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Nokia Ending Bundled Comes With Music Service In 27 Countries.

  • January 17, 2011 12:10 pm

Nokia’s bundled “Comes With Music” music download service is another example of DRM killing a product. Ever since the service’s launch back in 2008, adoption has been pathetic at best. With that said, a total of 27 countries will see the included and free Comes With Music service discontinued. Current users will still be able to make use of said service until their subscription runs its course. Meanwhile, Comes With Music will continue to live on in China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa in 12-month and 6-month subscriptions.

Adding insult to injury, a Nokia spokesperson told Reuters in that “The markets clearly want a DRM-free music service”. *facepalm* The market has only been telling major labels and music providers this for close to a decade now. Where has Nokia been getting their information from? (Probably the same place that tells them Symbian is awesome…)

BitTorrent Reaches 100 Million Active Monthly Users.

  • January 3, 2011 7:58 pm

In news that should make every music label and movie publishing company ecstatic, BitTorrent announced today via an official press release that they have now climbed above 100 million active monthly users spanning across 220 countries. If we drill down to the daily level, it works out to roughly 20 million users swapping some 400,000+ files — impressive numbers indeed. Everything from desktops to rooted Android phones are sucking down torrents at increasing rates.

Jokes aside, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for BitTorrent believe or not. The biggest one that comes to mind offhand — Linux distros. Of course, if you’re not the Linux hobbyist, feel free to toss in your personal favorite. Press release after the break.

Limewire Abandoning Legal Music Download Service? #limewire

  • December 2, 2010 7:42 pm

In my younger years, Limewire was “the next Napster”. It was easily one of the top P2P file-sharing services next to the likes of Morpheus and ShareBear to name a few (ah, the memories). But this past October, those childhood memories came to an end when major music labels finally brought down Limewire’s p2p business. Though in all honestly, over the last half a decade, Limewire had become less of a serious place to find music and more of a one-stop virus shop. Nevertheless, what’s done is done.

But even after the grim outlook that was portrayed after the October closing, Limewire said that there were better times ahead as they had secretly been working on a big *legal* music store front to go head to head with numerous other such store fronts similar to Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, and Walmart digital music stores. But even that appears to be a lost cause, with a new note on the company’s website proclaiming the end is near…

Pirate Bay Founders Appeal Upheld. Jail time and Fines Like Their Future. #thepiratebay

  • November 26, 2010 2:02 pm

Today is not a good day for the founding members of popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay. The three amigos, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde, and Carl Lundström, have had their previous guilty verdicts upheld in a Swedish Cout of Appeals. While their overall sentences for jail time were reduced, the trio will end up having to pay back more monetarily — 40 million kronor vs. 46 million kronor (~6.5 million USD). As for the prison terms, Neij, Sunde, and Lundström will be looking at bars for 10, 8, and 4 months respectively.

In somewhat more humorous news, Ludvig Werner, chairman for the Swedish arm of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, commented on the ruling stating that “this kind of piracy would be completely gone in two years”. The funny part of course is that with Pirate Bay losing relevance, multiple sites will spring up to replace it. You see, Ludvig sings the same tune as most music industry executives in that they have no idea how to run a modern music business. It’s a business model problem, plain and simple. Not to mention, this rampant piracy issue is increasing with each and every lawsuit that is filed.

Of course at the time of writing, The Pirate Bay is still live. We’ll see how long that goes…

And Hollywood wonders why they can’t make money: Digital only rental to come months before DVD release, cost $30.

  • September 28, 2010 1:42 pm

I’ve been accused of being too cynical at times. “I don’t give a particular person, company, or business model a chance” — They say. But what else can you call Hollywood’s latest attempt to “save themselves” from the evils of the internet and constantly declining DVD sales. Specifically, the new business model is at first seemingly noble — they want to release digital downloads of movies months in advance of hard copy DVDs. Sounds harmless. It even sounds, dare I say game changing. And then they blow it all to hell by stating that these early releases will cost the end user $30…per viewingfor a rental

Oh snap: The Pirate Bay hacked. Over 4 million usernames and email address compromised.

  • July 8, 2010 7:24 am

Talk about a bad day. Though, in all fairness, The Pirate Bay has had plenty of those over the last couple of years. Countless courtroom battles and relocations after the fact, The Pirate Bay has somehow managed to withstand even the toughest pundits. Yet this latest attack could be more damaging than any attack previously attempted.

The latest series of attacks, pioneered by malware researcher Ch Russo, has opened up The Pirate Bay in ways not seen before. Specifically, Russo managed to break his way into the admin area. From there, a few basic SQL injection hacks were used to crack the database wide open! The result is pretty significant: over 4 million usernames and email addresses, as well identifying trackers and torrents uploaded by individual users were claimed to be taken.

Russo claims not of this was done for self promotion, or in efforts to score big at the bank by selling the looted information to the likes of the RIAA/MPAA:

As any other website, as any other system or mechanism, has robust parts and soft spots. We beleive that the people behind this comunity always acted with the local laws on their side, and so have we. The community caused problems to huge companies and corporations which turned into threats between this companies and them. What we have done, we did not do it with anger, or for commercial value. As always, we saw the change, the moment and decided to take it. The protocol or procedure done to achieve this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

According to Softpedia, the vulnerability that Russo used has since been closed. Though the outcome of all the looted information and what Russo really intends to do with it remains to be seen. Stay tuned…

HOT HOT HOT: Sega Genesis games now $2.99 on Steam!

  • June 2, 2010 3:55 pm

While many of the so called “hardcore” classic gamers already have gigabytes upon gigabytes of old ROMs, a few of you out there may want to stay more on the legal side of things. Today, Steam is making that a great deal easier with 11 new classic Sega Genesis games ripe for the pickin’. The best part is that they’re only $2.99.

Catch the list inside…

Bolt for BlackBerry updated to 2.1.

  • May 24, 2010 2:40 pm

BlackBerry users will want to take a minute or two out of their hectic schedule today in order to fulfill one app update that’s worth grabbing. The popular Bolt Browser has been updated to 2.1.

With it comes enhanced Facebook integration as well as an updated webkit engine. The latter of which is always considered a good thing as such updates usually beget speed. And we all know how much rendering speed means in the mobile sphere.

But speed isn’t everything. Namely, tabbed browsing, better page rendering, and HTML5 are now part of the game. What are you waiting for?

DL link is right inside.

Lala ceasing to exits May 31st. born soon thereafter?

  • April 30, 2010 7:10 am

Lala users will want to take as much streaming music in as they can these next few weeks. Today it’s been made officially known that on May 31st, the service they’ve come to know and love will cease to exist — at least as that is…