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The “Continuance” Battery Features A USB Port. We Want It Now!

  • August 16, 2011 8:21 am

Because we have a small large army of mobile devices floating around GS headquarters, finding the latest charging solutions and next-gen batteries is always at the top of our list. And while we do have at least half a dozen battery packs in different sizes and shapes, we find the “Continuance” USB battery designed by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu and Xiameng Hu everything we could possibly want in a battery — small, compact and expandable (via USB). Of course, there would have to be some crazy new age battery tech within the cylindrical walls considering we’d be hooking up some rather thirsty gadgetry that would deplete a typical cell of this size in no time flat. But hey, if we’re going to dream…

Giveaway: iDapt i3 Multi-Gadget Charger.

  • March 29, 2011 6:51 am

If you haven’t brushed up on the official Gadgetsteria iDapt 3 multi-gadget charging dock review (say that 5 times fast…) now is the time to do so. We’ve got another iDapt i3 in-house in need of a new home. You know the drill — leave a comment inside and we’ll pick one winner at random. And for the record, saying something on our Facebook fan page and/or Twitter page helps your chances. There isn’t any limit on comments/Facebook posts/Tweets-retweets. As for all the Twitter users out there, use #gsidaptgiveaway so we can easily find you. Have at it!

XPAL Power Announces PowerSkin Line Of Battery Cases.

  • March 22, 2011 10:28 am

XPAL Power is riding the smartphone wave today in announcing the PowerSkin line of battery infused cases. The 1500mAh cases (iPhone 4 features 2000mAh battery) cover some of the most popular smartphones on the market — HTC Evo | HTC HD7 | HTC myTouch 4G | Motorola Droid X | Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Vibrant, i9000 and i9003 | iPhone 4 (AT&T and Verizon). The design looks sleek and unobtrusive and is aided by the soft touch silicone that wraps around the cases. Features include the ability to charge the case (and phone) while the phone is inserted as well as syncing to your computer. A set of indicator LEDs along the back side of the case (bottom of iPhone 4 case) gives users a visual representation of remaining battery life.

Availability is still listed s “coming soon” with price equally as mysterious. Such things should be cleared up in the coming days, however, so check back soon.
In the meantime, check out PowerSkin’s website for more info and images.

HyperMac Releases DIY MagSafe-Chopping “Magic Box” .

  • January 26, 2011 9:09 am

You have to admire HyperMac, they sure are determined. After a brief legal battle with Apple last year concerning their HyperMac batteries for Apple products, the company came back with a new approach that required the purchase of stand alone adapters from Apple. At $40+ extra for a simple adapter, it wasn’t the best solution around. But when lawyers come on swift wings, you do what you have to. Today however, HyperMac is back with another solution that builds off of their previous DIY solution involving the MagSafe Airline adapter.. Introducing: the HyperJuice Magic Box.

This 2-part device is supposedly easy and foolproof enough to be conducted in a mere 2 minutes. The Magic Box is priced at $50 and is well worth itself if it does away with the ridiculous limitations Apple has imposed upon HyperMac. Anyone give it a go yet? More informative image showing various configurations and options with HyperJuice Magic Box after the jump…

HyperMac Batteries Are Back! #hypermac

  • December 22, 2010 2:09 pm

That whole HyperMac drama looks to be settling down with both sides reaching a common ground. If you’re new to the story, HyperMac took Apple AC adapters, cut out the MagSafe adapters, and then built them into their external batteries. Extremely useful and helpful, but not so much legal. Apple threatened HyperMac with a lawsuit and the HyperMac batteries we subsequently pulled from online store fronts. But now, they’re back! The solution is being called “temporary” at this point and involves nothing more than an extra adapter. Each HyperMac will come with an adapter that can fit either airline or auto (USB) connections. From there, the end user just needs to by the appropriate adapter for the job and you’re good to go. Essentially, it’s the same product as before just without the actual MagSafe connector coming from HyperMac. So it’s a win win, right?

Well, not so fast. Part of the “temporary” solution in this scenario means these new redesigned HyperMac batteries can’t actually charge anything that’s plugged into them. Plug in at 50% and you’ll still have 50% 10 hours later.

With the new, temporary design in mind, it will be interesting to see how the public adopts this new style of HyperMac battery as well as how the company plans on transitioning to a more permanent product. Anyone picking up a few?

Primo Power Core Promises Lengthy Smartphone Runtimes, “Charge Anything Attitude” Thanks to 8,200mAh Battery.

  • December 6, 2010 5:56 pm

In the world of smartphone users, there are users. And then there are power users. If you’re like us here at Gadgetsteria, you fall into the latter category. When your battery meter starts waving for help at 7:30 in the morning, you throw up your nose in disgust that it couldn’t keep up with your 3-hour stint of Angry Birds. For people like us, there are numerous battery cases and external battery packs that we can make use of. But none are perhaps as capacious as the PhoneSuit Primo Power Core…

At 8,200mAh, it’s certainly a treasure trove of electrons waiting to be gulped up by your high-maintenance gadgets. On that note, just about any gadget you can charge via USB can be charged by the Primo Power Core — that includes higher drain gadgets such as netbooks and tablets thanks to the 12v power adapter.

Considering everything you can re-charge with the Power Core, the $99.95 asking price seems rather reasonable. A true stocking stuffer if we’ve ever seen one…

iFan, charge your iPhone, tangle your hair.

  • December 6, 2010 5:03 pm

The iFan: a revolutionary, magical device made famous by it’s multiple uses. One use being to greenly charge your iPhone. The other to rip out all of the hair on the side of your head. Well, only if you are stupid enough to think the wind will blow through it while it is next to your face. Either way - Magical!

The iFan was designed and created by Tjeerd Veenhoven. He must run into a lot of instances when he isn’t near an outlet, (or the cigarette outlet in his car) to need to design such a spectacular and magical piece of glory magic. How long does it take you to charge your iPhone using the power from your wall — mind you, not the computer, but the wall outlet? 30 minutes to 1 hour? It took this guy 6 hours to get a full charge with the wind. Now, these results are somewhat skewed. Wind speeds vary. And if you were a Storm Chaser, chances are your iPhone would charge a bit faster.

Created using a modified computer fan, Tjeerd was able to construct a sleek case to house it and the iDevice to allow for optimal wind blow charge power. As he states, holding the phone outside of your car window while driving could speed up the charge process, but we here at don’t recommend it. However, it may work wonders for those long sexy walks on the beach with your brand new love sweetheart, you can spark chemistry all while saving the planet!

Tjeerd Veenhoven’s Blog
Originally found at FSM

Mophie Announces Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4. #mophie

  • December 2, 2010 8:19 pm

iPhone 4 users tired of carrying around a spare sync cable everywhere or endless searching for wall outlets and USB ports from which to charge their dying iPhone have a new saving grace. Popular Apple accessory manufacturer Mophie, has officially revealed their next-gen Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4. Powering the sleek battery-in-a-case is a 2,000mAh battery which Mophie claims will provide your iPhone 4 with the following runtimes:

  • Up to 8 extra hours of 3G talk-time
  • 7 hours of extra 3G data use
  • 44 more hours of audio playback
  • 11 hours of extended video playback

Besides the mobile freedom, the Juice Pack Air doubles as a case to boot. At $100, it may be a bit steep for the lighter user. But for the heavier/ultra-mobile users, the Juice Pack Air is certainly a tool worth owning.


[Update] Review: Proporta USB Turbocharger 5000. #proporta

  • November 6, 2010 8:36 am

Mobile junkies know the true value of an outlet, for it is the very thing that keeps our lives going. But all too often in the modern world of iPhones, MyTouch 4G’s, Nexus 2′s, and so many other feature-packed gadgets, our fun time ends entirely too short. The occasional public wall outlet helps from time to time. But it is neither convenient nor easy to pack it in your pocket.

With that said, it seems that a fair compromise is some type of external battery charger. There when you need it, hiding when you don’t. However, there is a myriad of options when it comes to external battery power. How do you know what you’re getting is reliable, efficient, or any good? Thankfully you have people like me to get the nitty gritty details for you.

Today we’ll be looking at the Proporta Tubo Charger 5000. Come on inside…