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Norway to be the home of new, giant slaying wind turbine.

  • February 16, 2010 7:23 pm

When it comes to wind power, bigger is always better. A few design tweaks here and there can be made to the individual blades to increase the efficiency of said blade, however, at the end of the day, the blade with the most square footage wins. It looks as if Norway is taking that thinking and multiplying it — exponentially — with their new, currently in construction, wind turbine gigantor.

When this modern behemoth is finished, the rotors will span over 473ft, it’s will tower over 533 ft into the air (that’s taller than 50-stories of man made building by the way), and 10MW of electricity will flow forth from this engineering marvel. For those ultra curious tree huggers and nerds of the bunch, that’s enough power to keep 4,000 homes running at any given moment.

Such a massive piece of metal, steel, and ingenuity has to be anchored securely right? Wrong. “Giganturbine” (oh yeah, the creative juices are flowing now) will live life as an *almost* freely wondering spirit, floating on top of the sweet blue sea and connected to mother earth with nothing more than a suction anchor. I’d hate to see this child run away from home and have to drag it back — tens of miles back.

Norwegians can expect to start seeing electrons harnessed by Giganturbine sometime next year.


Scare the kids and impress the parents: The Ghost Lamp

  • February 10, 2010 8:58 pm

Those in search of a more “modern” looking light fixture for their humble domain have probably spent hours, if not days plundering through web page after web page and store after store. Lucky for you, I have a feed reader list that is longer than *ya…I’m out of witty comments again…put yours here*. The whole floating effect is perfect for freaking out the kiddies and impressing parents alike with it’s border line impossible feats of science and apparent levitation. Hands down, creator and designer Tim Baute has created the coolest lamp I’ve seen thus far.

The only hurdle to get around here is the $250 (small) and $275 (large) asking prices. Sure they’re kind of steep for rather plain and minimalistic lamps. But then again, they look like they’re levitating. Come on, how cool is that?

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Switch transportation methods less often with the Amphibious Bus.

  • February 9, 2010 10:04 pm

Typically when someone mentions the word “boat”, the general human population will think of a nice little row boat of some sort or other human powered “machine”. But again, we are far from normal. The makers of the Amphibious Bus are just like us — albeit with an extreme case of addiction. The bus is pretty much your standard run of the mill people mover. On the inside however, the bus is heavily tweaked with two jets sticking out of the rear and providing it’s wetter movement.

Picking up a bus such as the Amphibious Bus isn’t for the cheap or faint hearted with prices starting at around $1,000,00. Ya, plans to turn one of these into the ultimate world traveling bachelor pad won’t be happening unfortunately. If you’ve got the money however, I don’t see any valid reason not to pick up a couple of these and deck out the insides with some cool stuff instead of the drab grey coloring and stiff seats that adorn the buses from the factory. Think it will catch on?

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Display your collectables and other priceless items in style: Levitron Revolution

  • June 11, 2009 3:14 pm


Typical display cases whether they’re made of wood, various types of metals, or some other synthetic substance are so old and antiquated. Besides, us techies strive for the future and bleeding edge technology. If you’re a techie that has some prized possessions (4 oz or less) that you like or already have on display, get ready to drop some money on the coolest display “case” the human race has created yet. The Levitron Revolution series is a new way to display your stuff that relies on maglev (magnet) technology. By using maglev technology, your object can be suspended without any physical objects holding it up. Simply place any object of your desire (4 oz or less) on the floating and rotating platform to show to the world your geeky, futuristic, and better-than-theirs display “case”. Enhancing the floating spectacle comes by way of upward facing LED’s that really hone in on and accentuate that high tech look. With a release date claimed to be around Christmas, you only have half a year to wait. It really isn’t that long is it?

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