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Need a Job: Apple Hiring Mac App Store Testers.

With the Mac App Store submission now in full swing and that January 20, 2011 launch date growing ever closer, Apple is in pushing more resources towards making sure the software that debuts along with the Mac App Store is of high quality and bug free. Reaching that goal will take countless hours of hard work by people who love to pick through every last line of code, every option menu, and every last checkbox looking for any and all bugs they can find. With that said, if you happen to be just that type of person Apple would love to talk to you.

Naturally, you’ll have to have a good understanding of OS X, an uncanny ability to pick out the worst in people/products, and having a good grip on French, German, or Japanese wouldn’t hurt either. Those feeling lucky should stroll on over to the Jobs and Applications page on their website and take the plunge.

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[Update 2] Another White iPhone 4, OS X 10.6.5, iTunes 10.1, and iOS Release Date.

Today is a loaded day for Apple OS X/iOS updates. First up, we have a rather tasty rumor by way of whom is claiming iOS 4.2 is officially coming Friday @ 10am PST — this according to a credible source deep within AT&T. On top of that, the source also says that OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1 will see the light of day tomorrow, November 10th specifically to prepare hardware for the iOS update later in the week. Backing up the iOS update can be further solidified thanks to an article posted by 9to5Mac, citing a German blog titled “iFun” whom discovered the release date hidden in an URL on Apple’s servers. The date: November 12th — or, this Friday. The iOS update was expected today, but without the first two pieces of the puzzle — the iTunes and OS X updates — an iOS update wasn’t possible as the needed AirPlay/AirPrint support isn’t there.

And in other news: Apple blogger John Gruber tweeted the image you see above — another white iPhone 4. Is it the real deal or merely another fancy decal?


Yet another fake white iPhone 4. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me thrice, yaaa…yaa…whatever…

Update 2:

Well, OS X 10.6.5 came, iTunes 10.1 didn’t and iOS 4.2 isn’t. Blame the iPad and a late-to-the-party WiFi bug for the iOS 4.2 delay. For now, the new release date for iOS 4.2 spans from next Monday-Friday. Basically, sometime before November is over is your safest, conservative bet.
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10.7 to get touch layer, new iOS elements, and revamped “quick look”.

Wednesday’s “Back to the Mac” keynote is but a mere 36 hours away. The chief subject will of course be OS X. With iOS taking all the limelight the last 12-18 months, it’s nice to see Apple returning to their desktop roots. While we’re on that subject, rumors of a revamped UI and replacing the aged “Aqua” look that dates back pre-Tiger were supposedly coming with Snow Leopard. As we all found out, however, the UI refresh didn’t happen. But 10.7 looks like it could be the playground for Apple’s UI designers to stretch their legs once again.

Unconfirmed reports from a source of MacStories has pegged OS X 10.7 (Lion?) with several new UI features. Namely, the death of Aqua (at the very least, a mild touch up) include redesigned scrollbars that will supposedly take design cues from iPhone scroll bars — minimalistic is key. On top of Aqua-less scrollbars, the super springy rubberbanding effect that made iOS popular at it’s birth will make the jump across to the desktop.

Two other major talking point is Quicklook and touch. As far as Quicklook — gone are the translucent black windows. In their place will be a new white background with popover support in the searchlight menu. With as popular and well versed as Apple has become with touch-based input and iOS in general, incorporating that into OS X is a given. The only question is “when”.

Again, these reports are unconfirmed and honestly, are along the lines of what many already suspect — some form of UI redesign is going to happen. And until Wednesday, it’s a crapshoot. While I actually like Aqua as it is in 10.5 and 10.6, some of the rumors do sound mighty tasty.

Will 10.7 finally be the death of Aqua?

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Nexus One gets all cozy with Ubuntu

If one word could sum up Android, it would be this: Unlimited. It’s literally unlimited what end users can *willingly* do with it. I mean, ports of ROMS traverse hardware boundaries and limitations, features added in after the fact bring about a more functional device, and then of course, completely different operating systems show perhaps the ultimate form of user customization. Take for instance the N1 you see ‘splayed above running Ubuntu. Yes, a full blown desktop OS on a phone.

Yeah, such hackery has been done many times before, and desktop OS’s aren’t really all that great on mobile devices anyway — The whole touch thing, ya know?. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less thrilled. As geeks, anything is fair game. Yup, even you you ubuntu running Nexus One.

For the full rundown and instructions (if you so choose to do this yourself), jump on over to and get to it. **Be sure to clear your calendar for the afternoon. Have fun…
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Want the Google Voice desktop app? Sign the petition.

TechCrunch showed off a Google Voice desktop app last week. For me, it was kind of a surprise as Google is more or less all things web. Desktop apps are sort of anti-Google. Then again, I’ve seen stranger things. Anyway, numerous people fell in love with the idea of the GV App, though not the notion that Google wasn’t sure if they were ever going to release it.

That obviously won’t do. Once the masses have seen it, they want it. That’s the gist behind anyway — to garner 500,000+ digital signatures in hopes Google can be persuaded. It’s a noble effort for sure. But do 500,000 people really actually care (or have a use for) a desktop-based Google Voice app? We’ll see.

In the mean time, if you want to show your support, mosey on over to the GV App petition website and sign the petition.
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Gaming on Mac’s to get kick in the pants from…drivers?

A bit skeptical? So am I. I know tuned drivers can make a pretty big difference in certain situations, but there’s only so much a software developer can eek out of a mid-grade graphics card. But aften looking over a few comments by a claimed Valve employee, things could be at least getting a minor boost in the near term. Specifically:

Performance is going to improve as drivers are updated,” rbarris writes. “I would expect modest improvements in short term and larger ones in longer term. No, I can’t put dates on them.

We are making a lot of progress is [sic] identifying specific issues that need work inside the game and inside OpenGL and drivers. Apple, ATI and NVIDIA are all involved.

The fact that everyone is on board with the Mac gaming train is reassuring to say the least and should give Mac users a welcome dose of hope, even if there’s no calendar or official label slapped on any of this. Even then, the nagging realization that an Nvidia GTX 260 + suped up drivers is not a GTX 295 won’t go away. But I’ll go along with it for now.

Any Mac gamers feelin’ lucky?
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Chrome OS to support “legacy” desktop apps?

One of the big things about Chrome OS is that it is entirely web-based. It’s a novel idea that is certainly a minority in the traditional PC market. While world travelers and mobile hipsters may find the Chrome OS everything they needed and nothing more, I’ve seen some chatter that power users may feel that Chrome OS as it’s been shown so far, is a tad limiting.

But there may be hope. According to a Google employee, Gary Ka?mar?ík, native desktop applications/legacy apps will be supported in Chrome OS through a process called (unofficially official) “Chromoting”. Apparently, Chromoting is being described as a sort of Desktop Remote Connection service. So far, when pressed further neither Ka?mar?ík or Google would comment further.

It’s all pretty interesting stuff. The shroud of mystery ensues that plenty of geeks will go into the weekend pondering away all there is to ponder about Chrome OS. Of course, there’s also those who think Chrome OS is a waste of time. Where to you sit?
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Gigantor Apple trackpad leaked?

What could it be…a trackpad? A giant trackpad? With all the momentum behind gesture-based computing and Apple’s reliance on such technology, it only seems right that they’d super size said technology for desktop use. The trackpad you see here is supposedly a new Apple product that’s set to be unveiled later today at WWDC 2010.

One thing’s for sure, whether it’s real or not, today is going to be a jam packed day. Looks like we’ll find out soon enough. Step on in for a couple of bigger pics to feast your eyes upon…
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New Macbook Air, Pro/Mac Pro pricing details leaked? “Bag of hurt” with new pricing? [Update]

Is your drool cup full after weeks of waiting for any new news regarding Core i5/i7 updated Macbook Air/Pros and Mac Pros? I just as much as anyone love a well put together computer with beastly internals to match. But a $400 premium for Intel’s “latest” Core i5/i7 chips? Ya, no thank you. The image above was captured from Austrailian site, PC Authority. Whether the prices listed are USD or not I’m not sure, which could explain the price discrepancy. If these are an early look at the new pricing however, it’s pretty disappointing.

The current Macbook Pro for instance jumped from a starting price of $1,499 to $1,899. If the only real changes are the Core i5/i7 chips, “rip-off” would be a good place to start with the descriptions. I mean, it’s not like a Core i7 980x is going in this thing. The Mac Pro could see the 980x and is of course an option with a heavy pricetag, but that shouldn’t effect the starting price much if any.

I’m still eager for the official new systems none the less. I’m just hoping (along with millions of other people) that Apple didn’t jack up the prices by $400 or more just for the new processors. If they do, will it change your purchasing decision one way or the other?

Update: After taking a quick job through the inter webs, it’s not Australia alone that’s displaying weird pricing. New Zealand is also getting in on the pricing inconstancies. At this point, I’m going to say it’s nothing more than a few people (myself included) forgetting about the whole price difference from land mass to land mass for a few seconds, getting all riled up. Though we should know the truth soon enough.

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