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Bakrie Telecom Announces Bolt As Official Esia Browser.

Bakrie Telecom customers have some exciting news tonight — the Indonesian carrier has partnered with Bitstream, the makers of the fabulous Bolt mobile browser, to announce a partnership moving forward. “For the first time, Internet access can be done not only through smartphones but can also be enjoyed by phones in the mid-low end category”, says Erik Meijer, PT Bakrie Telecom deputy president director. Bitstream’s Bolt browser will be the go-to standard for Bakrie’s Esia line of services, which include EV-Do supporting phones such as the Nokia 6316 and Samsung Corby.

The use of Bolt is a notable one, as it is one of the best mobile browsers around. With features such as HTML 5 support, Flash, , light footprint, and pure blinding speed, Indonesian users can be sure they’re getting a top end product.

Those looking to stay up to date with the latest Bitstream has to offer can check out booth #2D23 at MWC February 14th-17th as well as checking out their website. For more information on Bakrie’s Esia products and services, point your browser here instead.

Mozilla Bans Skype Firefox Toolbar.

If you like Skype and you like Firefox, it might be a time to forge ahead with a new partnership — at least for the near term. Today, Mozilla announced that they were blocking the Skype toolbar on all versions of Firefox due to it’s extreme crash-prone nature. This past week alone Mozilla claims to have tied over 40,000 crash logs to the toolbar/plugin alone!

The current shipping version of the Skype Toolbar is one of the top crashers of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13, and was involved in almost 40,000 crashes of Firefox last week

While I’m not a fan of plugins in large numbers due to the fact that they slow down the browser, many other people are. I can certainly understand people being a bit peeved of being unable to use Skype’s in-page calling whenever and wherever. Skype understandably, can’t be too happy either. Though the company hasn’t officially spoken on the matter yet. We’ll let you know if/when they do.
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Mozilla’s FireFox 4 Scheduled To Launch Late February.

This past Tuesday, Mozilla’s senior director of platform engineering, Damon Sicore, commented on the upcoming major release of Firefox 4 via a developer mailing list. The long coming update has been in the works for many months, and includes dramatic speed improvements thanks to the new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, a more sandboxed design so that crashing plugins *cough…Flash* don’t take down the entire browser, and a revamped user interface among other things. Specifically, ~160 “hard blockers” (read: bugs) still exist. Once that number dips closer towards 100, we should see a release candidate pushed out. If everything goes according to plan, the Mozilla team plans to release Firefox by late February.

Who’s excited for the biggest release in Firefox’s history? (Or have you already moved over to Chrome?)

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BBC Closing Down WAP Site.

As of Monday, January 10th, frequent visitors to BBC’s mobile WAP website no doubt noticed a big change — the WAP site is now closed. A message on the page reads: “We’ve now closed the WML version of BBC Online. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. However, if your phone supports XHTML, then you can still access BBC Mobile. Please update your bookmarks”.

What once commanded a nearly 20% share of mobile traffic back in the WAP’s hayday doesn’t even total a single percentage point in 2011. Naturally, paying to sustain the WAP portal doesn’t make sense. From here on out, mobile users can either use one of the various mobile apps spanning several different platforms or use a phone that supports XHTML. Anyone want to admit they still use WAP-anything?
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Safari on iOS Bested by Sleipnir? #ios #sleipnir

For all intents and purposes. Apple’s built-in Safari web browser in iOS gets the job done. And so far, it’s better than any of the third party browsers we’ve seen enter the market. But that could change with Sleipnir.

Developed by Fenrir-Inc (the same people behind the Windows version of the browser) Sleipnir shares the same Web-Kit code base as mobile Safari, the extra options added atop the browser not only bring added functionality, but fail to actual cause any slow downs — a chief concern amongst power users when features and flashy add-ons are tacked on top.

But is it really better?

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Augmented Reality Discovered in Mobile Safari on iOS 4.2. #ar

While some of the bigger features of iOS 4.2 such as AirPrint and AirPlay dominated the limelight, Apple snuck in a few other gems. As it just so happens, a development company by the name of Occipital happened to stumble upon one of these so called secret features: Augmented Reality.

You can check out the AR capabilities within Mobile Safari by pointing your browser to the live demo the developers at Occipital set up here. With all the talk of the web being the future of “apps”, it’s certainly cool to see a traditionally local feature move to the browser.

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Skyfire for iPad Submitted to the App Store. #skyfire #ios

Skyfire announced today that they have pushed the iPad-specific Skyfire app to Apple for approval. Skyfire, for those who don’t know, is a replacement browser that offers up a more sophisticated UI along with several integrated options for social networks and sharing via Facebook and Twitter. Users will also be able to check up on their RSS feeds thanks to the built in Google Reader support.

As always, the amount of time that an app spends in Apple Approval limbo can vary from a few days (for special people) to weeks. Also unknown at this time is what price Skyfire for iPad will sell for. If we had to guess, we’d say $5.99 given that the iPhone-specific version goes for $3.

Any iPad users yearning for a mobile Safari replacement?

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Opera 11 Browser Now Available. #opera

Opera announced today that version 11 of their popular webkit-based web browser is now available. Notable improvements include tab stacking, a 30% lighter footprint, improved security settings, and a continually growling list of extensions.

Faster performance, improved security, and a lighter footprint are certainly worthwhile. Though it’s the new tab stacks feature that has us most intrigued. Quite literally, it allows you to stack one tab on top of another. Say you want to keep everything inside one browser window but have it organized. Have one stack of 5 tech websites in one stack, local news in another stack, and some articles on what to cook for dinner tonight in a third. A really simple feature that we’ll come to love and wonder how we ever got along with it.

Like we said, Opera 11 is smaller, lighter, and leaner. As such, the download should be even faster than before. If you’ve been thinking of taking this Norwegian-born browser for a spin, now is a better time than ever.

Google Confirms December 7th Chrome Event. #google #chrome

Looks like all of those Google Chrome Keynote rumors were true. The invite you see above…wasn’t sent to us. Sad, we know. Engadget however, was one of many tech blogs that did receive an invite. The actual content of the event wasn’t disclosed by Google, but the two current favorites circulating the interwebs include the Google Chrome App Store and/or Chrome OS being unveiled.

We’ll definitely be following the event, so make sure you come back here on the 7th to get the full rundown.

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