Fix for BB Storm OS 5.0 theme glitches.

BlackBerry Storm users distraught over the OS 5.0 theme problems can breathe a sight of relief tonight. Leave it to the persistent and determined CrackBerry community to find a solution. I know your short on patience and tired of staring at glitchy themes or *gasp* even worse, the stock BlackBerry Precision theme. Some fixes:

  • Via BlackBerry Cool reader Jon:

    This issue can be resolved, as posted on forums by wiseguy77:
    “step1: obviously load the theme step2: do not use the theme wall paper change it! this is where the issue lies. step3: after changing your wall paper to something other than the theme default go to options>themes>open the little blue box to the right of the active theme. now select the layou option and change the row settings from 2 rows to one row then back to two with out leaving the theme screen, and wala your theme will not longer show the white borders when in landscape mode only bummer is that you have to repeat step 3 each time you change themes or reboot you phone as long as the wallpaper is not the theme default i guarantee you this will work.”

  • Via BlackBerry Cool reader Nathan:

    1. In landscape mode, hit blackberry button, select options and change wallpaper from the theme default
    2. Back in options, select layout, change to Today mode, save and close out.
    3. Go back to options, select layout and change back to 2 rows.

    Theme should now work properly until next reboot

So there ya have it. Happy?

BlackBerry Cool

BlackBerry Theme: Waterfall

It’s been a while since I covered some neat BlackBerry themes and since this mornings look at Transitions, I now find myself on a BB theme kick. This time, the theme comes from Bplay and goes by the name “Waterfall”. I’ll point out that I don’t normally cover animated themes as older Berries slow down to a crawl. Heck, even the latest Berries featuring 600+ MHz processors under the hoods often experiene adverse performance issues with animated themes. This theme however just struck me as plain cool. It isn’t any futuristic design or come with any insanely detailed icons or custom sounds, instead it’s the simple background of a tropical forest with animated falling waterfall and the occasional flying bird. Really it’s just a nice, slick, relaxing theme. The window to the rain forest comes in at the now standard $5.99 which really isn’t that bad all things considered. “Waterfall” is available for all BlackBerry devices.

  • Warning: BlackBerry Storm 9500 and 9530 devices have known custom theme problems on OS 5.0

You’ve been warned. It’s unlikely to brick your device though as the common issue seen amount 9500/9530 users on OS 5.0 has been mutilated UI appearance when flipping the device into horizontal mode as seen here. Still, be careful.

BlackBerry Cool

Simple Black&White theme by HedoneDesign

While themes chock full of eye candy are no doubt fun to look at and admire, some people just want a simple, high contrast, easy to navigate interface. HedoneDesign has just the solution: Simple Black&White. The look is very straight forward with simple icons and meters so you don’t have to second guess or strain to read what your Berry is trying to tell you. While I’m not usually a fan of such bare bones themes, this one is actually pretty stylish. The simple life returns for $6.99. Screenshots inside…and there is a lot….

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Elecite releases latest stunner: Spear [BlackBerry Theme]


It’s time to entice your inner future geek with a theme that will certainly conjure up thoughts of aliens, space ships, and worlds far away. The latest BlackBerry theme from Elecite features a unique futuristic looking homescreen which hides 8 user customizable sliding icons. Remember, these icons are not locked meaning whichever icons you have set as your first 8 will be the 8 that show on your homescreen. Following other theme pricing, Spear will come through at $6.99 ready to grace your Berry with an out of this world look.

**Screenshots Inside

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Hedone Designs unleashes another amazing theme: Digital [BlackBerry Theme]

If you’ve been in the BlackBerry scene for at least a few months and are in to the whole customization of your precious little Crack gadget, chances are you’ve changed the wallpaper and/or theme at least a couple times. Some can go weeks with the one theme. Others change themes like they *hopefully* change underwear. Whichever type of person you are, Hedone Design has just released another amazingly polished and professional looking BlackBerry theme dubbed “Digital”.

Featuring a sort of HTC TouchFLO-ish style, Digital brings crisp and modern lines to the mobile workhorse. What makes this theme even better however is the fact that Hedone has 8 stylish wallpapers available for free download in the store that alter the theme and give it a different appearance — almost like a different theme with each wallpaper. After giving the theme a quick rundown for the last few minutes, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite themes from any designer so far. With the quality, fit and finish, and overall simplistic yet functional design of this theme, I highly and enthusiastically recommend the Digital theme to any BlackBerry user. Such eye candy is well worth the $6.99 asking price.

For your convenience, inside is a gallery of the 9000 version of Digital in action. Come inside and take a peek…

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Mechanism Theme for Blackberry Devices w/ OS 4.6+


*Some* Blackberry users who have been impatiently waiting for Eveek/Elecite to release a new Blackberry theme will finally have some new eye candy to trick out your Berry with. The latest theme, “Mechanism”, has what looks like a sort of “radio dial” on the homescreen as well as a side dock which features 7 sliding user customizable icons. The look is hands down pretty unique. The words “awesome” and “sweet” come to mind. As mentioned previously, only devices with OS 4.6 or greater can take advantage of this theme, specifically the Blackberry 8900, 9000 (Bold), and Storm. All you need to get this sweet theme on your berry is $6.99 the appropriate link. That and a boat load of screenshots await you right after the click.

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Blackberry Theme: Cities of the World

Static themes are so yesteryear.  The new pinnacle of Blackberry theme making is changing backgrounds.  The latest and coolest Blackberry theme to cross my radar is the “Cities of the World” theme available at BPlay.  This new theme switches backgrounds between 20 major different cities of the world!  Besides the switching backgrounds, the icons are an iPhone-esque design which really looks slick with the rest of the design.  The cities that display on the wallpaper include: Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Venice.  The wallpapers rotate every 10 minutes ensuring whenever you glance at your device, the scenery is always different.  If this sort of international quest is your thing, head on over to BPlay at get ready to send $5.99 their way.  Just make sure you’re rockin’ an 8100, 8300, 8800 (sorry no 8830 support), or 9000 series device.  If you decide to pick up Cities of the World, drop us a few pictures so we can see it in action.

Source: Berry Review

Simplex Premium Blackberry (Bold) theme released

Another day…another eye-gasmic Blackberry theme.  Today’s theme, Simplex, comes compliments of Seville from  Simplex has a sort of “cartoony” feel to it that makes the otherwise suit and tie Blackberry Bold show a little of its more youthful side.  Interested Crackberry addicts can pick up a copy at sm0g.  A few more  pics after you click on through.

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Blackberry Theme Release: Azul (Free)

Today is definitely a Crackberry user’s day.  Besides the amazing OSXLike theme mentioned earlier, another great theme has been released worth mentioning.  Azul designed by “lordjudass” of shows itself to be another high quality theme.  With iPhone-esque icons and very cool blue, silver/grey, and white accents make this an eye pleasing theme that still has “pop” to it.  The icons are definitely a cool touch.  The banner itself has a very clean and modern feel to it displaying only what is needed.  Oh and did I mention it’s FREE!  Always a plus to have such a nicely designed theme available for free.  Good job lordjudass.  Be sure to leave your compliments and thanks for such a great freebie in the thread.  You can download the theme directly from the thread here!  Click on through for a gallery of screenshots.

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bPhone 2.0 coming soon!

When I had my Blackberrys, my favorite theme on my  was bPhone.  It was by far the best port of the iphone interface over to the Blackberry world.  The caption on RogerMJ’s website even read “The power of a Blackberry, the beauty of an iPhone”.  And what a beauty it was.  Well, some time has passed and now we have the Bold, with a much higher quality screen.  RogersMJ himself has jumped over to the iPhone but that hasn’t stopped him from making themes.  He has been laboring away at bPhone 2.0 for the Blackberry Bold (and soon older 4.5 models).  The updated version will be even more like the iPhone UI.  I can’t wait to see it, (even though I don’t have anything to put it on), it will still be cool to see what Roger can do.

Source: Blackberry News, Rogers MJ

“iLeo” Theme for 81xx/83xx/87xx/88xx/9xxx Blackberrys

Zotiiz has released a very sleek looking theme called iLeo.  The icons are iPhonish in nature with a little more of a cartoon spin.  It is definitely a cool theme and is wallpaper safe meaning that you can use any wallpaper and it won’t ruin the look of the theme.  Also, the dock icons are customizable as well so you can change the theme to suit your needs.  iLeo is $6.99 and can be purchased at the BerryReview store.



Source: Berry Review

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