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Real Angry Birds Cake…That You Can Actually Play.

If you’ve spent any time wondering the halls here at GS, you know that we have an unhealthy obsession with Angry Birds. We’ve seen all kinds of articles of clothing, videos, games, toys, and food items. On the subject of food items, making an Angry Birds-themed treat isn’t all that difficult or unique anymore. However, ElectricPig’s own Mike Cooper went above and beyond with an actual Angry Birds cake…that you can actually play. Hop on past the break to check out 10 hours worth of work reduced to 2 minutes of destruction…
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Angry Birds Seasons Now Available for WebOS. #angrybirds #webos

Palm Pixi and Pre users may may have been left out in the cold back in October when RovioMobile released the Halloween-themed Angry Birds as an iOS exclusive, but things are finally starting to come around. Today, one day after National Angry Birds Day (Angry Birds was released December 11th 2009), webOS users can finally enjoy not only the Halloween Edition but the Christmas Edition as well with the new Angry Birds Seasons release. The total amount of new levels at the disposal of webOS users chomping at the bit comes to 70 (45 Halloween edition + 25 Christmas edition). The first 45 should be a breeze for seasoned players. The last 25 in the Christmas edition, however, are being unlocked one per day until Christmas. Novel idea, frustrating if you like to play through.

WebOS users can get Angry Birds Seasons in the App Catalog now for $1.99.

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Real-life Wipeout with R/C car and cardboard course, complete with retro racing console for drivers seat.

Ok, I know I say this a lot, but really, this is the coolest tech mod I’ve seen yet. Some clever German chaps pieced together a bunch of cardboard into one massive Wipeout course. Even better however is the R/C with a camera mounted to it allowing users a drivers seat view. But what’s over the top crazy awesome is the retro gaming console acting as the screen/driver seat. It all comes together in one glorious example of ingenuity.

Head over to Sputnic.TV to check out the full load of racing goodness…
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And the global takeover continues: The robotic LEGO chess set

Not only does this gigantor chess set consist of a fleet of earth conquering robots in training, these robots are constructed from LEGOs. Two of the world’s most nefarious enemies are combining forces. (In case you didn’t know, robots are going to take over the world in the not too distant future as are LEGO-built devices judging by the rash of LEGO stuff we’ve seen.)

Stepping back a tad, the Robotic LEGO Chess Set above was constructed using over 100,000 LEGO pieces, measures 12′ x 12′ and cost ~$30,000 to complete. Talk about a science project!

Jokes aside, it’s pretty sweet to see old-school kiddie fun mesh with this new fangled robotics stuff the youngsters seem all infatuated with these days. Yup, there’s a video…jump in…
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DOA: BestBuy to launch “@Gamer” magazine…

Let’s see, in the age of digital distribution, where newspapers and magazines are dying all around, BestBuy is taking it upon themselves to launch an “all new” magazine dubbed “@gamer”. Is it DOA?

To be fair, @gamer is said to offer subscribers (more on that in a moment) both insightful editorial content and savings to BestBuy stores. As far as editorial content goes, the best 30-40 hardware and software items in the gaming scene wil be covered in each issue. Furthermore, each issue of @gamer will feature roughly $20 of redeemable coupons readers can cash in at local BestBuy stores. Sounds pretty nifty, right?

That is unless you expect @gamer to be a free service. Now, I understand the world can’t operate for free. As such, @gamer won’t be either. The cost will go as follows: 10 issues for $19.99 or a $5.99/issue in-store. The coupons are somewhat of a nice gimme, but enough to get me to pay for a magazine of month old content when I can simply hop online (a month prior) and read the same thing for free? No thanks.
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22-player gigantor FoosBall table unveiled for World Cup festivities.

I’m sure that being the nerds that all of you are, you’ve probably stumbled on some pretty sweet FoosBall tables in your travels. Some feature unique designs that suck you in with their awe-inspiring visuals. Others however, like to just make it as big as possible — hence this 22-player (11-on-11) FoosBall table.

Compliments of Nike. A few more pics for FoosBall fanatics right inside…

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Dual-screen iPad games: Very cool, but not cost effective.

If you would have taken a large survey when the iPhone first had the ability to run native games, I doubt very many people would have put their money on the iPhone platform gaining any real gaming traction. Fast forward two years however and look where things have taken us. Toss in Apple’s latest creation, the iPad, and we see another “rebirth” of mobile gaming.

On that note, one iPad is pretty damn nice with a native iPad game. But two — even better. Though we have to ask, at what point do you realize that getting two iPads and an iPhone needed to recreate such a setup comes close to (and in many cases) even surpasses a decent desktop gaming computer. Then there is the issue of those gargantuan bezels. It’s all in where your priorities lie I ‘spose. Video of all the tom foolery right after the break.

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The future of motherboards? ASUS crams ATI 5770 onto motherboard for their version of “integrated graphics”.

Talk to any self respecting PC builder/Gamer and mention the word “integrated graphics”. What you’ll unanimously get is a barking laugh back in your face. As computer junkies will tell you, integrated graphics are useless on desktop PC’s as they can barely power Windows’ visual effects, let alone games.

But what if “integrated graphics” were made to use traditional “discrete” GPU’s? ASUS asked that very same question and came up with this…
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Stick it to the man: Data-only plan on your iPhone.

What would you say is the biggest “must-have” feature for the iPhone service wise? To some, it’s video calling. Others would prefer cheaper rates or tethering. While some still would argue a data-only plan. It makes sense. I personally hate talking on the phone. So a cheaper data-only plan would be amazing for someone such as myself. But here in the U.S., AT&T won’t even think of such things. So what do you do?

Simple: Get an iPad data plan and mod the micro-SIM so that it fits in your iPhone. Viola! A data-only plan for your iPhone…
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