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BlackBerry DevCon Recap (Short And Sweet).

  • October 18, 2011 1:26 pm

RIM has a lot to do in the coming months if they want to remain relevant…hell, if they want to keep the lights on. Today’s DevCon conference gave us some insight as to how they plan on doing that with their next-gen platform, BBX. There’s plenty to see so grab a snack and hop inside…

Jim Balsillie Confirms “BBX” Name In Interview. Promises To “Leap Frog” Competition.

  • October 18, 2011 10:03 am

RIM’s highly anticipated and crucial move from the legacy Blackberry OS to the QNX-based variant will indeed take the “BBX” nomenclature, as confirmed by Co-CEO Jim Balsillie in a recent interview. According to Jim, RIM had to “reinvent themselves and the platform for the future” with QNX.

So far QNX has failed to gain much traction on the only device currently available, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Though many would argue the PlayBook’s slow adoption rate is more likely explained by lack of essential apps (such as native email) as well as 3rd party options.

Besides the slow progress with QNX, one other thing that worries us about RIM’s immediate future are the two co-CEOs themselves. They’ve come under plenty of criticsm over the last year specifically, being blamed for the increasing decline in RIM’s relevance and market share due to hardware (and software) that simply pales in comparison to competing products from iOS and Android platforms. Many see the two co-CEOs as having lost touch of what consumers really want from the BlackBerry platform. Highlighting this argument is perfectly exemplified in Balsillie’s interview in which he says:

“We’ve leapfrogged everyone with what we’re announcing [on Tuesday] and you’re going to see it on display..”

“We built an engine back in the mid-90s that served us incredibly well for 15 years, and in the past couple of years, we’ve had to build the engine of the future while still driving the engine we’ve got.”

RIM has repeatedly made statements in recent years bragging of “leapfrogging the competition” and releasing products that are “quantum leaps” ahead of everyone else only to have the actual products fail to come anywhere close to meeting such claims.

Please, RIM. Don’t set yourself up for failure by over-promising and under-delivering. Being consistent on that front isn’t something to be proud of.

Look for more info regarding BBX and future Playbook plans at the upcomign BlackBerry DevCon conference.

RIM Offering Up Free Apps, Tech Support As Re-payment For BlackBerry Service Outage.

  • October 17, 2011 6:29 am

Fishing for money from RIM after the multi-day service outage? Bittersweet news: You’ll get just that — in the form of apps that will become free beginning later this week and remain so until the end of this year. The list of apps so far named include: SIMS 3, Bejeweled, Texas Hold’em Poker 2, Bubble Bash 2, Shazam Encore, Photo Editor Ultimate, and Vlingo. Meanwhile enterprise customers will receive an entire month of free tech support.

Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis reiterated the company’s promise to providing outstanding service and products:

“Our global network supports the communications needs of more than 70 million customers. We truly appreciate and value our relationship with our customers. We’ve worked hard to earn their trust over the past 12 years, and we’re committed to providing the high standard of reliability they expect, today and in the future.”

“We are grateful to our loyal BlackBerry customers for their patience. We have apologized to our customers and we will work tirelessly to restore their confidence. We are taking immediate and aggressive steps to help prevent something like this from happening again.”

The list of apps that are becoming free for the taking doesn’t really look all that enticing, certainly not so when taking into consideration the reason they’re being made free in the first place. Of course on the flip side it would be incredibly time and resource intensive for RIM to hunt down every person affected by the outage and repay them in strict monetary form.

Do you think RIM’s compensation is sufficient?

RIM Outs Public Service Video With Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

  • October 13, 2011 6:59 am

Looking for something a bit more personal from RIM regarding the ongoing (clearing) service problems? Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis took to the camera with a personal apology for the multi-day service outages while also vowing to make sure an outage of this magnitude doesn’t happen again. At this time, however, Mike relents that a set time and date for an end to any and all service issues cannot be given.

Hop past the break for the video.

[Update 2] RIM Responds To Global BlackBerry Service Outages.

  • October 12, 2011 3:56 pm

The ongoing BlackBerry service problems that started in parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East officially crossed the pond to North American shores today. Unsurprisingly, public outrage is at its peak with many disgruntled users blasting the Canadian company’s Twitter account demanding compensation for the now 3-day long service outage. While RIM didn’t mention any type of compensation at an impromptu press conference today, they did set the record straight as to what happened.

In short: the European “core switch” failure and following failed backup service that was cited as the main reason(s) for initial network downtime trickled over to North American users as well. RIM has stated that the downtime is in now way related to a hack or breach and that they are working as fast as ever to repair services worldwide.

Essentially, what RIM told us we already knew. On top of that they failed to mention any timeline as to when we could see services restored.


As of 9:52pm (EST) RIM’s uncertain timeline for the restoration of BlackBerry services across the globe is already beginning to materialize. According to RIM, email and BBM is once again working, though web browsing is still “temporarily unavailable”. Check out the official announcement over at RIM’s newsroom

Update 2

RIM has officially given the “all clear”. BlackBerry services are now back to 100% around the world.

Kik Returns To BlackBerry Via New Based Java App.

  • October 12, 2011 1:23 pm

RIM may not like Kik Messenger or want you to use it on “their” platform. Their removal, ban, and subsequent lawsuit against the popular cross-platform chatting app made that readily apparent. Thankfully, however, RIM’s platform works on two levels: the BlackBerry OS level and a Java ME level. Kik’s original exodus was based on the former which in turn excludes them from BlackBerry App World. But by refocusing their efforts on a completely re-written from scratch Java ME app, Kik has re-entered BlackBerry users’ world.

The app can be found here and installed once downloaded. The only thing you’ll need to do on your end is accept/ok a few permissions boxes that pop up during the install.

Of course, an even bigger benefit of the Java-based nature of Kik’s new app is that other lesser (read: dumbphones) that support Java-based apps could possibly run Kik as well, opening up the door to a ton of new users.

Any BlackBerry users going to re-join the Kik network?

RIM Denies Claims They’re Giving Up On The PlayBook, Tablets.

  • September 29, 2011 12:59 pm

Despite claims to the contrary by chip analyst John Vinh, RIM isn’t giving up on the PlayBook or tablets, this according to @CNBCbrk. Per RIM: It’s “Pure Fiction”.

It’s no secret that RIM’s tablet initiative has garned pretty weak reception so far. Nonetheless, the co-CEO’s continue putting forth empty promises claiming each upcoming update will wow us all. Unfortunately, the company has been overly optimistic one too many times to the point it’s now seen as “crying wolf” in a sense.

We’ll be looking forward to the 2.0 PlayBook update as the PlayBook we have sitting in house hasn’t gotten a lot of use as of late. Perhaps some (hopefully) dramatically improved new code will give us a change of heart.

RIM: “PlayBook Retail Pricing Not Changing. Gift Cards OK.”

  • September 27, 2011 11:48 pm

We’re beginning to think RIM really can’t see the massive amount of denial they’re in. How else would you describe their response to recent reports of PlayBook price slashing, gift cards, and promotional pricing galore? Last time we checked, the PlayBook hadn’t “established” anything except an image of mediocrity, an absence of updates, and complete lack of apps. Hopefully RIM doesn’t drop the ball with QNX phones like they have with the QNX powered PlayBook.


“The official retail price of BlackBerry PlayBook has not changed. However, as mentioned on the Q2 earnings call on Sept. 15th, we have a number promotional plans in place for the fall with our retail partners that are intended to drive sell-through and increased adoption of the BlackBerry PlayBook. We are already starting to see some of these promotions being implemented in the form of instant rebates and gift cards within the consumer channel, and expect these promotions to continue into the holiday season. The BlackBerry PlayBook has established itself as a high-performance tablet, and we are confident that these activities, along with the upcoming software upgrade, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, will help to generate an increase in demand and sell through of the BlackBerry PlayBook over the upcoming months.”

In short: RIM is spinning any price drops as strictly retailer-controlled and hinting that the PlayBook 2.0 update, whenever it comes, will wow people into picking up new PlayBooks.

We’re not so sure RIM really understands what’s going on here anymore…

Review: We Go Hands On With The Hands Free SuperTooth HD

  • September 23, 2011 2:40 am

With almost 10 states already banning cell phone use (30 states for novice drivers) and over 30 that have banned texting while driving, the Bluetooth hands free options of today are coming more and more necessary. But do you want to give up the frills of staying connected just to have a safe trip? Out of a 24 hour day I have my phone in my hand around 16 of those, and during the 5 I am sleeping, it is usually there as well. But since I live in Portland it is against the law for me to have said phone anywhere near my face let alone in my hands. I have never been a fan of Bluetooth ear pieces but could never find a car only device I actually liked. But after reading up on this $129 Bluetooth car kit I started to get excited about using something that didn’t have to burrow its way into my ear canal.

Do you think this slick little device can withstand the billion other Bluetooth options out there? Hop on in to find out…