New Android Marketplace ToS all but confirm December 11th update?

Normally a ToS update wouldn’t immediately lead us to start speculating on an OS update. But with the recent update rumors flying around with “December 11th” mentioned and this new ToS update with a deadline scheduled for that very same day, well…it sure does make me wonder. A fresh Android 2.0 update will be seen by some as making up for failures from the beginning. I see it as extremely quick turn around on bugs. More or less the same outlook but mine is a touch more positive. The updated ToS is rather lengthy but if you’re up to the task or your boss hasn’t arrived yet to snoop over your shoulder yet, step on in and give it a look.

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Netflix soon coming to a PS3 near you!

Starting in November, US PS3 owners will be able to take advantage of all the streaming goodness Netflix has to offer. Sony’s closest competitor, Microsoft with the Xbox 360, has had Netflix support for almost a year now. The Xbox 360 wasn’t the only piece of hardware to support Netflix however as many other TV box services and hardware currently feature varying amounts of Netflix support. Because of that, this PS3 adoption is important for continual growth for Sony’s gaming love child. The new service doesn’t come perfectly though. Until a firmware update is issued by Sony, you’ll need to order a free disc from Netflix that will need to be inserted into your PS3 each and every time you want to get your Netflix groove on. A pain for sure but as signals from both Sony and Netflix lead me to believe that this disc based access method is a short-term solution — hopefully not part of some larger, SONY funded DRM scheme. Hey, I wouldn’t put it past them with their countless attempts at such crazy projects in the past. Any movie buffs and PS3 junkies feeling a bit better with themselves today?


“All” PS3 games to get 3D support via firmware update come 2010

Since HD is now old news, the visually driven and technologically proficient individuals need something new to gravitate towards and lust after. That lust can now be focused on 3D. Even though 3D isn’t a new technology by any means, its acceptance into mainstream applications such as consumer televisions has been a long, long time coming. Sony has announced at IFA2009 that 2010 will be the year of 3D…for them anyway. It is next year that Sony will issue an update to the PS3 firmware that will enable 3D support for all games. While it appears consumers will need a new TV to harness this feature, Sony is doing the right thing by not making it exclusive to Sony only displays. The geeky part isn’t really that geeky at all. The signal sent from the PS3 to the TV is your fairly standard HDMI signal. Alternating images and 3D glasses will cause the funky effects that our optical receivers and brains interpret as 3D. I certainly can’t wait. Gaming in 3D just seems so….awesome. Right?

Source: Engadget

BlackBerry Bold getting firmware update. Visual Voicemail, 2G/3G mode toggle ensue.

BlackBerry Bold users rejoice, this afternoon will bring good fortune to you and your beloved piece of Canadian born hardware. RIM announced earlier that an update to the BlackBerry Bold firmware will bring two pretty big updates with it along with the usual performance fixes and other general bug fixes. But we don’t care about those mundane bug fixes. Nooo sir (or mam). We care about the numero uno updates such as Visual Voicemail and 2G/3G mode selection…

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