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Install WinMo 6.5 Facebook App on your *Not* WinMo 6.5 device

  • March 5, 2009 8:59 am


With all the excitement surrounding Windows Mobile 6.5, many developers will move onward leaving pre WinMo6.5 builds in the dust as they try to embrace the future.  Unfortunately, becoming outdate in the gadget world is something that can happen literally overnight.  However, thanks to “Da_G” from raphael forms and “dsi76″, pre WinMo 6.5 users can now reap one of the small benefits of 6.5 all while staying within the cozy if not grossly outdated pre 6.5 enviorments.  Interested parties can get the full rundown on the install as well as the files needed over at XDA Forums.

Source: Gizmodo

Facebook 1.5 for Blackberry leaked!

  • March 3, 2009 6:49 pm


Boy Genius has been lucky enough to get his hands on the latest Blackberry 1.5 Facebook update.  What’s the gist of the review.  Mainly that while it does add some welcome features…2.0 couldn’t come soon enough.  Basically 3 major things were added in 1.5.

  • BlackBerry Message Application Integration:  FINALLY!  Now Facebook alerts, notes, messages, whatever are now able to be viewed in your inbox.  Now you no longer have to actually open your Facebook app.  ++1
  • BlackBerry Calendar Application Integration:  Another handy feature.  RSVP’d events and other calendar related items can now be shown in your Blackberry calendar.
  • BlackBerry Contacts Application Integration:  Rounding out the “big 3″ updates of the  Blackberry Facebook app is contact integration.  Your Blackberry contacts and Facebook contacts can now be shared.  You can choose exactly which contacts to “link” and “unlink”.

All in all it looks like a solid update.  Though, 2.0 should bring some really interesting features.  Keep working at it RIM.  For the full review, stop by BGR and take a minute to soak it all in.


Source: BGR

MySpace app coming to Palm Pre, Nokia S60

  • February 17, 2009 7:18 pm


MySpace is no doubt a very popular social networking site.  The Palm Pre is Palm’s most hyped and anticipated product ever.  And Nokia just holds a huge share of phone users around the world.  It only seems natural that they all come together and that’s exactly what MySpace revealed today at MWC, that MySpace is brining an app to the Pre and S60 devices.  John Faith, Vice-President of MySpace Mobile was quoted saying ”We are committed to building apps for platforms we feel are groundbreaking to offer our users the best possible on-the-go MySpace experience.”  Besides the dedicated apps, MySpace Mobile’s sites at and are both getting facelifts in order to make them “hipper” and more appealing.  MySpace really needs to step up their game since Facebook is pretty much walking all over them now and in fact has surpassed MySpace in the U.S. as the most trafficked social networking site.  The whole global overtaking was a bit easier strangely as Facebook became the most trafficked social networking site in global terms back in the late summer of ’08.   What will they come up with next?


Source: Gear Log

Forget Apple…Entire country of Italy to ban Facebook?

  • February 11, 2009 1:35 pm

Italy giving Facebook the boot is but one is one body of government away from becoming law.  It seems like every few months some government around the world introduces some completely and utterly ridiculous bill or measure that is aimed at protecting the people from the perils of the world.  The governments say the are passing said bill/measure in regards to “national security”.  But, the intelligent people know that is merely the government taking away yet another freedom, chipping away at our lives and reasons for living.  Today’s emerging oppressive government is brought to you by Italy.  Yes Italy.  Last week it was Apple vs. Facebook, (which more or less turned out to be false)…this week for Round 2 it’s Italy vs. Facebook. This second round also comes with some much more reliable sources.  Continue on for the full scoop!

No more Facebookin’ in Apple stores

  • February 6, 2009 10:31 am


The current economic situation is not leaving any part of the market untouched.  Apple, once seen as immune to the economic slowdown is in fact not immune.  However, walk into your local Apple store and you would beg to differ as the stores are always full of people.  The only problem: Those people aren’t buying.  Apple’s window shopper crowd is growing as the shoppers’ wallets are shrinking.  Apple loves people in their stores as it makes them look busy and maybe someone will pony up and buy something.  However, the window shoppers are spending a lot of time browsing the internet at the new “Apple Cafe”.  In 2007, Apple blocked MySpace on instore computers as to keep peoples’ time on each computer short as to allow as many people as possible to try out a Mac.  Well, while MySpace is still a social networking giant, Facebook is now the king of the crop.  With that change, Apple is having to adapt and has now added Facebook to the list of banned sites on Apple store computers.  They’re not trying to be snobby about it, they just want everyone to have a fair turn.  I don’t see anything wrong with this at all as they’re trying to be fair to everyone.  Hey window shoppers, while you’re in there, buy a laptop and go to the cafe across the street or go to the library if your pants are all in a twist.  So die hard Facebookers, is your life now in shambles?


Seems as if the whole Apple/Facebook ban was false…mostly.  There is no “nation wide” ban on Facebook, however you will find a machine here or there that redirects to the Apple home page.  Oops…continue window shopping  folks.

Source: Alley Insider, Mac Daily News, Fortune

3 New notebooks from Lenovo

  • January 5, 2009 12:16 pm

On top of the all-in-one computer I mentioned earlier, Lenovo is releasing 3 new Y series notebooks.  Designed around HD multimedia, the 14″ Y450, 15″ Y550, and 16″ Y650 will all have 16:9 glossy displays and Nvidia GFX graphics to showcase movies in widescreen format and to allow colors to pop off the screen all without breaking a sweat.  A multi-touch trackpad, up to 500GB hard drive, and up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM round out a rather appealing set of notebooks.  The design of the notebooks is equally impressive.  A soft black lid with a hexagonal pattern, along with a “rusty oragne” colored accent give the notebook series some visual appeal. 

Meebo adds MySpace IM and Facebook Chat support!

  • January 5, 2009 8:09 am


Meebo, a popular ad supported multi IM client has officially added MySpace IM and Facebook Chat to the list of supported services.  The two new services while not exactly hot items, are a nice added bonus.  Not having to actually be on Facebook or MySpace but still having the ability to chat with said users makes life a little easier.  Of course, in this day and age where just about everyone has a cell phone and use texting, the draw for desktop based chatting just doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to.  No world yet on when these two added services will make their way to the iPhone app.


Source: Cnet