Verizon for sure raising certain ETF’s to $350

vzw-etfRemember that little nugget of info concerning Verizon and higher ETF’s? Well, it was true after all. Verizon, looking to recoup some of the money they so kindly spend on subsidizing phones, is changing their ETF policies to deter customers from purchasing high-end devices, canceling the line, then selling the device for several times what they actually paid after VZW’s subsidy. November 15th is the date that phone flippers will want to mark down as that is the day ETF’s for lines attached to “higher-end” smartphones such as your typical Storm and Droid counterparts will rise from $175 up to $350. Youch. Makes sense in the grander scheme of things though. Worth noting — these lines are also pro-rated with the ETF cost dropping $10/month that you stay true to your word. Is it enough to keep you loyal, or just a bigger bite to swallow when dropping the hammer?


T-Mobile confirms Project Dark pricing!

T-mobile’s Project Dark has been quite the talk of the town these past few weeks especially after the prices leaked earlier last week. Those leaked prices were in fact legit as T-Mobile has gone ahead and acknowledged the Project Dark pricing and details on their website. The only thing that hasn’t been announced or revealed yet *fingers still crossed* is that of a rapid 3G expansion or ‘ol flip of the switch on their 21Mbps HSPA+ network that they’ve been caught bragging about once or twice. There is still time…

After having a few days to let the details soak in and crunch the numbers, how are you feeling with Project Dark and TMO’s new direction?

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AT&T Wireless CEO hints what we’ve known all along: iPhone exclusivity coming to an end.

Don’t come here looking for an exact date relating to the day the iPhone is set free or a new U.S. carrier you can look forward to switching to as I don’t have that information. What I do have however is mounting evidence that AT&T’s iPhone reign is nearing the final curtain via reports from the companies freshly released earnings reports and via CEO Ralph de la Vega himself. Mind you, nothing blatant was said. But the tone of his announcement can only mean good things for us:

We have a legacy of having a great portfolio…that will continue after the iPhone is no longer exclusive to us…

…..Even if we lose exclusivity [of the iPhone], we will be the only carrier with HSPA 7.2…

…. I feel as strongly as ever [about] the capability of devices in our lineup and [am] super-excited about the deals with e-readers and personal navigation devices.

He went on to further state that AT&T is working closely with Android developers to bring the top most quality Android handsets to big blue and that he believes AT&T is by far the best network for Android. Right. Somehow I have a feeling DROID and Verizon will have the performance to back it up while de la Vega has nothing but talk.

AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity has been rumored to be nearing it’s demise for some time. With de la Vega now openly talking about AT&T after iPhone exclusivity instead of side-stepping such questions, we can only assume that time is coming very soon. Que national party in 3..2..

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T-Mobile UK raises roaming rates 50%

If you so choose to communicate with the world through a partnership with T-Mobile UK and just so happen to roam more than your average human, you may want to cash out on your 401K or other retirement savings just to make phone calls. Starting October 26th, T-Mobile UK is raising the price on roaming prices upwards of 50% to pretty much every country you can think of. Highway robbery I say. If you were looking to get out of your contract early you’re probably out of luck as T-Mo is giving you ample notice. Still, if you’ve got some digital beef, it never hurts to try I guess. If you’re calling destination isn’t on the list above, jump on in for an extended list with plenty more countries on the roster.

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