Will the Nook ever be released?

One of the best ways to kill a product is to riddle the launch with delays, misinformation, and overall insanity and frustration. Barnes & Noble seems to be doing a might fine job with that as we speak. The Nook and it’s followers have been on a roller coaster ride for the past several weeks. Delay after delay has pushed the devices launch date closer and closer towards Christmas to the point that B&N is saying we shouldn’t expect Nooks to ship before Christmas. Hmm, somehow the people that pre-ordered these devices weeks ago with strong assurance that a pre-Christmas delivery date was a sure bet aren’t going to be too happy.

For now, prospective buyers and hopeful owners will have a new date to look forward to — January 15th. If we’re going to get all personal here, I’ve always liked B&N over Borders, perhaps it was the better cafe with actual functioning WiFi (Hey, what do you think I do when I go to a book store — it certainly isn’t reading books…) or maybe it was just the overall nicer layout and atmosphere. Whatever the case, this grand display of disappointment and extremely poor launch management is maddening to say the least. And I didn’t even order a Nook.

For now, I don’t think the Nook’s chances at the eReader market are being hit too bad, but if B&N keeps it up, I can see other eReaders making up for the loss. It’s a shame too, the Nook is by far one of the nicest eReaders to date. Though Engadget is reporting that a B&N rep has contacted them saying “select” stores will still have Nooks in by December 7th. This will definitely be a cross your fingers, multi-rosary, pray to whoever it is that you pray to ordeal. Feeling lucky?


Apple tablet delayed because of OLED screen?

You can’t technically label a gadget delayed until it’s had a release date announced — or at least been announced at all. With that said, many analysts and tech reporters were pegging a March-ish release date for the wonder tablet (a.k.a. “The Apple Tablet”). THe original goal was to keep costs down and quality high. According to a new report and by comments from DigiTimes, Apple has decided to go for both quality and price. For the quality side of things, they have decided that they will continue on with a 10.6″ LCD based model and introduce a slightly smaller 9.7″ OLED model. The OLED will as many of you know look amazing — much better than the LCD while also consuming less energy. But OLED’s aren’t cheap and releasing one too soon would drive prices up to a point no one except the most loyal Apple fans would even touch. Because of that, the report says we can expect a several month delay pushing the Apple tablet into the later summer and early autumn months of 2010. Not exactly what you wanted to hear, I know. But doesn’t the mention of “OLED” make you at least a little bit happier/excited?

Should we trust DigiTimes? As ElectricPig notes, DigiTimes was spot on with their Nokia Netbook rumors. However, there’s also been many times they haven’t been so “spotted”. Know what I mean? We shall see…

ElectricPig > DigiTimes

Nvidia Fermi GT300 series cards delayed

Those looking to pick up the hottest piece of gaming gear at the end of this year, namely an Nvidia Fermi GT300 series card, are going to have quite the bleak and unhappy Christmas. According to DigiTimes, Nvidia is waiting until fiscal year 2011 (read: late January) to release this new gaming beast of a chip. The delay is disappointing to say the least. “Industry sources” had this to say about the matter:

Nvidia will ramp Fermi for three different product lines: GeForce, Quadro and Tesla in the first quarter of fiscal 2011, said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, during a recent conference call with financial analysts. Huang’s statement means that Nvidia will only be able to start shipping its Fermi-based GPUs in 2010, instead of the end of 2009 as originally planned, the sources pointed out.

The short delay that is forecasted isn’t that bad but still, any delay is heartbreaking. What else are gamers who live on the bleeding edge supposed to do now…?

Engadget > DigiTimes

Nokia N900 get’s scared. Incubating until Thanksgiving

Awesome. Another delay. This time it’s the Nokia N900. Sorry for more bad news but I figured you’d want to know, especially considering how pivotal the N900 is for Nokia. It’s by far the most impressive gadget coming from the Finish company in quite some time. Any negative news surrounding it will certainly make someone’s day a bit less cheerful.

The dark tale comes from Nokia’s Head of Maemo Marketing, Peter Schneider. He goes on to say that we can expect to see the N900 start shipping in November ‘09, not October as originally planned and hoped for. I guess one month isn’t too bad is it?

Brighthand > Maemo

Bad news for Indian 3G hopefuls — Spectrum auction delayed.

If you just so happen to live in India and were looking forward to the December 7th deadline for 3G spectrum auctions not because you cared at all about the auction but were more excited what it was going to bring, you’re going to go to bed a sad camper tonight. A Raja, India’s telecom minister has publicly announced that they will in fact miss the December deadline. If you’re looking for someone to blame, point your fingers at the DoT. They were supposed release documents pertaining to the whole 3G shebang, auction included, that detailed how everything was to go down by September 29th. As you can guess, they didn’t. Because of this late timing and move to “rush” this auction along, the military whom occupies certain airwaves to be auctioned is taking their sweet time vacating the allotted airwaves meaning you, the consumer, get screwed.

I guess if you want to salvage some good news from this you can take comfort in knowing that the delay shouldn’t last more than two months. But then again AT&T was supposed to release U.S. iPhone MMS in “late summer” and Sony was supposed to offer PSP Go users a UMD trade-in program for digital downloads. Ya, those worked out really well…

Still, we have to be optimistic.

Cellular-News > Economic Times

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Green Dam Youth Escort software gets booted from last 3 stranglers

In what was one of the worst ideas yet in regards to censorship and “safety”, the forced install of the Green Dam Youth Escort software that was mandated to be installed on every PC in China has been dealt another and potentially fatal blow. The last three major manufacturers whom also started shipping or installing the software from the factory are now backing down as well. Lenovo no longer installs the software from the factory, though, they will provide an install CD if asked. Acer announced that they too will stop shipping PC’s with the Green Dam install CD. Sony meanwhile stopped shipping Green Dam two months ago after the initial July deadline was repealed. It’s worth noting that while the July deadline was repealed for an outright mandatory install on all PC’s, the public sector including schools, cafes, etc. were still required to install the software.

It appears however that the line in the sand will be moved even further back as public domains are starting to blacklist the software with the latest being Number 50 Chinese High School which is requiring the Green Dam software to be uninstalled from all school computers as it caused conflicts with grade and attendance software already in use. If you don’t recall, the original outcries were caused by privacy concerns as Green Dam was extremely invasive as well as the fact that it was being forced on everyone. Now that there has been some secession on the governments part, could one interpret this as a more consumer friendly movement moving through the Chinese government? Can I get a whoop whoop?!

In all reality, the makers of Green Dam are most likely working on the various bugs and maybe even a few privacy concerns so that they can come back at a later date? Have we seen the last of Green Dam?

Tech Vi < Yahoo

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Change needed: Custom carrier OS’s delay access to critical updates!

Owners of T-Mobile’s G2 Touch across the pond are no doubt all too familiar with the latest shinning example of how carriers can really botch a handsets reputation. What do I mean? The G2 Touch received a recent firmware update from HTC to fix a number of stability, speed, and other various issues that plagued the handset since launch. Even though T-Mobile’s G2 Touch and the more commonly named “Hero” are the same phone, it is only those who own the un-TMO-fied Hero that are able to take advantage of the major update. What’s the deal? You see, every carrier thinks they are the end all be all of the world. They feel that no matter how “perfect” a phone is from the manufacturer, there is always something they can do to fuck touch it up. This isn’t anything new. Not by a long shot.

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