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iOS 5 Gets Tethered Jailbreak Thanks To Redsn0w 0.9.9b5.

  • October 13, 2011 7:47 am

iOS 5 is still what many would consider a virgin and already its defenses have been compromised by none other than the iPhone Dev-Team, hackers extraordinaire. Before you get too excited there a few things worth stressing. First and foremost, the new iOS 5 jailbreak is tethered-only for now. Second: The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are not supported. Still, for an iOS release that’s barely 12 hours old getting at least some hacked functionality is something, isn’t it?


With today’s official iOS5 release, redsn0w has been updated to 0.9.9b5 to include the public URLs for the IPSW files. This way, first-time iOS5 jailbreakers don’t need to supply the IPSW file manually. It’s still a tethered jailbreak on all except the old-bootrom iPhone3GS, and it doesn’t apply to iPad2 or the upcoming iPhone4S.

Because the jailbreak is currently only tethered for most devices, we’re not going to release a new PwnageTool yet. Instead, we’ve decided to build some of PwnageTool’s functionality into redsn0w (since you need redsn0w to “Just boot tethered” on every power cycle anyway). The new “Custom IPSW” button on the Extras screen will create a custom IPSW without the baseband update for 4.3.3 or 5.0gm (iPhone3GS and iPhone4 only, for now). Remember not to accidentally restore to the stock IPSW after you create the custom one! The custom one begins with NO_BB_ (for “no baseband”).

You must enter “Pwned DFU” mode before trying to use the NO_BB_ IPSW with iTunes (and your hosts file cannot be pointing to Cydia’s servers due to the new blob nonce mechanism they’re using in iOS5).

Version 0.9.9b5 is available only for Mac for now, until we can do more testing on the Windows version of “Custom IPSW”.

We’re currently working on a normal compatibility update for existing ultrasn0w unlockers. After that we’ll try to fix the iBooks issue on jailbroken iOS5.

Who’s ready to jailbreak?

iPhone Dev Team: Untethered iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak “Solid”.

  • March 31, 2011 6:40 am

If the above tweet by @MuscleNerd is any indicator of our wait time for an iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak, we’re glad to say our wait time could be coming to an end. Since we can’t rely on SHAtter exploits anymore, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for the next latest and greatest hardware-based exploit while making due with mere software ones for the time being. Let’s hope the last few bugs with the 4.3.1 jailbreak get patched sooner rather than later.

4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Upon Us, Maybe, Probably? SOOOOOON!!!

  • January 21, 2011 4:56 pm

The Chronic Dev Team have shown us a sweet arse demo on the twitters that shows an 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak. This is something that was given as a Christmas present ETA, but with no luck. So here we are - a few weeks later and we at least get a demo. This is a great effort from @0naj, @p0sixninja and @pod2g. And if you’ve been following the tweets you’ll know there is a minor bug where the WiFi icon doesn’t show up. That’s not such a big bug, is it? :) They still have to pack it all pretty like and get the minor bugs worked out before mass consumption. But for all those stuck with a tethered jailbreak at 4.2.1, your days are gonna get a whole lot Apple USBless… We’ll definitely let you know when the tool is released.

Video after the break…

Like clockwork, iPad firmware 4.2 falls to jailbreakers.

  • October 28, 2010 6:37 pm

It used to be a game of cat and mouse — Apple would release an update, jailbreakers would crack it a few weeks later, with Apple patching it yet again a few weeks after that. It was a back and forth game that never got old. These days however, jailbreaking is a much simpler process. Instead of waiting weeks to months to get our hands on the underlying code of a particular iOS device, said iDevices are now jailbroken before they’re even released.

Infamous iOS hacker @iH8sn0w pumped out a tweet last night showing off an iPad running iOS 4.2 beta 3 hacked, cracked, and running terminal on it’s big beautiful screen. Waiting to jailbreak the upcoming iPad update would have been a bummer seeing as how 4.2 is bringing a slew of new features. Thankfully the wait will be non-existent. Now all we have to do is…wait for Apple to push iOS 4.2 out.

Limera1n’d Pwnage Tool shows its face. Release expected within days.

  • October 19, 2010 9:31 am

Those of you wanting to jailbreak your iPhone 4 on the latest iOS 4.1 and preserve your unlock/baseband have but a few more days left of waiting. The Dev-Team has released the image above, teasing us with the impending release.

The Limera1n-powered exploit is currently Mac Windows only. So Mac users are surely chomping at the bit for some jailbreak action. Meanwhile, hacker iH8sn0w has already confirmed that Sn0wbreeze is close to completion meaning unlocks will once again be possible on the latest firmware.

For now, sit back and keep waiting. PwnageTool is close, with Sn0wbreeze not too far behind. Baseband-safe upgrading is almost here.

PwnageTool for Mac getting update this Sunday.

  • October 12, 2010 11:58 am

Good news for Mac users and jailbreak seekers — PwnageTool for Mac will be receiving an update this Sunday. This new release will make use of GeoHot’s Limera1n exploit, and not the SHatter exploit that was originally planned. Once the update drops, iPhones running iOS 4.1 (and jailbroken via a Mac) can finally update to 4.1 and preserve their unlock. New AppleTV users will also see some benefit from this new update. However, according to the Chronic-Team’s Dev-Team’s (whoops…I knew that) MuscleNerd, while the AppleTV will see some attention this weekend, app support will be spotty and extremely alpha in nature.

Windows users will have to wait a bit longer unfortunately. Sn0wbreeze 2.1 isn’t slated to release until a few days after PwnageTool. But at this point, a few more days after several weeks to months of waiting is nothing but a drop in the bucket.

SHatter-less greenpois0n in the wild.

  • October 12, 2010 6:11 am

The moment we’ve all been waiting for — Well…at least the moment we were waiting for — Greenpois0n. The new, SHatter-less jailbreak makes use of Geohot’s recent exploit, with the Chronic-dev team deciding it was best to only allow one exploit at a time out in the wild. For now, it is a Windows-only affair (thanks Ego), supporting the iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3G/4G, and the iPad. If you’re rockin’ a 2nd gen iPod Touch or an AppleTV, your newfound freedom will be arriving in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Go ahead and get your pois0n

Happy Binary Day - We didn’t leave any p0ison under the tree though…

  • October 10, 2010 10:11 am

Well, here we are: 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM and no jailbreak. No greenp0ison as we thought we would have. Instead, we’re left with a somewhat unstable jailbreak — for now. The Chronic Dev Team has said in their latest blog post that they will incorporate the limera1n exploit into greenp0ison instead of SHAtter and save SHAtter for new devices(if Apple hasn’t already patched it). It kinda sucks — now I have to wait even longer because I refuse to support and use limera1n after how he treated the rest of the devs.

I know a lot of you out there were able to get limera1n working, and I’m glad. But please think over the donation part. The iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team do this all for free, and they put a lot of hard work and time into SHAtter and now they have to scratch their work and implement a new exploit. That is a lot of wasted time and energy. Think it over, do some research before you throw your hard earned money at geohot. Please??

We’ll keep you updated on the release of greenp0ison

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Jailbreaking with limera1n 101

  • October 10, 2010 12:31 am

Well, since everyone decided they would use the buggy beta jailbreak limera1n, not really caring about the other side of the fence, there isn’t much I can say. I know a lot of you used it, based on the comments of an earlier post, and oh well. What is done is done. Since this is the exploit we are getting, I am going to wait for a better version incorporated into greenp0ison instead of supporting ‘egohot.’

I did want to leave those of you that will jailbreak with a few tutorials over at iClarified. Since I won’t partake in this tool, I can’t make one of my own. But when greenp0ison is out, trust me, I’ll try to make one for you…

Anyways, if you drop down to iClarified at this address — iClarified — you will see numerous tutorials. They’ll show you how to JB on all supported devices using the Windows OS, not Linux or Mac people! A really important step is for those that rely on a carrier unlock. If you haven’t updated yet, please follow the guide to restore to 4.1 using Tiny Umbrella. This will keep your current baseband and in turn save you from losing your unlock.

Follow these tutorials to the letter and you should save yourself a hell of a lot of headaches.

This newest release by geohot finally supports the 3gs New Bootrom, which the earlier betas did not.

Have at it people!