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Level Up Introduces the Rock Band Ottoman.

If you’re like most typical Rock Band gamers, you’ve no doubt got random pieces of plasticized musical equipment strewn about your domain. It’s ok, we won’t judge you. But there are places you can turn for help. One such place is Level Up with their new Rock Band Ottoman. The ottoman not only stores the drums, but also features internal handles to hold guitars, and fitted pockets for the drum sticks and mics as well as the rest of the Rock Band peripherals. And, the ottomans are actually quite stylish I might add.

Currently, there are two version of the ottoman available — a “Back in Black” version for $89 and a “Skulls & Snakes” for $179. Jump inside for some pics…
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The most comfortable mouse ever…

For all the computer mice I’ve seen, held, and loved, I’ve only ever had one that’s made me want a second — the Logitech MX Revolution. No, this isn’t some shamless plug for Logitech. It’s my honest opinion. While I’ve tried a few of those more vertically standing mice that are more geared towards designers and such, they just aren’t very practical for gaming purposes. And swapping mice constantly isn’t an attractive option either. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us wishing the mouse pictured above were real and not just some fantastic dreamer’s concept. The dreamer is Damien Crossan>. The mouse is the G50 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse by Logitech — again, not an actual, real product. *Sigh* With 11 physical buttons that increase to 23 when functions mappings are used and a very comfortable looking grip, this mouse is the power users dream. I’m sold. I want six. Please someone, make this mouse.

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DOA: BestBuy to launch “@Gamer” magazine…

Let’s see, in the age of digital distribution, where newspapers and magazines are dying all around, BestBuy is taking it upon themselves to launch an “all new” magazine dubbed “@gamer”. Is it DOA?

To be fair, @gamer is said to offer subscribers (more on that in a moment) both insightful editorial content and savings to BestBuy stores. As far as editorial content goes, the best 30-40 hardware and software items in the gaming scene wil be covered in each issue. Furthermore, each issue of @gamer will feature roughly $20 of redeemable coupons readers can cash in at local BestBuy stores. Sounds pretty nifty, right?

That is unless you expect @gamer to be a free service. Now, I understand the world can’t operate for free. As such, @gamer won’t be either. The cost will go as follows: 10 issues for $19.99 or a $5.99/issue in-store. The coupons are somewhat of a nice gimme, but enough to get me to pay for a magazine of month old content when I can simply hop online (a month prior) and read the same thing for free? No thanks.
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NES Controller Soap reeks of Mtn. Dew. Gamers flock to shower in mass numbers…

**Disclamier: I love gamers. I am a gamer. Some of us stink. Get this soap.

Do you have a quiet, unsociable cousin who smells like BO and spoils away in the basement for hours on end? Why does he smell? There’s no shower in the bathroom and you know he’s not coming up anytime soon. Besides, why shower if you’re not going out? Save water and gain more play time. Perfect! Jokes aside, (I know not every gamer smells like BO and lives in a basement — come one, not everyone is fortunate enough to have basements) most of the hardcore gamers I’ve met along the path they call life have been more into their hobby and love than for soaps and smelly stuff. Smell stuff in general isn’t a guy’s “thing” if you know what I mean. But gamers deserve the ability to love soap and bath time just as much as any female companion.

When the time does come for that magical shower time, instead of lathering up with the oh so common “fucking fantastic forest breeze”, “gratifying grape gumbo”, and “berry fresh ass”, reach a little further for the Nintendo Controller Soap complete with Mountain Dew fragrance. Gamers, your soap has arrived. The shape alone is enough to lure a few of you into the watery confines of the shower while the heavenly scent of your anti-drowsy drink of choice — Mtn. Dew — fills your nostrils and coats every pore of your body.

For the repulsed ladies reading you have to remember, those who chose to wear the Mtn. Dew fragrance don’t do it because you like it. They do it because they like it, constantly walking around and longing to sniff themselves.

Now if only someone could make a Mtn Dew soap you could actually eat….

  • Purchase the NES Controller Mt. Dew fragrance soap from Etsy ($34 USD for a pack of 4)

OhGizmo! > ChipChick

Shocker: Americans play more games than everyone else.

Do you sit around at night wondering which country has the highest population of gamers? I’m sure you don’t. But, just in case you were, the handy graph above shows what many assumed to begin with — that America is full of gamers. Now, according to a survey conducted by Today Gamers, a whopping 87% of Americans play video games. TThe UK, Germany, and France fall behind with 74%, 67%, and 66% respectively. So I ask: Do the numbers shock you? Or are the results what you were expecting? It’s worth noting that for the U.S. anyway, that winning percentage translates into roughly 11.5 hours of gaming per week with MMO games taking the top priority — which I may enlighten you aren’t quite the talk of the town in other gaming lands. Why’s that? Not sure. Guess a foreign gamer will have to enlighten us…

**Since the survey was conducted online, we have to remember that this isn’t extremely accurate as many gamers don’t have access to the internet. Although, I would assume that within the last couple of years with the cloud and digital this and that, that gamers have made the move to online in at least some form.