BlackBerry “Task Manager” a must have app for multi-tasking Berry users.

Simple operation is the goal of many smartphone manufacturers and mobile OS developers. The easier and more straightforward you can make your device the better. But sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty or tweak your device a bit. For BlackBerry users longing for such control, they have a new solution in “Task Manager”.

Even in the free model, users have access to Applications, Performance, and System Info. The first three tabs give you some insightful insider knowledge on the inner workings of your Berry. But there’s more to be had. Ponying up $1.99 for the premium version nets you the Process tab in addition to the other three which goes even further allowing you to see each individual processes resources as well as process ID — perfect for the multi-tasking Crackberry users who truly flog their device day in and day out.

The new Berries come with plenty of power underneath the hood but with the demands we place on them, they too can become bogged down at times. Having a powerful task manager is ideal for making the most of your mobile experience. I just downloaded Advanced Task Killer for my DROID and already love it. Having a Task Manager that allows you to fully control your device is a godsend. For only $1.99, Task Manager for BlackBerry should be on every Berry. Yes, even yours.


On device BlackBerry Theme Store launched

Browsing themes downloads on a BlackBerry device isn’t exactly fun, intuitive, or fast. Having a “theme browser/store” in a mobilized version is something BlackBerry users have been clamoring for. CrackBerry, in conjunction with MobiHand are finally releasing such a store bringing easy and fast theme browsing to BlackBerry handhelds. Searching through themes via Category, Newness, etc. give you plenty of ways to find what you want. Go ahead and give it a try.


T-Mobile branded BlackBerry 9700 reveals itself to the camera

This week is already starting to be a rather BlackBerry/RIM heavy week. This morning the news concerning the Canadian born gadgets features the newly re-numbered 9700. Kevin from CrackBerry was oh so lucky enough to actually spot a T-Mobile branded BlackBerry Bold 9700 cruising around the airport in NY and was even able to get a quick picture in. From the picture we can see that the trackpad has in fact made its way to the high end of RIM’s product line and not a moment too soon I may add. Never again will you have to waste countless hours over the course of your Berry’s life taking the trackball apart to clean out microscopic particles of matter. Finally T-Mobile can enjoy their 3G BlackBerry goodness. Hopefully you either passed on the 8900 and 8520 or have enough clams to buy another BlackBerry. Are you foaming at the mouth yet? (Bigger pic right inside).

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 coming in White!

While electronics in my opinion tend to look better in darker colors, there are plenty of people who care to say otherwise. Often times, RIM pushes out BlackBerries that fall into the darker color group with the exception of colored sets here and there. All of you 8520/Gemini hopefuls have reason to celebrate — several insiders have claimed to have seen a white 8520/Gemini floating around. I for one wouldn’t be against it if I could see it in person. Do you think RIM can pull off another good looking white BlackBerry? Would you buy it?


The ultimate love: BlackBerry and Cake

I won’t lie, I love gadgets, particularly my BlackBerry. After a recent stint with an iPhone, i realized a lot of the shortcomings of the little device, but also realized how much it has going for it. Besides gadgets, I have a massive sweet tooth. It would makes sense then to somehow combine the two. But how? Introducing the BlackBerry Storm Smart Cake. While it isn’t my favorite BlackBerry to date, the concept is a novel one at that. What better way to rack up another year on the belt-’o-life than devour an imitation of a several hundred dollar device? Hopefully my wife will pick up on subtle clues I hint along the way as a BlackBerry cake of my own would be quite the birthday treat. Are you suddenly eager to face plant into a bowl of sugar?

Source: CrackBerry

BlackBerry Onyx/Bold 9020 rockin’ optical track pad afterall

For those of you who are following the ongoing drama and news surrounding the Blackberry Onyx/Bold 9020, the last few days have been full of drool worthy news.  A couple days ago, the latest word was that the trackpad was destined to a life of living on econo-Berries and that the trackball would remain the navigation tool of choice for the higher end models.  However, that can now be labeled a fallacy as several inside sources who have claimed to see the actual unit with their own two Berry loving eyes have confirmed that the BlackBerry Onyx/Bold 9020 is indeed shipping with an optical trackpad bringing a new generation of navigation to CrackBerry enthusiasts everywhere.  Whether or not the trackpad will appease everyone remains to be seen.  So far, Kevin over at CrackBerry has had nothing but good things to say about it so I’m highly optimistic about the new experience.  I definitely can’t wait to wrap my hands around the Onyx and give every feature a thorough flogging.  So what is your take so far on the whole idea of an optical trackpad gracing Berries of the near future?  Yay or nay?

**Pardon my quickie photoshoped trackpad above that looks beyond terrible

Source: CrackBerry

Pimp My Mail for Blackberry brings colors to email

*Image property of Berry Review Store and Motek Mobile*

If you are the type that lives a life so fast paced that you don’t even have to time to look at the preview to see who the email is from or just want to take your Crackberry addiction to another completely different level, Pimp My Mail by Motek Mobile might be for you.  What PMM does is allow you to set custom LED colors for individual users.  For example, have one color for the wife, and one for the boss (at work).  But PMM can go even further.  Toss in a second color to truly get the geek factor across.  Now for your wife have the LED go from Red to Blue, for the boss Blue to Red etc.  You can even preview the color combinations to make sure they are at least partially managable before actually deploying them for use.

If this app sounds like something you have been waiting for or you need visual decleration of who is emailing you, stop by the Berry Review Store and pick up your copy of Pimp My Mail today for the low price of $6.99.

Berry Review

PSB (PS3) theme for Blackberry 8900, Bold, Storm

Those Crackberry users looking to bring a bit of Sony flare to their beloved 8900, Bold, or Storm can now do so thanks to Elecite, you can now have the Playstation 3 UI on your Berry.  What is different about this theme from others is the navigation on the homescreen.  It is uncluttered and relatively free of any objects blocking the wallpaper except for 5 icons.  However, once hovered above an icon, 4 more icons will appear beneath it bringing the grand total of icons on the homescreen to 20 — and all without cluttering up the screen!  The first column of icons on the far left is customizable while the other 4 are fixed.  (I’m sure you’ll be fine).  The rest of the theme has a cool yet dark style that is easy on the eyes.  If you’re interested on getting this fine example of a great theme, click on the respective links below to download for your device:

All good things come with a price and PSB is no different.  $6.99 really is a small price to pay for such an ocular extravaganza.

Source: Crackberry

iVista2 gets major update [Blackberry theme]

BOLD version above

Z Man Designs has put out some pretty tight themes in the past.  His latest update to an already popular iVista2 brings a whole host of new features to the table including a complete overhaul of the homescreen.  For BOLD/8900 users you can expect:

  • 9 customizable homescreen icons
  • “widgets”
  • Today area that really works

Blackberry Storm users don’t feel bad as Z Man did not forget about you either.  Storm (image above) users can expect:

  • Predefined for Weatherbug (cool) so you weather fanatics can see weather information easily, quickly, and in style
  • There are now 5 “hidden” sections that are clickable
  • ***Current bug….the “Profiles hidden section is currently a little hard to actually click on.  No worries as a fix is already in the works.***

Even the ‘ol 8350i has something to brag about with iVista2…

  • The 8350i now has a fully functioning today area with messages and calendar

If you already bought the first version and want to upgrade, check out the “unofficial/official upgrade thread” at Crackberry.  If you didn’t happen to pick up the earlier version and instead are a newcomer, you can get some more info on how to “Vista-ize” you Berry right here.  Z Man has done another amazing job.  I always look forward to seeing his work.  Stop by Z Man Designs and check out his other awesome work!

Source: Crackberry

“Zoom” Blackberry Bold themes bring something to the table for everyone

If you have a Blackberry Bold (and soon 8900 or Storm), the Zoom series of themes will knock your socks off.  Blackberry themes and theme making has come a long way in the 2 years that I have been following it.  Blackberry themes today are now in a completely different ballpark with rich graphical eye candy along with cool animation effects.  Designed by JC Designs/Gadgetbean, the Zoom series is built to satisfy every Blackberry user as it comes in many different versions.  The theme is available for $7 and can be found at the Crackberry Store now.

Source: Crackberry

External Mini battery charger for the Blackberry Storm and 8900 now available

Ever had your Crackberry show you the dreaded amber light and give you the low battery alert.  If you’re a true “Crackberry addict” of course you have.  Blackberry Storm and 8900 users now have a simple solution.  A simple external battery charger with a micro USB connector will allow you to charge your berry while at the same time charging another spare battery if your heart so desires.  A helpful status indicator light lights up amber when charging and displays green when your battery is fully charged.  You can pick up the charger for $29.95 at Shop Crackberry.  Happy Cracking!


Source: Crackberry

Blackberry Theme Release: Azul (Free)

Today is definitely a Crackberry user’s day.  Besides the amazing OSXLike theme mentioned earlier, another great theme has been released worth mentioning.  Azul designed by “lordjudass” of shows itself to be another high quality theme.  With iPhone-esque icons and very cool blue, silver/grey, and white accents make this an eye pleasing theme that still has “pop” to it.  The icons are definitely a cool touch.  The banner itself has a very clean and modern feel to it displaying only what is needed.  Oh and did I mention it’s FREE!  Always a plus to have such a nicely designed theme available for free.  Good job lordjudass.  Be sure to leave your compliments and thanks for such a great freebie in the thread.  You can download the theme directly from the thread here!  Click on through for a gallery of screenshots.

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