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Pure Elegance And Beauty : Behind Enemy Lines

  • September 16, 2011 9:15 am

Everyone at Gadgetsteria Headquarters is extremely excited for the October release of Battlefield 3. The open destructible world, the gorgeous gameplay, the sense of camaraderie with your squad - it’s all there. The fun you have completing missions, slowly busting through doors and silently sniping your foes brains all over the walls, all of these are something Battlefield has owned for quite some time now.

It’s been around 6 years or so since the release of Battlefield 2, and in between EA/Dice partnership gave us some console/pc releases in the way of the Bad Company franchise. With EA finally bringing us an actual true Battlefield game to the consoles along side the pc gamers, it opens up the love people can have for the series. The amazing multiplayer that is actually fun to play. Don’t get me wrong, the Call of Duty series is very fun, but there has always been something different with Battlefield. It feels like Call of Duty leaves you wanting something more.

The screenshots you’ll find within prove that this game is more than just a shooter. It is a work of art. Hop inside to view some amazing shots…

Duty Has Been Called Over 1.5Miiilllionnn Times

  • February 8, 2011 10:11 am

I completely forgot to post about this game when it was first birthed into the internets, but since it has had over 1.5 million downloads in less than a week - it’s time for a mention… If you haven’t been online or on your Xbox 360 Dashboard, you might have not heard of a little ‘Epic’ release entitled ‘Bulletstorm,’ developed by Epic(Gears of War Trilogy) as well as People Can Fly Games. And they have driven their lolzroyce to the internets and have released an online only parody game of the Call of Duty Franchise.

We all love Call of Duty, at least I do, but we all hate it too. I (we) hate how once a year I have to buy a new game so I can be a part of an amazing multiplayer experience. I (we) hate how there is no real difference in the games. Stories are usually a copy of the previous, gameplay doesn’t advance, etc. This is what we get when year after year we see a new title released. We still enjoy the good times we have headshotting noobs online, but we still are eager for something new.

Hop on in for more including the 4+ minute game walkthrough.

Interweb Pirates Even More Stealthy than Treyarch’s New Baby… #blackops

  • December 29, 2010 2:48 pm

Or something like that… But yes, as every year, TorrentFreak saves us the time and energy of having to scroll through p2p site after p2p site counting download numbers. With 2010 coming to a close here in a few days, we have a lazy glimpse into the most pirated game of the fabulous year: Call of Duty: Black Cops. Of course, I mean, other than Halo:Reach, Bad Company 2 and Fall Out, were there any big hitters this year?

While only being available (retail that is) since the 9th of November, Black Ops has mustered up a whopping 4,270,000 downloads in total. This number should be a lot higher if you had access to all the leet ftp sites out there, instead of just the p2p trackers. Still, this number is extremely impressive. Last year’s winner was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So at least we know Call of Duty gets almost as many internet grabs as it does purchases. Most of these downloads are from the PC counterpart, which means both the Wii and 360 version weren’t topped out by Black Cops. Super Mario Galaxy 2 tops the Wii charts, and Dante’s Inferno grab the 360 slot.

So whether you snatched a copy from your local retailer or googled your way into “illegal” file sharing, hats off to making Black Cops the most popular game of 2010 — both purchased and pirated. I know I had a hand in one of those. Let’s just say I lost 60 bucks, but trust me, money worth spending.


Cubans hate America, in real life, not virtually!

  • November 11, 2010 7:52 pm

So if you’ve proceeded past the first mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops you’ll know (not to spoil anything) you are in Cuba for a special mission involving Castro himself. Okay, no big deal — so you would think. Without going too far into the missions of the game, Cuba is up in arms about that first mission of the game which involves the United States doing what it hasnt been been able to do in real life for the past 50 years. Cuba calls this game “perverse” and says that it “encourages sociopathic attitudes of American children and adolescents.”

Come on Cuba, really? Really? I think this is crossing the line a bit. The game is fictitious (as most games are). You shouldn’t read too far into them. If the premise of the game was to infiltrate Afghanistan and shoot Osama Bin Laden in the forehead, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash (or stub out a Cuban Cigar). I think it is ridiculous to compare this to GTA: San Adreas — which led to a teenager to murder three men.

It is a video game. Simple. Nothing more to it.

This article really has nothing to do with Gadgetsteria. I was just trolling the interwebs this evening and saw this story and had to get it out. The game is great. I’m about half way through the campaign and I haven’t once felt like going out and shooting someone in the head, assassinating someone, or thought that this hits too close to home in regards to the Bay of Pigs. Cuba is just mad that we smuggle in their cigars and talk about it all the time. We let you use Miami, let us have this!!!!

This is the translated website. It contains some story plots to the game, so don’t go if you want to be left surprised!!!!

Mapathy might have just become tolerable

  • March 15, 2010 7:16 am

Well, if anyone has been paying attention to the bit of news on the latest Modern Warfare 2 DLC slated to be released on the 30th of this month, I have some absolute bollox news, the 5 multiplayer maps (two are re-releases of maps from CoD MW 1) are going to cost you 1200 M$ points, in regular human terms, that is a whopping $15.

Honestly, I have no idea what is going on in their heads that they feel the need to charge us soooo much money for something that really shouldn’t be more than $8, which is even pushing it. All we are getting is 3 brand new online maps, and 2 old maps that we probably got sick of in the first game.

Since this is being released on the xbox console first, we only  havethe release date and the price for this console, no news yet on when these will be out for the ps3 and for the pc. We’ll keep you informed though.

Symptom - Mapathy : Cure - Stimulus Package

  • March 13, 2010 1:50 pm

If you remember, earlier in the week I told you about the upcoming DLC for CoD Modern Warfare 2, well, thanks to the Xbox Live Marketplace we now have what is contained in this Stimulus Package! Here is an image to the XBLM piece on the upcoming DLC:

I personally can’t wait for this, March 30th is going to be a huge day, not only is this DLC for Modern Warfare 2 coming out, we also have seen some rumors on the 2nd map pack for VIP members of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. What a friggin day that will be!

Hit me up and let me know your gamertag and we’ll pwn all the n00bs we can find!

Do you suffer from Mapathy?

  • March 10, 2010 8:27 am

If so, please visit this website for a cure! Yup, that’s right, those of you that are bored out of your mind with the same old maps for CoD: Modern Warfare 2 are going to have a fresh dose of landscape. Our “cure” is coming March 30th to Xbox Live, unfortunetaly the PS3 players are going to have to wait a while longer, which is fine with me, as I am on a 360 ;)

It isn’t clear yet, how many maps will be released, but if it is in the fashion of past releases, I am hoping for at least 3. I know I am suffering from Mapathy, but luckily I have Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to give me the fixes I need. I might delve back into the CoD world here at the end of the month, see if they dazzle me with anything crazy awesome.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2, a slight review…

  • March 3, 2010 9:20 am

I know this probably doesn’t happen often on this site, but I just wanted to throw a little post up about DICE’s new addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’m not sure if many of you out there were able to get your hands on Bad Company 1, but it most certainly was one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever had.
To know a little about my gaming preference, I am almost strictly a FPS kinda guy, I do delve into some action games, stealth action games usualy, but FPS is my main love. So of course the Battlefield series is loved by me, and a lot of people out there. The first games multiplayer by far excedes the fun I had with Modern Warfare 1 and World At War, but Modern Warfare 2 was able to
bring my love back to the CoD series Multiplayer action. The 1st player campaign was iffy on all 3 of those games, and it even kinda lacked on the first Bad Company.

So going into this new Battlefield game, all I really had to think is that I already know the multiplayer play was amazing from the demo I had on xbox Live, I just wanted the single player campaign to blow a tad bit less than that of Modern Warfare 2.

I just picked this game up yesterday (as it was just released yesterday) and dove headfirst into the multiplayer. I usualy wait until the campaign is complete before doing this, but, even though the first game had a funny script, it really didn’t keep me wanting more. I have read in other places that this script is equally funny, even takes some low blows at Modern Warfare 2, which I can’t wait to hear, I really wasn’t that focused on the campaign.
I gave it a few hours of multiplayer play and I really have to say, this is going to be one amazing, pissing off the spouse, gaming adventure. This experience differs soooooo much from that of Modern Warfare. In the CoD series, you’re main objective is to just bust caps in teenagers asses, where as in the Bad Company ring, you need to do oh so much more. This game really focuses on a larger picture, instead of a quick shoot em up battle. You not only get experience points for kill streaks, you get them also healing other teammates as the Medic. Offering any type of support for your team will advance you in this game.  You’ll really want a few friends along for this ride, as the chat is highly needed while playing. If anyone is familiar with the first game in the Bad Company series, you know that cover doesn’t last long. Houses, buildings, vehicles and trees are all destructible and won’t provide a camping spot for long. So you’ll really have to watch your teammates’ backs as you try to destroy the opposite side.

All in all, even though I am only a couple hours in, I highly recommend picking this game up. Buy it new, as you’ll have free access to the new maps, if you buy used there is a cost for them. So please, at least rent this game, hit me up at in the comments and we can trade off Gamertags so we can play together.

Bad Company 2