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Facebook for iOS Updated to 3.3.2. #facebook #ios

  • November 15, 2010 7:37 am

iPhone users whom also frequent Facebook’s digital halls will want to head to the App Store this morning (or night). In there, you will find version 3.3.2 waiting for you. Besides the usual assortment of bug fixes, Facebook has pushed account settings, security settings, and help center support to the app so you don’t have to visit the desktop version of the site to do so. Handy.

Facebook Email to Include Microsoft Office Web Apps? #facebook

  • November 12, 2010 9:25 am

We’ve already talked once before about the claimed revealing of Facebook Email coming next week. But now, a source of ZDnet is claiming Microsoft is involved as well. The source is quoted as saying “the Office team has been working on this for a while now”, in regards to full blown Microsoft Office web app support coming to the U.S.’s #1 social network. The implications of Facebook rolling out a legitimate email service are already huge. With well over 500 million users, Facebook’s pool of opportunity is plenty robust. Add in an extremely useful set of services like Microsoft Office Suit web apps and you’ve got quite the one-two punch.

With privacy wars between Facebook and Google currently in full swing, hearing of one of these two personal data juggernauts acquiring even more personal data may put some off. Even still, it sounds like Facebook is about to become even more integral in millions of peoples’ lives. Will you use Facebook Email and/or their rumored Microsoft Office web app services?

Check back Monday.

Facebook Email (Project Titan) Announcement Coming Monday?

  • November 11, 2010 7:46 am

Facebook is in quite the sharing mood lately. A couple of weeks ago they took the wraps off of a redesigned Places for Mobile, and to a lesser extent, more widespread mobile enhancements. And now, this coming Monday Facebook has another announcement/press conference. It could be the often talked about “Project Titan” — “Facebook Email”. Toss in the ongoing Facebook vs. Google spat and there’s even more incentive for Facebook to step up their game and further tread into Google’s own turf.

Will you ditch your current email provider, or at least supplement it with Facebook Email?

Facebook Places Gets Official on BlackBerry.

  • November 10, 2010 12:30 pm

When Facebook Places first debuted, it was an iOS-only affair. Android joined the game not too long after. But BlackBerry users have thus far been left out. Thankfully, that streak of solitude now comes to and end. Facebook Places is now live for BlackBerry! The news comes on the heels of news regarding the Facebook for BlackBerry standalone application being updated to version 1.9. Perhaps the greatest thing BB users will enjoy is a pretty similar feature set compared to the iOS and Android counterparts:

  • Check in to Facebook Places within a 1.25 mile radius of your location
  • GPS and BB Maps Integration
  • View Places where friends have checked in
  • View Places, “Here Now”, “Nearby” and “Elsewhere”, that friends have checked in to
  • Tag and comment on a friend’s check-in/li>
  • Select a Place from the available Nearby Places or add a Place if location does not already exist in the Places database
  • Check ins will appear in the News Feed
  • View a map of the location you’re checking in to and get directions to and from friends’ locations

While I can see the benefit of having your location-based check-in service tied closely with your Facebook friends, Foursquare already integrates rather well into Facebook, and plenty of people are already loyal users. Nevertheless, Facebook Places users is sure to rise as more platforms jump on board.

RockMelt Social Brower Aims to Re-invent the Sharing Web…As Long As You Love Facebook.

  • November 7, 2010 5:28 pm

Social butterflies, take note: RockMelt is the browser for you. I’ll try to keep this brief, but the scope of RockMelt could easily take multiple pages.

If you love crawling the web and/or have multiple social networking accounts as well as a penchant for sharing any and all content that you find, RockMelt will help your re-direct it to your audience. While several current “normal” browsers can be socialized via plugins and extensions and taking into account a couple of “social browsers” have already come and (mostly) gone, go out on a limb and give this one a shot.

What makes RockMelt different than past attempts at this social browser scene is how well the social aspect is built in for when you’re using it and how well it can disappear into the background when you’re not. The most obvious differences between RockMelt and your standard browser are of course the two sidebars. Along the left you have the pictures of your friends from whichever social accounts you’re signed into and interact with most. On the right, you have your tracked accounts — As of writing, Facebook and Twitter are the only supported accounts, though more are planned — and RSS feeds if you should so choose. Though one thing is very clear — RockMelt is heavily tied into Facebook. No Facebook account = much less usefulness.

I’m still waiting for my download link to try it out myself. But judging be the few hands-on accounts I’ve read and watched so far, it’ll be worth the wait. The only question now is can it succeed where others have failed?

What do you guys think: Has the social browser idea been flogged one too many times?

Importing Gmail Contacts to Facebook Gains a Few Extra Steps.

  • November 5, 2010 6:25 am

The world is full of technologically illiterate people. Because of that, simplicity is the name of the game for large, technology based services. But unfortunately, one small aspect of our online lives is about to get a bit more involved.

Gmail and Facebook are in a bit of a “War of the Worlds” right now. The former just recently made a change to how Facebook can import your contacts. Instead of simply giving a gmail address and a password, you’ll now have to export a standard .xml (or similar type) file, from which you can then upload to Facebook. It’s really not that much harder. But for those who have to ask how to turn the computer on or what this new fangled “desktop” is, their world just imploded…

Seismic debuts on Windows Phone 7. Twitter + Facebook integration in tow…

  • October 18, 2010 7:31 am

If you’re been searching the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in hopes of scoring a sweet social networking app, you can finally be at rest. Seeismic is here. It’s nice that such a robust app is available on a platform that drastically needs some big launch titles to boast about. Although, I’m not sure this particular release of Seesmic for WP7 is brag-worthy — the list of unsupported features goes like this: Notifications (new tweets, @, DMs), landscape, predictive text, in reply to. Aren’t those kind of the entire point of Twitter…?

New Facebook (lockdown) design slowly rolling out?

  • October 13, 2010 1:29 pm

Last week we highlighted a post from TechCrunch that foreshadowed a Facebook redesign being rolled out following their keynote. Well, the new design didn’t happen. Instead, Facebook talked about “lockdown” — their sudo code word for long hours — and how new features and a redesign would be slowly launched over the coming weeks and months. Apparently their “weeks to months” means “a few days”. I fired up my Facebook a little bit ago and was greeted with the picture you see here — the chat box is no longer a list of people with tiny thumbnails. Now it’s just a bunch of tiny thumbnails. As far as looks go, I prefer the images to lists of names. But I realize it won’t be everyone’s cup o’ tea. Looks like the fruits of “lockdown” are already starting to trickle out.

What do you guys think? Better or worse?

Update: Facebook redesign coming tomorrow?

  • October 6, 2010 11:28 am

It seems as if it was only just yesterday that Facebook rolled out their latest user interface refresh, leaving plenty of people divided on it’s new look. Apparently, the always working team of Facebook staff don’t sleep much — this according to various TechCrunch sources inside Facebook. They mention specifically that the last couple of months things have been on “lockdown” (there’s even a Facebook page for it) with employees being there 24/7 working on a freshened look. So what are they doing to FB now?

The image above is TechCrunch’s Places page. According to their sources, our very own Facebook pages will start to look like this starting tomorrow after they announce the pretty new face at a press event in Palo Alto, California. As you can see, the chat window is moved across the page to the left, chat users’ pictures are now bigger, and apparently, applications will now show as icons instead of dinky icons and some text. Now, this new look isn’t confirmed. We could certainly see a very different layout tomorrow.

For now, however, we’ll assume that TechCrunch’s sources are right and that the current FB Places pages are sharing their layout with the rest of the social networking service. On that note — if your Facebook ends up looking like the image above, will you be happy, confused, mad, or not care? Let us know!


Well…it’s tomorrow and no Facebook redesign has dropped. Looks like it just wasn’t meant to be…yet. Yesterday at Facebook’s media event, CEO Mark Zuckerburg stated that “Lockdown” wasn’t a simple affair and that over the coming weeks and months a true redesign would drop along with several other new features/services. And so we wait…