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[Review] DryCASE: Waterproof iPhone 4 Case. #drycase

Since the dawn of modern digital technology, it’s been known that water and electrons are not friends. When delicate electronics are involved, this incompatibility is even more pronounced. And yet, we as humans encounter such scenarios and even encourage it day after day. Though mobile phones in particular are one device that could benefit the most from water resistant properties.

With that said, there have been a few waterproof cases for phones released in the last few years. However, none of them have been all that useful. But most importantly, the waterproof cellphone cases made up until this point have been designed for phones which rely on physical buttons for input. In the age of the touchscreen, they simply don’t work. So how do you design a watertight case that also allows functional interaction with a touchscreen?

DryCASE has the answer…
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