Shure SE535 aren’t in my budget. Thankfully Shure has a little something for everyone. Today, Shure took the wraps off of their “low end” SE-model earphones, the SE315. Now, don’t let the “low end” verbiage scare you away as they’re anything but. I’ve had a few Shure earphones over the years that were relegated to the cheap seats. But let me tell you, they were pretty awesome.

With that said, how awesome are the SE315′s. Their single-driver design will win some over while turning others away. Generally, the single-armature designs have a more “life-like” or “pure” sound about them, though never really excelling at any one aspect of music. That’s where multi-armature designs come in. But in reality, one could argue that opinions or statements about earphones/headphones and sound quality are purely subjective. But that’s enough riff raff. The specs…

  • Sensitivity: 116 dB SPL/mW
  • Impedance: 27
  • Noise Attentuation: 37dB
  • Freq. Response: 22Hz – 18.5kHz
  • Cable Length: 64” Detachable (at ear) with wireform fit

For $199, they’re not too bad. Any audio no0bs or audiophiles care to weigh in?

[Product Page]
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Pnoe: Loud, Proud, and in charge. [Audio speakers]

What would you do/say/think the first time you walked into a room and saw a couple of Pnoe speakers flanking the walls? A well placed expletive would certainly highlight the magnitude of the situation. Hell, these speakers are huge! They’re called “Pnoe” speakers and are all the rage in Greece (where they’re manufactured) and several other countries on that side of the pond.

The Pnoe’s claim to fame is that due to their design and performance, they make a great set of speakers for large events. Of course, this is more a “hey, only use these in massive rooms or your ears will explode” rather than a simple suggestion. Per the manufacturer, Arcadian Audio:

The Pnoe speaker, being a large horn, is more suited to listening rooms with 3m or more distance between the listener and the speakers.

It’s simple physics — don’t buy these unless you have a great room of epic proportions and can always keep unassuming humans at least 10-15ft way. Because if you don’t, the Pnoe will mutilate their ears and probably make mush out of their brains. Just sayin. Oh, and some deep pockets would be nice too. Interested parties have to contact Arcadian Audio directly for any prices. Usually such methods of sales mean you won’t be buying these on a whim in your Kmart Blue Light special.

With all that said, I want six…

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Review: cMOY headphone amp by BioScienceGeek

There’s something to be said about sitting down and spending a few hours listening and re-listening to a batch of your favorite music, picking out small nuances here and there that you’ve never heard before. Overall, it’s both rewarding and enjoyable, almost like an adventure built entirely out of music. What causes such feelings? That all depends on how you value the music you listen to. If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new artists, new songs, and new hardware to make it all sound better.

Recently I replaced my aging Bose Triports. At the time when I got them (nearly 4 years ago now) they were pretty decent for the money ($199). Over time however, many other companies have released products that are just as good (if not better) and that cost in some cases, considerably less. While I looked all over the product lines of Grado, Seinnheisser, Ultrasone, Shure, Ultimate Ears, Audio Technica, and more, I eventually settled on a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80ohm headphones. In short: they’re awesome. While they’re fairly efficient at 80ohms and able to be used on even mobile devices, a good headphone amp will ultimately be a night and day difference. And so my sonic quest began…again….
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Audiophile sound soon coming in a more portable package — HiFiMan 602

Do your friends call you “Golden Ears”, signaling you have some sort of extra-human hearing? While I wouldn’t label myself a full blown audiophile, I’d definitely rate me above average in the sound department. At CES I had the opportunity to play around with and listen to the HiFi Man 801, an MP3 player for audiophiles through and through. It features some of the highest grade components across the board with options to swap out op-amps as the user sees fit. The price however, wasn’t so easy to stomach nor was it easy to fit in your pants pocket. That’s where the new HiFi Man 602 fits in the picture…
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V-moda ventures into full-size can territory with the “Crossfade” [Headphones]

When you think of “high-end” headphones, names such as Sennheiser, Grado, beyerdynamic, and so on creep into your head. If you’ve never heard of those brands, then move along. Headphones obviously aren’t your forte. But if you do, a new offering from V-Moda looks rather intriguing.

The V-Moda Crossfade…
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