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Spotify Inches Closer To U.S. Launch With New EMI Deal.

After last months announcement from Spotify that a deal had been signed with Sony, music streaming aficionados began getting excited. Finally we were beginning to see some progress on an innovative music streaming service that had been promised to us for many months. As we look onwards in 2011, it’s been well over a year since Spotify originally announced plans to tap the U.S. market. Unfortunately thus far, greed on behalf of the major music labels has stalled Spotify’s efforts. But those efforts are finally being rewarded.

Today, Spotify is expected to announce their latest deal towards getting their services up and running in the U.S. — this according to a statement from the WSJ. What this means is that Spotify only has two more major music labels — Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group — to woo before we can all enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Of course, now that the U.S. has had no less than half a dozen reputable streaming services blossom and mature over the last year and half, is Spotify as much of an item as it once was?
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Oh the Irony: EMI Found to Have Illegally Distributed Music on RapidShare. #emi #filesharing

Since the dawn of Napster, the topic of filesharing and p2p downloads have been an extremely hot topic. Focusing on the music industry, there are two major sides: (1) The major music labels and (2) End users/consumers. We already know each respective side’s stance — Major music labels hate new types of technology such as p2p, filesharing, and basically anything innovative and exciting. Consumers love to share. The former has constantly criticized the latter for doing just that. But as it turns out, irony can strike in the most surprising places.

The biggest example of this “irony” recently surfaced in the three year long EMI vs. MP3tunes lawsuit where the current defendant, MP3tunes owner Michael Robertson, somehow managed to obtain a bevy of secret EMI internal e-mails. The most alarming revelation in the emails — according to German website, EMI was willingly and frequently using p2p/filesharing networks to illegally distribute MP3s…
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Beatles on iTunes: “Don’t hold your breath”.

Oh geeze. Another “When are the Beatles coming to iTunes” posts? Well, I haven’t actually written one yet, so I’m in the clear. But on that note of Beatles and iTunes, we do have to ask: What’s the holdup? According to a fresh Reuters posting all of the involved parties can’t reach a legitimate deal. Someone isn’t getting as much money as they feel entitled to. That’s what it really boils down to. It’s sad too. While I can’t stand the Beatles (Go on, rake me over the coals…), I understand millions of people do and would love access to their songs. Seems it just isn’t meant to be.

In the Reuters article linked above, Yoko Ono is quoted as saying “Don’t hold your breath” in regards to the Beatles coming to iTunes anytime soon. Apparently, the band isn’t quite yet comfortable with this digital thing and is instead, “holding out”. Right. We’ll see how that works for ya.

Oh well. Let’s not kid ourselves. Most everyone who wants the Beatles in a digital format has already copied their physical vinyl/CD’s into digital form or has pirated it. The only people really losing out are the Beatles, labels, and anyone else who has a hand in this impasse.

Have you taken matters into your own hands getting the Beatles digi-fied?

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EMI Music Videos coming to Hulu.

hulu-logoSo far, when we’ve found ourselves wasting away a lazy afternoon wanting to pour over music video after music video, you’d point your browser to MySpace music or YouTube as they’re the more prominent, popular sites to do so. However a new challenger is approaching from behind. Hulu is already known for being a great way to access free TV programs and other snippets of worthwhile video. Today, Wednesday, the 18th of November, Hulu is scheduled to announce a new deal with EMI that will bring the companies music videos to the popular streaming site. Right off the bat it appears that the new partnership is slightly more restricted than other deals coined with YouTube as initial EMI music video offerings on Hulu will solely feature select content form Nora Jones. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Don’t get too excited or happy thinking that music labels are finally starting to loosen up and support this thing we like to call the “digital world” as we’ve already mentioned that the deal is slow going and fairly restricted. In their defense, EMI says that more videos from Nora Jones as well as other artists will be added over time. The only thing that strikes me is why launch with one artist? If you really want to launch to much fanfare you’ll need considerably more than one person to do so. Though it isn’t the first time a music label has botched a digital breakout of sorts. Past experiences withstanding, I still hope that one day such deals and announcements will be more common place.

If Hulu were to acquire a fair amount of music video content, would you ditch MySpace Music and/or YouTube?