Stranger A misdials Stranger B. Shooting ensues…

What the hell is wrong with people? As soon as someone finds an answer feel free to share it with the rest of us. In the meantime, be sure you get who your calling all sorted out before you actually start dialing, especially if you live in or near Savannah-Chatham, Georgia. After one man misdialed another, the two for some reason started a heated argument which quickly escalated into a nice get together session in a CVS parking lot at 2:30am in the morning. After they had said their hellos and good-byes, what was there left to do? Shoot each other of course. *shakes head* If you’re ever feeling all murderous because of a few stray texts/misdial, maybe you should get your head checked out…


So long Helio, we barely knew you…

Fall into the Helio craze did you? Better keep that Ocean/Ocean2 in tip top shape because it appears those will be the last Helio branded devices ever. As Engadget points out, it never made sense of Virgin Mobile to hobble along supporting two different brands. Whether the exec’s at Virgin Mobile finally stopped tapping that funny kool-aid or they just came to their senses is a moot point. The fact of the matter is Helio branded devices are being erased from Virgin’s memory save for two lonely survivors seen above. What’s sort of odd is that the Helio Ocean 2 which was hardware wise a newer (hello captain obvious…is that you?) and ultimately better than the original Ocean has been nixed. In it’s place is the older, original Ocean. Another blow to the face is that the few remaining Helio devices are being referenced by their manufacturer’s names. Ouch. No love.

In case you’re feeling a little directionless in life now that you can’t get that Helio 2 you’ve been eying for months, as long as your know some Korean (or know how to translate Google Translate’s sometimes not quite right translations), the Korean market of Virgin Mobile USA still has your fix. For how much longer though is anybody’s guess. If I were you and really wanting an Ocean 2, I’d get on it pretty fast as there’s no telling how much longer these devices are going to be available anywhere.

I don’t quite understand Virgin Mobile’s rationale on this one but hey, they pay important people to make important decisions. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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T-Mobile confirms Project Dark pricing!

T-mobile’s Project Dark has been quite the talk of the town these past few weeks especially after the prices leaked earlier last week. Those leaked prices were in fact legit as T-Mobile has gone ahead and acknowledged the Project Dark pricing and details on their website. The only thing that hasn’t been announced or revealed yet *fingers still crossed* is that of a rapid 3G expansion or ‘ol flip of the switch on their 21Mbps HSPA+ network that they’ve been caught bragging about once or twice. There is still time…

After having a few days to let the details soak in and crunch the numbers, how are you feeling with Project Dark and TMO’s new direction?

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Phillips jumping on Android bandwagon. Releases a real yawner.

Android is quickly picking up steam as 2009 comes closer to and end. I’m certainly not complaining as the platform will soon be my new home. However, we will inevitably see companies releasing sub-standard hardware yet cashing in on this Android movement. The Phillips v808 isn’t anything special physically. The specs don’t leave much room for excitement either. The biggest omission is the lack of 3G as this non-looker is GSM/GPRS/EDGE only. If you’re still interested, a 3.2″ HVGA display, 3.2 mp camera, and support for microSD up to 8GB rounds up the list of anything worth mentioning. So while I was initially excited to see what Phillips could bring to the table, disappointment and an empty feeling in my guy quickly replaced any joy that I had. Though, if you’re a Chinese native, this may be just the device to you as for now, China is the only place to snag one. You know, now that China is starting it’s 3G deployment, how much longer will non-3G phones be relevent? Anyone outside of China longing for what would almost certainly be an ultra low end Android handset, specifically those in the U.S. don’t have a single line of hope. But come on. With the lines between “mobile internet” and “desktop internet” becoming increasingly blurred and the demands ever greater, not having 3G pretty much kills the v808 before it ever had a chance.

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Man loses phone in airplane air vent. 3 hour tarmac vacation ensues.

So you’re fumbling with your luggage, iPod/phone, and a bag of chips and then it happens. You’re clumsy self drops your phone. What makes matters worse is that it slides across the floor and into an air vent…out of sight. The trifecta? You’re phone was meaning the captain isn’t letting anyone leave until that ticking time bomb of radiation is found and switched off. For one unlucky flyer of Jet2, these very events played out before his eyes. After dropping his phone and watching it slide and bounce into an air vent, the next three ours of his life, as well as everyone else aboard the plane — which had just landed by the way — got to sit back, relax, and watch airport personnel and flight crew tear apart the cockpit and first row of seating. Definitely not a minor annoyance. Naturally, being in the aviation biz, having some falsified fears about wireless signals is mandatory. Hence the reason the el Capitan wouldn’t let anyone leave nor the plane take off with the radiation leaking device onboard. This story does have a happy ending as the individual’s phone was eventually found. Ending the multi-hour saga, the captain reminded everyone to leave their phones off until they reached the terminal. I[’m sure Mr or Mrs. Butterfinger will be a tad more careful next time.

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SIM card packin’ CDMA phones coming to the states?

The recent showcasing of several CDMA handsets powered by SIM cards at the CTIA Wireless trade show means our geeky friends on other continents across the globe may soon be experiencing the best of both worlds some would say — never ending coverage and quick swaps between devices. The devices shown at CITA such as the Samsung Mpower 699 use a newer form of the aged RUIM SIM card called “OHM”. The biggest change between the older RUIM cards and newer OHM cards is that the latter allow users to experience full 3G services.

Sadly there’s roughly a snowball’s chance in hell (to put it eloquently) of Americans ever holding one of these fine mashups of technology in their hands.

The big roadblocks keeping U.S. adoption at bay include the fact that carriers have to sign up to make use of the phones and technology. No surprise here, Sprint and Verizon have absolutely “Zero” interest. I guess un-lockable, “open” phones that make consumers happy aren’t the best thing to adopt anyway….

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BREW lives on!

When looking at mobile devices, stumbling over the word “BREW” is enough to make any gadget freak quickly skip ahead to the next device in hopes of salvation. What was a decent mobile platform several years ago has been completely banished from relevance (even from dumb phones) with the likes of the iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and yes…even Windows Mobile. Even some manufacturer based OS’s are becoming pretty snazzy. Yet BREW, this dinosaur in the 21st century continues to defy the odds by refusing to die. Momentum isn’t exactly moving downward either. This past July, HTC announced plans to bring a new BREW enabled phone to market by end of 2009.

The latest to jump on board the Jurassic Bus is Sprint, who desperately needs to get as many blockbuster hits as they can possibly get. Just recently revealed they too have their own goals towards releasing a BREW device as well. The refreshed version of BREW, assuming it also gets some tweaks under the hood, also gets a slight lengthening of it’s name to BREW MP (Mobile Platform). While I am so far not interested in the slightest, I’m sure there are many potential customers out there who still use cellphones just for calling. As hard as it is to imagine, that injustice does happen folks. Do you really think there’s a large market for new and improved BREW devices? We shall see.

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Braille concept phone brings text messaging to the visually impaired

I for one hardly ever talk on the phone. In fact, I hate talking on the phone. Call me impersonal and too caught up in the fast paced lane of life but I prefer texting, email, and IM’ing to talking any day. For me its a convenience thing. For some however, they may not have a choice. The things we do with our cellphones everyday we often take for granted. The visually impaired often have trouble doing even the most basic things on cellphones because cellphones simply weren’t designed for them. That was until the Braille concept phone was thought up. The phone uses a special “screen” that will “display” raised bumps that those who can read Braille can read and respond to just like those without sight problems. The benefit of having such a device for those who can’t see is monumental. They can finally text like us ocular rockers! Step inside for several slides breaking down the phone as well as the conversion of normal texts and messages into the Braille form.

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Moto making mad dash for the top spot with new OS dubbed “Blur”?

After languishing in self pity and endless device after device of mediocrity, it seems Motorola has finally got some pep back in their step. BG’s infamous inner sanctum of ninjas have revealed some pretty juicy secrets. First off, Android will be doing as HTC did with Android and giving it quite a face lift in order to make it more unique and easier to navigate. Further still, this “skin” will be heavily connected to the internet with various parts of the OS able to be independently upgraded from one another over the air. The name of this new found Moto happiness will supposedly take the moniker of “Blur”. Also, a device key of sorts will be used to tie all of your accounts whether they be facebook, email, IM, etc. so that using said accounts is much easier and seamless. That’ll have to do you for now but don’t worry, I’m sure more info on a Moto uprising isn’t too far off.

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Opera Mobile makes way to Android - brings flash along for the ride

Yes we know, you want flash, flash, and more flash on your mobile web browser. So far it has proven to be easier said than done. The puny processors and limited amounts of other resources limit flash playback performance to utter crap. Enter the new wonderful world of Android + Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile will bring forth what pretty much every other browser has failed at so far - reliable, stutter free flash playback, oh so they claim. I have high hopes though I won’t be too disappointed if it is another fail as I’ve already been through it several times. Guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers huh? Look for the good times to start rollin’ sooner than soon!

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Samsung introduces the Crest Solar E1107

Now before you get all excited and assume that Samsung has come out with some earth shattering, mountain moving solar powered solar powered smartphone, I need to burst your digital bubble and come clean about the fact it isn’t very “smart”. But, what it lacks in higher end features it makes up for in it’s ability to trot around the globe uninhibited by such ancient nuisances like power outlets and cords. Samsung claims that for every hour of solar juice you borrow, you can expect 5-10 minutes of talk time. Nothing substantial mind you. But enough to get small points across. Besides the big honkin’ solar panel on the back of the device, hardware features are pretty scarce. However, Samsung is taking a different approach with the E1107 in the form of more not-so-average features. Just what kind of features are not so normal? For starters, this first few added features are actually pretty useful. The E1107 will alert you whenever the SIM is switched, sends out an SOS whenever you’re in distress, and will even get you out of those awkward social situations with “Fake Call” that will do exactly as the name sounds. Other notable features worth mentioning are location based call blocking (prevents all but the most important calls from going through when driving, biking, etc.) as well as a prayer reminder. Odd hodge podge of features isn’t it? Oh well. Civilians of India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and Latin America will soon be able to talk up a storm on this solar powered beast. Pricing still MIA.

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