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Finally, mobile payments to begin testing this fall.

  • August 20, 2010 9:10 am

The pain of sitting by your computer and reading of tales depicting the awesomeness that mobile payments bring other countries will soon be pain no more. This fall, September specifically, small scale trials of mobile payment software, hardware, and services will run in NYC. Scheduled to run through the end of the year, the pilot program of sorts will give all the players involved (and believe me, there’s a ton) a chance to see how well the technology works out in the real world. Of course, they should already know how it works as Japan in particular has been using mobile payment technology for years.

Initially, the testers will have small chips “installed” in their phones. Whether it’s a messy open heart surgery type of install or a simple USB plugin isn’t specified. Though I’d side with the latter.

2005 tech is almost upon us folks. Are you excited at the possibility of leaving your wallet at home?

NFC mobile payments finally gaining traction, support in US.

  • August 2, 2010 7:19 am

The fine folks of Japan (among other places) have enjoyed near filed communication-equipped cellphones for many, many years. Mobile users in the US have failed to enjoy such convenience, however, due to the multitude of licensing agreements and revenue sharing deals that are required for all parties to stay happy. Though, things look to be making a change for the better with an announcement that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all come together in the name of consumer happiness to NFC technology to the masses.

Starting in Atlanta as well as three other major US cities, the trio of wireless carriers above are aiming to flog the tech to its fullest, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the US financial ecosystem. Whether or not it will honestly “help” people, one thing is for sure — it’ll be mighty convenient to leave your credit/debit cards at home. One less thing in my pocket is one more smile on my face.

Merchants on the other hand would have to spend a bit to make the tech mainstream, as their POS terminals would need all-new NFC readers embedded in their units. To that note, cellphone manufacturers would also need to implement NFC chips embedded into the phones themselves. Neither side really has it all that hard. It’s just getting over that first step that counts.

What about you? Have you looked across the pond time after time and found yourself jealous of their more technological ways…?

White House phone inventory goes old school…

  • December 14, 2009 9:34 pm


While we’d like to think of that the White House of all places in the country would employ some sort of high tech form of mobile device inventory, from the picture above we can see that simply isn’t the case. No sir. There isn’t any advanced monitoring chip, no fingerprint/BlackBerry add-on, and no retina scanner built into the camera. It’s good ‘ol sticky notes for the fine leaders of our country.

The only sad thing that I’ve come to realize is that a politician (“Rice” in the picture above) has more phones than I do — 3 to be exact. I can’t imagine why anyone would need three BlackBerries. Though perhaps my confusion and inability to understand is merely jealousy taking over…?

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Pre-paid mobile phone manufacturers pushing bill to outlaw installing software on handsets

  • October 27, 2009 5:32 am

How about a nice dose of stupidity and ridiculousness for this fine Tuesday morning? If you haven’t heard of the “Wireless Prepaid Access Device Enforcement Act of 2009, you may want to pay attention as it is really an assault against consumer freedoms. You all have seen at some point Trac Phone’s of some sort or brand sitting in end caps across various retail outlets in various locations. Some people purchase these phones and install their own modified firmware on the devices so they can use them with other networks/services. Personally, since they’re pre-paid, I don’t see the problem. I mean, the manufacturer subsidizing phones that can be easily used with other networks and services is a pretty stupid move. Either don’t subsidize the phone or close your business. Preserving a “business model” by locking in people and eliminating choice doesn’t exactly make happy, loyal customers.

Naturally, Trac Phone has a small problem with people modifying their own phones and is pushing the bill mentioned above (Wireless Prepaid Access Device Enforcement Act of 2009) which would make it illegal. Stupid? Yes. Unneeded? Another winning answer. When will these manufacturers learn that they do not own us or their device once the sale has been made?


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Nokia Erdos looks shiny, packs a punch, carrying a Silver Bullet moniker?

  • September 14, 2009 10:03 am


Anyone ready for a “Silver Bullet”? And I’m not talking about alcohol either. Leaked shots of a new Nokia handset titled the “Erdos”/Silver Bullet are starting to surface showing basically what appears to be a redesigned and freshened up Nokia 8800. While the 8800 was just so-so, the Erdos appears to be at least a tad more interesting with a vertical slider design, 5 megapixel camera, and 8 GB of non-expandable internal memory. Oh, and of course it looks kind of like a bullet made of silver. The device is claimed to made of a particular metal which “could be marketed as bullet silver” or, for less PR fluffed terms “stainless steel”. Exciting stuff huh? One cool feature however is the screen which retains a mirrored, silvery finish when off only to become transparent when the user interacts with the phone thereby activating the screen. Nifty to say the least though hardly a deciding feature in purchasing a phone. Want more specs? Take a second and read on…

  • Display: 2.4″ OLED 16m color QVGA 320 x 240
  • Wireless: WSCDMA bands I + VIII, GSM — 900/1800/1900
  • Other Connectivity: WLAN/AGPS/High Speed USB
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Camera: 5 megapixel Carl Zeizz camera w/ Auto-focus and dual LED flash
  • Video:
  • Video Performance: 288 x 352 @ 30 fps — 480 x 640 @ 15 fps
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB internal memory
  • Availability: October 2009

As you can see, nothing to write home about. Is anyone disappointed that Nokia keeps churning out device after device with ho-hum hardware and software? Where’s the innovation?! Time to move on to the next handset I guess…

Source: CellPassion

Samsung Omnia HD to be the first mobile device to record 720p video?

  • February 15, 2009 8:50 pm


With MWC practically in full swing already as release after release starts making their way across the web even though MWC doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, Samsung has been simply dominating the release waves.  This tid bit of information is still unconfirmed however as Samsung hasn’t officially annouced the Omnia HD yet.  The HD moniker pertains to the beautiful display and possibly because it will be the first cell phone to record video in an industry first 720p!  If it does turn out to be true, it’s sure to look A-mazing on the 3.7″ AMOLED display.  Soon enough we will know…and begin to drool.


Source: Mobile Whack

HTC S743 coming to America!

  • January 6, 2009 8:16 am


All of you HTC loving Windows Mobile toting campers stand up.  Today is a good day for you.  HTC has specially made an S743 handset for consumption here in the states.  It only supports 3G bands on the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies so T-Mobile customers are out of luck (again).  Instead of carrier subsidizing, HTC is going the independent route with retailers such as Best Buy, CDW,, as well as several others to sell the handset.  So far all Boy Genius has received is a release date of Q1 of this year.  And even though a price hasn’t been announced, a $400-$600 entry price is a good start.

Source: Boy Genius