Lightscoop aims to make low light shots more natural.

When taking pictures in low light conditions, using a flash often casts an unnatural, harsh directional light on the subjects or focal point in the picture. Professional photographers often make use of umbrella like attachments that help diffuse light and give it a more natural glow. But we’re not all photographers with countless attachment bags or the associated deep pockets that it takes to buy such equipment. Thankfully nifty and affordable attachment called the “Lightscoop” may just have you taking professional looking low light shots for a fraction of the price.

There really isn’t anything hi-tech behind the Lightscoop. All you do is attach it to your camera’s hot shoe and enjoy. The ‘Scoop redirects light upwards, bouncing it off the tops of walls and ceilings which ends up giving the immediate surroundings more of a glow instead of spotlight appearance. I don’t have one to try, but the concept seems plausible. If you’re having doubts about the effectiveness, a simple test can be done with a flashlight. Go into a dark room and point the flashlight around at a horizontal angle. Next, shine it at the ceiling and see how the room grows brighter.

Heck, at $35, you might as well give it a try. It’s by far one of the cheapest photography accessories you’ll ever find.

Specialized Lightscoop instructions for a few popular camera brands inside..

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Digital or Film….? How about both!


If you are a professional photographer chances are at one point you had to go through the switch from film to digital.  For many it was like starting over from the beginning as you had to relearn many aspects of photography as digital is vastly different from the old film cameras.  But what if you could have the best of both worlds.  Sure some photographers still carry multiple cameras consisting of digital and film variants, but what if you could blend the two formats into one body and device?  That is where the Phase One 645 steps up to win your heart.


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Style conscious photographers can now snap pictures with a little GQ

In the photography world, raw specs are usually what draw photographers to one camera over another.  However Pentax is looking to break that mold and add a little style to a rather bland looking market with their White K2000 DSLR camera.  Note the “white” in the name is the actual color.  As seen above, the camera immediately announces its presence, though in a cool collected sort of way.  Hopefully you’ll bring a few wet naps with you as white isn’t exactly the greatest concealer of dust and dirt.  But when did that stop the fashion minded foe?  Besides the white paint job, the K2000 comes with both a 18-55mm lens as well as a 50-200mm lens…all for only $679.95!  Certainly not a bad price by any  means to be a photo snapping fiend with a little bit of flare on the side.  Interested parties can hit up Pentax’s site and place their order now.


Source: Engadget

Fisher price now selling computer viruses. (And the children yell yaaaaay!)


The Consumerist posted an article earlier this evening about a particular problem possibly affecting Fisher Price’s Kid-Tough digital camera.  The person quoted in the article on the Consumerist went on saying that after his kid took a bunch of pictures, he plugged it into his computer only to have been greeted with a pop up from his virus software alerting him that he had just been protected form a virus.  To make matters even worse, phone calls were useless as apparently all 3 phone lines Fisher Price had were full and he was immediately disconnected.  Without up to date software the guys laptop could have been infected.  The family weighed their options of either waiting about half a year for a new one to be sent, or just buying a new camera without the “added features”.  So parents, if you bought your children a Fisher Price Kid-Tough digital camera for Christmas, make sure your computer is tighter than Fort Knox before connecting it to your computer or else you are in for a nasty surprise!


Source: Consumerist

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