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Angry Birds Christmas Edition Submitted to App Store. Release Expected Within Days. #angrybirds #ios

  • November 27, 2010 10:18 pm

Another Angry Birds announcement: The holiday edition is almost here. That is all.

…Alright, a bit more. Earlier today, Rovio Mobile tweeted that the latest update to the widely popular mobile game, Angry Birds, is one step closer. Rovio Mobile has officially submitted the Christmas update of Angry Birds to Apple. We don’t think it’ll be too long until we see the update go live simply because we’ve witnessed a few other high profile apps sneek through the approval process faster than normal. Just sayin’…

Time to celebrate.

[Update] Angry Birds: Christmas “Confirmed” With Screenshot. Coming “Before December”? #angrybirds

  • November 23, 2010 1:00 pm

Well lookie there — Angry Birds all decked out for Christmas. With a seat atop Apple’s App Store going on months, it’s easy to see people love Angry Birds, and for iOS users, Angry Birds Halloween. Looks like we’ll have another flavor of everyone’s favorite flinging birds very soon. As for release date and pricing, we don’t have any. Though so far, I’ve seen dates claiming both before December as well as into early December. Pricing should be $0.99-$1.99 as it has been before.

For now, feast your eyes on this screenshot from Japanese site, Stay tuned. We’ll go down into the trenches to try and dig up some more info.


There’s also word that a 15-level mini-update is supposed to go live within the next few days bringing new, desert-based levels as well as “The Mighty Eagle”. This bird of epic proportions will allow you to skip levels that you deem too hard. However, you can only call the eagle once an hour. So plan wisely. Also, a new destruction meter will appear on previously completed levels giving you new reasons to play everything many times over…again.

Guitar Hero Garage Door Edition.

  • December 13, 2009 9:37 pm


Want to see a real modern genius in action? Guitar Hero may be on the back side of the popularity mountain, but one thing is for sure — Ric Turner, former Disney Imagineer, is a genius. The reason for his ingeniousness is for his creation, “Christmas Light Hero”. Obviously based off of Guitar Hero, Ric recorded a perfect run of Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover” for the base video material. The 21,268 lights and LEDs display the recorded video on the garage door while the audio is actual gameplay audio from a Wii. Essentially it’s a jumbo geek fest with lights and sounds. The icing on the cake is the fact that the audio is broadcast on local 99.1 FM so anyone in the area can tune in and listen to you play your heart out.

Ways to improve for next year: Bump up the displayed difficulty level from “Easy” to something a tad more difficult. Though the fact that Ric even attempted such an undertaking is impressive enough. Feast your eyes on the video below and be prepared to be amazed…

Geekologie > Huffington Post

The real “Jesus Phone” has arrived!

  • December 10, 2009 7:47 am

the real baby jesus

Time and time again since the original iPhone’s release, people have praised it as the ultimate, uber, jesus phone. A phone in which no one has seemingly be able to top. Somehow two and a half years later, hardware and software engineers alike have still failed to fully garner a response similar to the first ones we saw during June 2007. The Droid may have been named Time’s “Gadget of 2009, but whenever someone uses the name “Jesus Phone”, only one image sticks in my mind. Can any phone ever claim the “Jesus Phone” moniker away from Apple? Just ask the creator of “The Real Jesus Phone”.

Ok, it’s just an iPhone, laying in the spot a manger would be and displaying a baby Jesus on the screen. It’s funny, very funny. I had a whole box of rofl’s and lmao’s after seeing that one. You the same?


DealVista releases Black Friday spreadsheet. 5,512 deals to choose from.

  • November 20, 2009 4:35 am


Saving a buck or two is always a good thing especially with jobs not looking so hot and dollar bills going much less farther than they used to. We all hope to score a nice Black Friday deal each and every year but tracking all of the prices, stores, and items is a small chore to say the least. DealVista has got your back as they’ve compiled on massive spreadsheet highlighting the items, prices, and locations of all the best Black Friday deals. Being the tech head that I am, the gadget deals are naturally my top choice. See anything good? Share it with us! There’s 5,512 deals in all to be had, so what are you waiting for?

{Image Source

Celebrate this Christmas with a bang: The Hand Grenade Ornament.

  • October 15, 2009 6:40 am

Fond memories of Grandma’s cookies, the sweet smell of gingerbread cookies, and the overall mood that falls over the Christmas season brings many adults back to a simpler, younger time in their lives. Some may want to keep the memories as they are, only reliving them with their new families as they grow older. Though some will be tired of the same and instead seek out change. Perhaps you’re the type that remembers all of the jollies of the cold winter months when a whiff of ever so sweet gun powder floats by a nostril. Perhaps not. Still, those seeking something new can now celebrate Christmas with a bang — figuratively…almost literally. The Hand Grenade Ornament looks shiny, sleek, and impressive hanging from your precious tree, real or fake. Of course, no actual boom boom is possible — something a weekend project could fix I’m sure. Old tails of crazy squirrels running rampant in your tree to mental family members creating havoc will be replaced with “How dad blew up the tree/house”. *reminiscing about fond Christmas memories of years past….*

So how about it? £20 ($32 USD) nets you a set of six. Go crazy.

**A portion of each sale will go to Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s fight against global injustice.


Circuit City really hates their customers

  • January 7, 2009 7:38 am


An article on the Consumerist made me realize that while Best Buy certainly has enough shady marketing and sales tactics to keep bloggers busy for months, they aren’t the only crooks in town. A particular account by Brandon, a regular Consumerist reader, wrote in telling of his ordeal with Circuit City’s promise of Christmas Delivery if you ordered by December 18, 2008. So, he waited until 12:01am and ordered some gifts. Obviously reading the title above you can guess what happened next…or didn’t happen. The gifts didn’t show up on Christmas, and poor Brandon had to give 3 friends and family members hugs instead of gifts for Christmas. Naturally Brandon was pretty upset and decided to write Circuit City saying:

“After seeing your post on the Free Shipping Day promotion, and found myself interested, but wary that I would not receive my order in time for Christmas. Ultimately, I decided to give it a shot anyway, comforted by the fact that all orders were guaranteed to be delivered my December 24. So, I waited until 12:01 AM December 18th to place an order with Circuit City, one of the partners for this promotion, and later received a confirmation e-mail stating that my order would arrive on December 24 at the latest.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. While I did receive one item from my order a few days before Christmas, the other three items did not arrive until December 28th. Normally, a delay like this wouldn’t bother me, but seeing as these items were supposed to be gifts for my friends and family, I got to endure the embarrassment of not having gifts for three people, while they got shorted on presents.

After e-mailing Circuit City, I was offered a paltry $5 gift card, which I refused on the basis of being insufficient. Instead, I asked for two $15 gift cards which I could provide to my two young nieces (who were two of the present-less people) on behalf of myself and Circuit City to help us both save face. Circuit City refused.”

Brandon (from Consumerist)

To make matters worse, Circuit City tells him that as a human and a customer he is only worth $5 to them.   Below is Circuit City’s response.

“Thank you for your reply. While we certainly understand how this must have been frustrating for you, the shipping timeframes  were  listed on our website and in order to receive your items by Christmas you would have needed to order on or before 12/12/08. We can not honor your request for two $15 gift cards. The $5 offer is still available if you would like to take advantage of it.”

As you clearly see, Circuit City must want to go out of business by the way Brandon was treated.  They have no clue what is going on and don’t even know about their own promotions.  Pathetic!   All I can say is watch yourself and be careful.

Source: Consumerist